Glazer: Tony Gonzalez Most Overrated Player in Modern Football?

When I say the
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tony was probably running the designed play that was called. He may have gotten six when he needed ten but he probably dragged three defenders for four of those yards. Tony was a great leader. If a tight end is your team’s best player then you’re probably not a true contender. Came close when we had Priest. Nothing against Allen but we never got to the Super Bowl with him either so this arguement is pretty pointless

  2. Anonymous says:

    Matt Helm
    Craig you’ve got Marcus’s influence over the era correct BUT Priest Holmes was actually a bigger weapon and more productive.

    ? What about the stories about Marcus and Nicole?

  3. Anonymous says:

    I want more about the off-field exploits of these guys. No offense but your sports takes are lame…we want the gushy gossip details of these guys lives.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Keyser Soze
    Kellen Winslow never played in a Super Bowl either, and that was with HOFers Dan Fouts and Charlie Joiner, John Jefferson and an offensive mastermind coach,the late Don Coryell.

    And as far as Tony being a ladies man, ever seen his wife? I think he did alright.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I guess Tong G.’s 11 catches for 124 yards and 2 TDs against the Raiders in the final game of the 1994 regular season was overrated, even though the 9-7 Chiefs do not make the playoffs without that performance in that 31-30 Christmas Day win. And the 24-17 playoff loss at San Diego the next week, despite 88’s 14 catches and 144 yards, was hardly his fault.

    Overrated is a ridiculous concept as you — and ESPN The Magazine (talk about overrated; the only worthwhile feature that overproduced, substance-free rag offers is Player X) — consider it, comparing a tight end to a running back or quarterback. Gonzalez was the best of his era at his position, and such greatness should not be diminished (it also does not diminish Gonzalez’ contributions that Allen was a legend).

    If Tony was overhyped, it was because in so many of his late years with the Chiefs, there was little else attractive about the team. But someone who changed the concept of what his position can be — even Winslow, as great as the Missouri product was, was not aligned wide — put up record numbers and is considered a certain Hall of Famer while still active cannot by definition be overrated.

  6. Anonymous says:

    the birdman

  7. Anonymous says:

    Had dinner at houstons on the plaza with marcus and his wife when he lived in building with
    carl peterson. we used him for a promotion. She was hot.
    She told us about hanging out with nicole
    simpson and oscar de la hoyas wife at the time
    and their wild trip to mexico (whoaaaaaa).
    I did all three of those bitches.
    They were hot. Then I did went to temptations
    and got 2 strippers in the vip room with me
    and the 3 girls. Wow…got sued for trying to
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    tried to blow me in the top floor at cigar
    I lived down the block from harvey williams.
    He caught his wife having an affair with me.
    Then found out she was doing davis the chiefs
    I was at blonde one night…was hanging with
    tony g. and we both got action downstairs in
    the john. Then we went downstair at mi cocina
    and we both had action in the vip rooms there.
    Glazer…you’re #4 behind me, marcus,
    montana, derrick thomas and of course the #1
    man in kc ever….big buck buchannon (put us all
    to shame)……….
    Montana took the cake…guy rolled with
    some hotties. We were at the Grunhard show
    in the levee and he took 2 hotties out of there
    and did them on the deck when it was about
    10 degrees outside.
    it seems you’re the guy on the sidelines all the
    time….telling the stories….but love your
    articles…stick to the pussy stories…you
    know nothing about sports. How about brett..
    any stories on this guy….heard he was a

  8. Anonymous says:

    Someone take Glaze out back and put him out of his misery. Old yeller style.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Glazer you make some interesting points. I think Tony was the team after Marcus. Allen was more experienced and has more big plays but Tony on another team might have had those big games. The Chiefs were just not good enough for either. JoJo, please with your bullcrap, so you slept with all those women? What is your real name? What do you do for a living? I think you are a wacko.

  10. Anonymous says:

    It’s not fair to compare a tight end to a tailback or a QB. The QB ALWAYS gets the ball. The QB isn’t covered and trying to run a route and the QB has a lot of options. The tight end, even one as great as Gonzalez, is rarely the first choice of the QB when he’s trying to deliver the ball. Considering that the tight end is usually no higher than the third choice, to be as great as Gonzalez is damn near impossible.

    And comparing a tailback and a tight end is also unfair. The tight end has to run his own route and make his own yardage. The tailback has the line (and Allen had a VERY good line) opening holes and paving the way. And, again, whether the tight end gets the ball is the result of a lot of factors beyond his control; when the tailback gets the ball, it’s already decided.

    I’m not saying that Allen and Montana weren’t great or even that they were less valuable than Gonzalez, I’m saying that it’s just unfair to say that Gonzalez was overrated simply because he didn’t do the same stuff they did. The greatest tight ends ever, Mackey, Gifford and Winslow (to name a few) weren’t the greatest players of their teams either. That’s just the nature of the position.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Glazer interesting take on the two big name stars of the recent past. At first I didn’t agree with Allen over Tony, but after reading this, yeah it makes sense. Marcus was more of a star and showed up in the big games and big moments more than Tony. Most impressive was that Allen was 33 when he started here and maybe was the NFL’s alltime best older running back, doing it til he was 38, and doing it at a high level.

    Glazer you get lots of crude for stating your opinion on this blog. Don’t even think of slowing down. Even though a couple folks question your position,age and credibility, they don’t have what you got. You got chrisma and plenty to spare, keep up these stories that entertain even your enemies.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Is That You Buck?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Did it occur to anyone without Marcus, Joe Montana would have sucked here! Allen was his main target in the air and on the ground. The Cheifs had no recievers, other than forgotten Keith Cash, tight end and a good one.

    Craig is right Joe and Marcus put KC on the national map in the 90’s, no argument there, Tony,Derrick and Preist kept us there til the end of the 90’s, then we fell apart. Except for Holmes and Tony being awsome,

  14. Anonymous says:

    Whitney Tucker
    I go out with Craig, he’s a good guy. I am 28 and well maybe my photo will be in here one day, but lets just say I’m a very good looking person. I’m not a football expert, so I can’t comment on that issue. I can tell you that ladies like my guy, and so do I, his age matters little cause of the fact he looks great and has lots of personality, funny guy, fun person. He’s got lots more than a nice car and money. No the guys not perfect, but nobody is, right?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Tony was like The Royals Mike Sweeny, lots of great numbers, no cigars. Allen was more like Brett, a money player.

  16. Anonymous says:

    KCMO staffer
    Tony was and is a dreamboat. Met him, sweet guy. Sorry Craig, he’s my favorite.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Glazer, met both guys at Kellys. Tony had all the girls heads turned. More than you ever did. You and Allen likely hung at strip bars together.

  18. Anonymous says:

    whitney tucker
    craig—–DO NOT POST RESPONSES AND ACT THEY ARE FROM ME DARNIT!!!! yes,craig is my boyfriend,yes he is a very good man,crazy about him.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Steve Kramer
    Craig, you are my friend, but you are way off on this one, buddy. First of all, that ESPN article you are referring to was talking about FANTASY football in which Tony was often over-rated. Second of all, the numbers speak for themselves. Tony put up great numbers year in and year out no matter who was throwing the ball. He makes quarterbacks look good. You say he never took over a game. What the hell is he supposed to do? Throw the football to himself? Like I said, the numbers speak for themselves. He broke most of Shannon Sharpes records well before his time to retire. Tony Gonzalez. Greatest Tight End in NFL history. End of story.

  20. Anonymous says:

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    I knew a girl who I went out with named
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  21. Anonymous says:

    Whitney, you can have him, hope he is nicer to you than he was me. Let me guess you are blonde with big boobs? I am. You got me by a few years though. I guess he has a good side. Get him off of himself would you? Good luck. Go Chiefs!

  22. Anonymous says:

    whitney tucker
    did i graduate from high-school? are you fucking kidding me? yes i did,i graduated from a college-prep private school here in kansas city.

  23. Anonymous says:

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    and yes maureen- i am blonde with big boobs-get over it.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Kia Zi
    So it must be true, size and or money does count.

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