Tony: The Impending West Edge Implosion

As much as I despise the white flight that led to the ensuing “Golden Ghetto” greatness of Johnson County, I have to give them credit for keeping an empty blighted building away from the most visible part of their enclave.

Contrastingly, ad mogul

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  1. Anonymous says:

    where is that (supposed to be)?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I used to live in those brick apartments right across from JJ’s. Those were the days… Is it arrogant to build a shrine for yourself? The Bob Shrine. Imploding. Love it! Bernstein should be ashamed of himself for what he’s done to that neighborhood. If you know Bob, (and I do) he probably doesn’t ever give this mess another thought.

  3. Anonymous says:

    3-to-1 odds his “local expert” source has a last name that rhymes with “Tazer”.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This has nothing to do with the economy. Bob is still purchasing Andy Warhol original paintings and rolling like he always has. This is about making constant changes to designs and then refusing to pay for those changes. If anyone should understand the implication of client changes on a project it should be Bob. His business has dealt with this and the effect on final project costs for a long time. This is about incompetence and mismanagement. The deep pockets of Wal-Mart are not covering up these messes anymore.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Fine them to the fullest extent! And what an inconvenience it was to have that left lane blocked off for 1+ year, affecting the morning traffic, just so they could end up not ever completing the project.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bob Loblaw
    “Contrastingly, ad mogul Bob Bernstein

  7. Anonymous says:

    I agree with DeuceandQuarter – this has NOTHING to do with the economy. This is just Bob being the pompous, egocentric guy he’s always been.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The economy is exactly the reason that the project has stalled…also see 135th and Metcalf. The numbers are still in LALA Land and the banks will extend and pretend until they can’t. All that so called cash on the sidelines is vulture money.

  9. Anonymous says:

    more jealousy by losers…real losers.
    Bob Bernstein built a huge company/ad agency
    with sweat and hard work. He took a small town
    merchant and made hm the largest retailer ever
    in the world. He invented some of marketing’s
    greatest ideas. And you fucking lsoers sit there
    are complain and bitch about this marketing
    Say what you will about his business prowess..the
    guys a genius. I knew those buildings …they
    were shit holes. they were nasty shit boxes ..and
    eventaully someone wiould ter them down.
    So the man steps up to take a area that was
    really falling apart and uses his own resources
    to make it new gbain. Okay..things didnt work
    out…but bobs a visionary…a dreamer…a
    risk taker…while the resto f you phony fucking
    losers sit on your ass doing nothing with your
    Good for bob…he roled the dice…and when
    he cashed in on his bucks in vegas hwe dreamt
    and built something that was to be breathtaking.
    Dunn and the other guys were used to working with
    government funds…lying about the set asidesfor
    minority contractors.
    Bob may have come up short on his dream of this
    beautiful building…but he has not come up short
    oin any aspect of his life….bravo bob.
    And for you negative assholes who made upshit
    on this story…get back to your cubicles..
    you will never accomploish half the things this
    man has done…financially/philanthropically or
    You’re all a bunch of whiney fucking losers

  10. Anonymous says:

    JoJo, you are just as wrong as Tony most of the time. The positions are reversed. Nothing makes sense today.

  11. Anonymous says:

    jojo – you’re cracking me up. A genius? Bob had very little to do with inventing some of marketing’s greatest ideas. Or with BR’s clients. He stayed in his office most days with the doors closed. If he did meet with a client, he was usually asleep after about twenty minutes. I have done something with my life. Maybe I should thank Bob for that. He made me understand what I didn’t want or the kind of person I didn’t want to be. And you should calm down, take your cranky pants off – you’re gonna have a stroke.

  12. Anonymous says:

    bella…you live in high thos shit
    box apartments across from JJ’s…you really must
    have moved up in the world if you found those
    “nice”….great for college aged kids but for
    such an accomplished “business” person like
    Oh…and I detect some jealousy and some
    lies in your post. But most importantly I detect
    you are another jealous loser who sits at home
    wondering where life went. Can tell from your
    writings that you were either fired or laid
    off from b.r. at some time and have a huge
    grudge to hold. But what you don’t know is a
    damn thing about what you’re talking about.
    Bob did some great things. Built an incredible
    operation starting from scratch. Was given credit by Sam Walton for the incredible success
    of wal mart (nothing big…just handled the
    advertising and was part of the incredible
    growth of the largest retailer EVER).
    Oh..heard of MCDonalds? Yeah Bella…the largest
    food chain in the world? Bobdeveloped some
    “small” makreting ideas there. Like the “Happy Meal”….Bob did that…Sippy Straw…
    come on bella…give credit there…2 incredible
    marketing ideas.
    Heard of Blockbuster…that one time small chain
    of video stores…Bernstein made they mhuge.
    Of course time everntually caught up with the
    video rental market and they’ve had problems…
    oh…beauty brands? Huge success…heard
    of them bella.
    Yea bella we all can’t be losers like you sitting
    on the couch moaning about others success…
    some people do things…create…innovate while
    lowly people like yourself sit and try to
    tear down successful people.
    Bernstein rein like all companies may have had
    their rise and fall but bobdid one incredible
    job…and had great people helping him on the
    way…isn’t that what companies do.
    And yes…the prjoect he wanted to accomplish
    didn’t work out but thats what happens to
    risk takers…sometimes things don’t happen the
    way you want them to…and problems occur.
    But no risk…no reward.
    You are pitiful bella. You are a little
    person trying to belittle those who have done
    great things. Maybe you should do something
    with your life…and not try to tear down
    other people.

  13. Engineer says:

    Some of the points made sound as if someone works directly for Bob and is getting paid to write these posts. I find that interesting. If Bob were such a great genius, he would hire someone with a little bit better grammar and spelling skills. There is nothing more frustrating than to read the ranting of someone that cannot spell and put a decent sentence together. I like the banter but please make it readable. Also, dropping the “f-bomb” every other word doesn’t really add to the credibility.

    As for the whole “what happened” situation, I’m sure those of us that are actually professionals in the design/construction world really know what happened and will chalk it up to a lessons learned. Thank goodness they were someone else’s lessons from which we can learn.

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