OTC: Chiefs’ Training Camp An Oasis At MoWest / Mad Jack Claims Glass Looking To Sell Royals

2010 Chiefs Training Camp

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mr Google Says
    Speaking of running in the heat, did you run the Crossroads 5k event last Saturday night? That was brutal. I lost 6 pounds in about 25 minutes. But there was free beer and that Grinders pizza is delicious. The bands weren’t too shabby either.

    On the Royals, no one is safe from being traded this year. In fact I would shop Soria just to see what we could get. Greinke’s trade value will hit it’s peak this offseason so I would expect some rumblings in that department.

    I can’t help but be the eternal optimist about this team and hope that the “experts” are correct in their evaluations of our farm system. To have baseball back in KC would be fantastic.

    GH: I was out of town last weekend so I missed the Rock the Crossroads 5K. I was impressed w/ the 1500 entries. I talked to some who did run it and they all said the weather was brutal. I pretty much lay off the races during July and August — it’s just too damn hot.

  2. Anonymous says:

    jack is full of bullshit. Just like he’s been
    for the last 30 years. The guy he replaced keeled
    over and had a heart attack. Had the guy not
    died jack would be washing dishes at dennys
    during their $2/$4 value meal special time.
    Why would glass sell the royals now? He’s making
    money and his son has a job and isn’t in daddy’s
    face everyday looking for something to do.
    Wal mart guys know how to make money…lots of
    it. They don’t get into something then get out…
    they stay with it til it makes them big money.
    Glass has invested 70 million in payroll over the
    last 2 years…but hasn’t gotten much for it.
    Moore needs to go…yost needs to go.
    They should be on the phone talking with owners
    about new managers and gm’s right now.
    With all this talent…why keep a worhtless
    gm and a foolish manager both of whom could not
    judge talent anyway.
    We’ve heard this story befroe. “Great talent is
    on the way”…”just a few more years and exciting things wsill be happening with the
    Because even if they are talented leave it to
    midget mooore and his string of bad managers
    to ruin them or not adequately get them to the
    With attendance at 12,000 per game and dropping…glass has to be smoldering that he
    didnt get a new gm earlier.
    Having listened to frank white on many games..
    he seems to be the most intelligent/factual/
    and most talented guy anywhere near this team.
    Yost is a choker…midget moore has proven he
    can’t get talent and with the few good pieces
    they do have they need a fresh new start
    with a manager who knows this game from the
    inside. Moore never played. Yost barely played.
    Its the same old song.
    And now jack (#4 rated sportscaster in the kc
    market out of 4) blows his top with an out of
    context statement. I heard it…and if its played
    back he didn’t say anything on whb about
    the team being sold before 2012.
    The glass family knows they have gold. They
    know they have a money mker…wal mart guys are
    money hungry animals nd will do anything to make
    the money (like joe pesci in casino)…
    so don’t look for them to sell the team….
    its their signatory investment that just appreciates every year.
    They’ve got huge tax breaks..huge depreciation
    breaks in taxeson player’s salaries…deductions
    out the ass…and i guarantee you that with their
    tax attorneys they are usi9ng this team to
    offset any gains they make in other stocks and
    The best thing is can moore…bring in a
    big winning gm with a winning record.
    Bring in winning coaches…a great staff.
    Then hire frank white as manager. He will
    single handedly turn tghis team around. Theres
    no tradition in this team…no passion…the
    fans would go nuts with frank….and he vknows
    more aobut baseball than any other possible
    manager….he knows defense..how to play positions….bring in major pitching coach…
    unlaod the kendall worthless catcher…and
    lets make the royals exciting again.
    Sorry…its beyond belief what this season
    has become. The worst season i’ve felt this
    team has had…even with the record they have.
    A bunch of tag along players…a rag tag lineup..the worst shortstop in baseball…no
    I outline my plan to ressurect the royals but
    noone seems to think about it. Lots of cash
    coming in for free agents and we stop trying to
    develope talent and buy it.
    Dream on kc…this team is a dud til big changes

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love Frank White for Mgr. Get some old timey Royals MOJO.
    Royals fetch $350M and I’ll walk to Topeka.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mr Google Says
    Ah JoJo… you still have to grow your talent in the farm system and then add key components in free agency. even the big spender Yankees grew there best talent from within (Jeter and Rivera) and then added pieces to the puzzle in free agency.

    And another thing, the best players typically don’t make the best managers/coaches. I love Frank White as much as the next guy in KC, but apparently there is a reason he is not managing at the big league level. Ned Yost certainly isn’t the “sexy” pick, but at least he is a guy with experience managing in the bigs and has a solid track record with young teams. I’m all for giving him another year or so with this team.

    And yes, Yuni is by far the worst SS in the league and Jason Kendall playing 150 games at catcher is laughable, but there is reason for optimism.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Or maybe, Greg, KK made the comment about Kauffman rather than Arrowhead because it’s baseball season and the Royals commercials are all over TV? That’s really pathetic. What is it about KK that causes your brain to disengage?

    Actually, what’s really pathetic is watching you turn what could be an interesting, and much needed, commentary on sports media into a forum whose sole purpose is to spew hatred at a guy who fired you years ago.

  6. Anonymous says:

    SM, as far as I can tell the whole purpose of this blog is to provide a place where failed journalists and other assorted losers can take pot shots at people with jobs and settle imaginary scores. It must be cathartic for them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    No way we can trade Zack. Keep DeJesus and let him walk next year and we we’ll get draft picks for him. If we can only get rid of Farnsworth, Guillen, and Podsednik life would be grand. We HAVE to get Kila Ka’aihue at least 200 AB’s this year and some AB’s and some major time in the outfield for Alex Gordon. Please tell me they’re not serious about bringing Ankiel back this year. I wouldn’t trade the Mexicutioner either

  8. Anonymous says:

    I own jojo
    And if someone know bullshit it would be…………….jojo!

  9. Anonymous says:

    My dream scenario: This Rangers bidding process is truly a sham and Nolan Ryan’s group wins even though their bid is less than Cuban’s, OR, enough people get in Cuban’s ear that they would rather have Nolan Ryan’s group win so…Glass does want to cut and run with a quarter billion dollars in his pocket and Cuban buys the Royals. I would love it if Cuban owned our team.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Keitzmann is a douche. That’s why Greg goes off on him. Gawd, KK sux.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Every time I hear KK’s phony laughter when Jack Harry is in the studio, I think of this scene from Religulous…right at the 4:00 mark.


  12. Anonymous says:

    I am addicted to hot weather running. The hotter the better. These days, somewhere between noon and 4 pm, I’m on the roads covering as much ground as my body will let me cover on that particular day. It is cathartic therapy for ANYTHING you might encounter of a stressful nature during the day.

    It ain’t a workout unless your shoes are melting on the black asphalt.


    GH: Pt, anybody over the age of 30 (and not in Kenyan shape) who is sweating to the 90s this time of year is playing Russian roulette with their brain — as in fried and died. One bout with heat stroke will cure you of your addition to sun-baked jogs — if it doesn’t kill you first. Mother Nature is a bitch you don’t want to mess with.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    In Bullfrog’s defense, maybe the Chiefs spent their facilities money a lot more wisely and shrewdly than KU did? Didn’t KU’s facilities spending occur on Mangino’s watch? How much of that huge budget went towards training tables, meat lockers, grandiose non-perishable food stashes, and emergency food caches for the winter months? Where Mangino was involved, one can only imagine and suspect everything.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mr Google Says
    Ptolemy… whew between 12-4? Now that is hardcore. I envy that. I was a former fatty, (well still a little fat)weighed about 350 and now around 225, mostly due to running. I love it, but damn, I have to run at 5 am or after 8 pm in this heat. I am working my way to 26.2 hopefully in October.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Big shock, Soren Petro is criticizing the Royals. He and Doug (Mr. St. Louis) Stewart have nothing good to say about the team. He rants about trading half the team and Mr. St. Louis sighs and dreams about Albert Pujols. Kurtis Seaboldt is the sole reason now to listen to the Program.

    As for KK, hypocracy defined. All I will say today. When the Royals were losing 110 games, he and Dorkscale would be imploring people to go to the stadium and watch the team. When he didn’t get his downtown ballpark (Which he would have personally profited, but another story), he began constantly ripping the K and the team. The answer of satellite radio is becoming more clear with me anyway.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ha. Mr. St. Louis. KC’s “little man” syndrome shines through again. Are feeling a little inferior to our big brothers to the East, dlj?

  17. Anonymous says:

    GH: Pt, anybody over the age of 30 (and not in Kenyan shape) who is sweating to the 90s this time of year is playing Russian roulette with their brain

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Google, good for you. You keep working toward that marathon and you’ll reach your goal. I’m heading out for a run…

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