Jack Goes Confidential: DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS; Dark Comedy in Search of Serious Editing

What we’ve got here is a third coming…

Of Steve Carell and JoCo export Paul Rudd following their collaborations in ANCHORMAN and THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN.

But this time out it’s the Americanization of the French farce THE DINNER GAME.

In charge of the project was veteran comedy director Jay Roach whose past credits include the AUSTIN POWERS and MEET THE PARENTS franchises.

Does it work? Does the power threesome pull it off?

Sort of.

DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS has Paul Rudd climbing the corporate ladder. And doing it on the fast track.

However before making it to the upper floor corner office, he has to pass one test with the company president. Namely to attend a dinner party at his house.

Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong!

This is no ordinary dinner as the guests are expected to bring along a person of extraordinary talents to be admired by the hosts.

More to the point, to find an idiot—some schmuck everyone can have a good laugh a -t but too stupid to realize

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