McTavish: McCartney Magic Fills Sprint Center

Paul McCartney did what only he could do on Saturday night at Sprint Center: Be Paul McCartney.

The master tunesmith, remarkable performer and living legend led a nearly three-hour, 38-song epic of retro hits and hero worship that went down as an immediate classic.

If you happened to be part of the near-capacity throng that hung onto virtually every note, joyfully sang along and cheered in awe, this momentous gig constituted a cherished memory guaranteed to raise a smile for years to come.

If you weren
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Brian. I almost felt like I was there. For Paul to play THAT long without a break shows what a great showman he is. In St. Louis, he played “Here Today” on John’s 60th birthday. Literally, not a dry eye in the place including his, he had a great deal of difficulty pulling it off that night. And, in St. Louis news, Kings of Leon got shat upon by some birds outside and stopped the show three songs into their set. Pussies. Something to be said about experience and class…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Linda Finch
    I would have loved to have been there! Saw the Beatles in Memphis when I was in high school.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Norene Gaines
    I’ve waited – impatiently – for another of Macca’s marathon shows … this did not disappoint! I’m still riding the high from the evening, and most likely will for days if not weeks.

    People ask me why I’m not interested in going to concerts … Saturday night is why. Once you’ve seen the best, why bother with anything else?

    I sincerely hope I don’t have to wait another 17 years for another chance in KC to breathe the same air as this living legend!

  4. Anonymous says:

    brian….one fucking incredible…fantastic
    …dynamic….outstanding review!
    I really don’t pay attention to reviews but
    this one was spot on 100% phenomenol.
    To those who missed this…you’ll have to wait
    a lifetime to see this man again.
    There are no equals…no better writers…no
    better long lasting songs…
    for hearne and his gang who would rather watch
    old washed up jazz singers from the 60’s
    at jardines…fine…but you need to buy
    a new hearing aid because the one you had on
    saturday wasn’t working at all.
    Congratulations on a great review…concert of
    the year…decade…and truly oneof the best
    ever to come to this cowtown….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Scott Michie
    Thank you for this. What is sobering to think about is, this man never performed the mid- to late-catalogue of Beatles songs (post August 1966, with a few TV studio exceptions)–ever again–after he had laid them down with his bandmates in a studio. So to hear 22 of them, played by a Beatle, when most of these great songs were never, ever played for an audience (or even played for each other) is unprecedented in pop/rock history . . . hard to comtemplate.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Great review, Brian. Incredible concert!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Deb Parks
    Thanks for the blow by blow commentary of Saturday night. You were spot on except (my friends & I agree upon this) it was Foxy Lady not Purple Haze.
    I was blown away by his performance & this made the 9th time I’ve seen him in person! The 1st was here in KC on Sept. 17, 1964! That ticket cost me $4.50, Saturday night cost $250 plus $26 in ticket “rip-off” master service charges! He is definitely worth every penny(LOL) I’ve ever spent! Saw him last Tulsa & thought he was amazing but I’m glad to say he was even more amazing this time! He gets better & better with age. Can’t wait to see him at 70! If he tours in the US, I’ll hopefully be there!
    PS. I enjoy listening to you on Up To Date!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Deb: Fixed “Foxy Lady.” Good catch. Although it still made me want to kiss the sky!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Wow! This is just what I needed to read. I felt as if I were there. And in the end, you made me have a rush of chills just knowing “the love you take is equal to the love you make.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Kia Zi
    People kept coming into the store from out of town complaining there was no where to stay, that they couldn’t find an empty hotel room any where in town, so I used the crowd for an excuse not to buy a ticket to the concert and any way I went to the Wings Over America Tour, but my friends “made” me go take a look at the Sprint Center and used McCartney as a good reason. We had a really nice time. We thourghly enjoyed ourselves. The Sprint Center looks awesome at night, it help set the whole mood for our night. Some singers are just worth seeing, no matter how many times you see them. It felt good to dress up, go down town and listen to some great music. As usual, I was looking to complain about this or that but there just wasn’t anything that sucked about the whole night.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Robert Noecker
    Thanks so much for the great review. Your words beautifully articulated what many of us felt on that magic night. I had a humble $88.50 seat in steep section 222 HIGH above the the stage but the charismatic presence of Paul permeated the rafters. Anyone who was there that night will tell you that there was not a bad seat in the house. The sound was excellent, the arena cool and comfortable, and the multiple video screens really delivered the goods. This was one of the greatest concerts I have ever seen anywhere or anytime. I DO think that every venue in the city should have a sign in the dressing rooms reminding the performers that they are situated in Kansas CITY and not Kansas…

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sheet Piano Music
    How did y’all get that picture to work with your comment? I need to get one! 🙂

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