Glazer: The Real True Hollywood Story of The Jones Pool

I went to The Jones Saturday and here is the truth about all the rumors…

It was packed – bodies everywhere. Mostly a white crowd, not urban, as I’d heard. I’d say there were 400 people and it was standing room only. There was a short line and it costs 10 bucks to get in. pool area. Plus two bucks for a towel – they won’t let you bring yours. And you have to fork out five more bucks to park in the building all day, unless you want to hoof it down a bunch of side streets in your Speedo.

So 20 bucks all in, now you have to buy your drinks…..

The pool is kinda small but interesting. It’s only waste deep, like three feet of water. Now here’s the interesting angle;


Thats right, you dance in the pool. And the DJ music is dance club hot – loud and Top 40 with some coast sounds mixed in.

As for the logistics, all the poolside chairs are taken by noon. But nobody for the most part is tanning. They’re in the pool, walkin around looking for new buddies or dates. Or they’re at the bar drinking.

The Jones has two great bars – very Vegas style – nice and large. In fact, the hottest chicks there were the ones working behind the bar. Everyone is in a bathing suit. There’s a large smoking area in the rear near the UniSex bathrooms – thats right boys and girls in the same room. With nothing separating the poo-poo rooms but thin air. Lots of wildness going on back there, I assure you.

There are some lockers to use, small like a gym locker. But you have to bring your own lock. Didn’t see any food being served, just booze.

And it was a drunk fest to be sure…

Johnny Dare said to me when I told him I was there: “They should change the name
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29 Responses to Glazer: The Real True Hollywood Story of The Jones Pool

  1. Anonymous says:

    Spent many an August afternoon at the pool at Caesar’s Palace back in the 80’s. It was like heaven. So what’s new? Nothing at all, except more large fake breasts and less cola. Wild things in the shithouse? Typical KC.

  2. Anonymous says:

    ‘Waste’ deep? Ewwwwwwwwwwww.

  3. Anonymous says:

    great post. Just what I’m looking for.
    20 year old “hotties” being chased by
    60 year old guys…
    come on….if you had any game you wouldn’t have
    to show up at these pools single trying to
    get these broads to suck you off.
    Old guys old enough to be these girls grandpas…wioth people like this in that pool
    I wouldnt get near it…who knows where those
    people have been…
    and I hope they use massive chlorine in that
    pool to kill all the black whores juices!
    Was in vegas 4th of july…morea beach club…
    but thats a different level of class….
    again…if these vguys are so big time why
    are they vhanging with 4’s and 3’s at the
    local tiny boring woodside/jones pools?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ll bet the bacteria levels in that waist deep pool make Cleaver’s Turd Creek look like Holy Water.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Are you kidding me?
    Didn’t this guy run for mayor?

  6. Anonymous says:

    “But when a girl said go to the John and show me your dick, that was kinda forward, huh?”
    Thats nothing.. happens all the time at The Schlitterbahn.
    Craig, when Football season starts promise to blog about cool shit again.

  7. Anonymous says:

    bshloz…it wasnt a girl who wanted to
    see the guys dick…it was a guy.
    With all that nasty shit in that pool you’d
    get swine flu/std’s/aids/hiv/gonorea/
    crabs and diseases not yet discovered by
    scientists just getting in that pool.
    Did you see the photo…the girl looked like
    a hooker I saw in tiajuana in 1994.

  8. Anonymous says:

    fyi…whoever that guy is in the photo…
    he should get a rebate or full discount from
    hair club for men.

  9. Anonymous says:

    and he better not stand on the streets of
    arizona because I’m sure they’ll be asking
    him for “his papers”…

  10. Anonymous says:

    I appreciate the effort but you really come across as a gigantic douche in your posts. It is laughable that a dude your age still runs around acting as if he is adept to what is going on in the younger social cirlces or even more so that you’re still running around in them and blogging about it. Can’t we get someone more in touch. I mean look at some of the shit you wrote. You can’t make this stuff up.

    “Johnny would fit in cause he is in great shape and it

  11. Anonymous says:

    Don’t listen to the jealous haters Glazer. They all wish they could be you for an hour

  12. Anonymous says:

    Craig, great info. I will check out the Jones. As far as these jealous guys comments, I will bet they are over fifty, and don’t come close to your looks or coolness. I may now be over thiry, by one year, but, I can attest to this, Glazer is as on it as anyone and girls my age and younger want to be with him. So mister jo and Tigervip maybe you can learn from Glazer. Its not over til you let it be or they bury you. I can’t believe I am sticking up for you Craig, but having dated you, well I guess you get it. By the way, nice photo cute girl, who is she?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I have to agree with Johnny Dare here, assholes and fake tits, funny, true. I am an ex police officer, Kansas. Glazer I have read your book, loved it. Dude hard to believe you are over fifty in this photo. Where do you work out? I am a few years younger than you but like this gal wrote, don’t let some of these fools put you down my brother. I have learned something you already know Craig, no matter what you do, and especially if you do it at a high level, there will always be folks who don’t like you for it. Its not you they dont like, its themselves for not measuring up. It was that way in law enforcement and its that way out here.

  14. Anonymous says:

    maureen…if all these girls want to be with
    these 60 year old men…why’s they always by
    themselves going to these places looking to
    get hot chicks in their 20’s.
    Theyre not hugh hefner…their bankroll isn’t
    big…and that girl in the photo is about
    a “2” at best with small titties…
    and we’re not jealous but why’s he
    always by himself at these deals?
    I thought the guy in the photo was a
    mexican…i thought it was tony from kcc…
    facial hair went out in the 80’s maureen…
    and the toupe needs some work.
    I love reading glazers story but his life
    is really one sad chapter of a man who
    is still looking for happiness and peace
    of mind. We’re all getting older…and i LOOK
    10 years younger than I am…but I’m not on
    some obscure website trying tro convince the
    world that I’m great or superman.
    Maureen…great you’re his friend…but someone
    needs to help him find peace in his life….
    trying to be something we aren’t can lead us
    to be lost in our souls.
    May god bless you and all those people…maybe
    they can find peace by finding god and who
    they really are…not someone they pretend to

  15. Anonymous says:

    Nobody lives downtown, this is our only hit? Come on Glazer, I know you have been to bars in the Power and Light.

    Went to Jones last year, not as busy then, had just opened. Great lookin bars though. Dare maybe you should check it out before you knock it so hard.

    JoJo you might need a weapon if you are gonna go after this guy, he looks kinda bad ass.

    HC: Hey Davy, the Power & Light District – for all its red ink – does have some pretty good action. But you think it’s with people who live downtown? That’s not my impression.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Well Craig my old friend, you have become a person that many ‘love to hate on.’ Maybe these were some people you stung in the old days?

    You fellas might want to rethink hating on Glazer. Look at it this way, he can be your vision of staying young, someone whose adventures you relate too instead of pissing on. He is a pretty on top of it person. I’m not anymore and his stories, well I enjoy them very much. Sure I’d like to be with young girls again, but I’m married with kids and not the man I used to be,who is? But I admire his style and guts for staying in the game. You keep it up my friend, some of us like to keep the dream alive.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Susan Dunlap
    JoJo now you are bringing God into a Jones Store:Craig Glazer story. I think your dislike of this man stems from your dislike for YOURSELF.
    He’s not my cup of tea, too wild, but I’ve seen him out, he dates very attractive women. I met his wife five years ago in Overland Park Stanfords, she was simply beautiful and about 24 or 25. I think he’s a fool for letting her go, but don’t know the details. The guy is handsome, sorry JoJo, maybe you just aren’t, but get a grip. The man is not asking you for friendship, he is telling us some interesting things, thats all. As for this reader, I find it a fun read.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Johnny, very funny dude. I hear your radio show every morning. I might change my name to RockFan.
    Glazer you gave me the 411 on this spot. Thanks. I even like your photo. Stay strong dude. JoJo grow up son.

  19. Anonymous says:

    absolutely no dislike…but I’ve worked with
    many people with more money…more famous…
    more integrity…more charisma…more religious…more character…more charitable…
    and what I found is that these people are not
    expounding on their greatness.
    They don’t brag…don’t expose…don’t try to
    hide that life has been a roller coaster…but
    most importantly they understand the reason
    for their graces and understand that they don’t
    need to tell themselves or others of their deeds
    but can keep them inside their hearts.
    I’ve been thru the stage that these guys have
    been thru but at a younger age. I realized
    that the lifestyle that I thought was so
    enviable and ego building led me to a place
    that I found to be worthless and lonely.
    I found that there was so much more than the
    parties and night life and the women and
    realized that all this was just my own
    attempt to compensate for what I lacked in my
    personal life.
    I tell my family…the younger ones…that
    there is so much more to life than that life.
    Undoubtedly I changed and I now feel more at
    peace. I did the drugs…did the lifestyle but
    as I look back now I understand that it was
    a waste of my talent.
    I do not hate…i do not attempt to change people…each of us must find our own path.
    But I look at so many people and see such incredible potential to do great things and use
    their time for positive events that it frustrates
    me. Maybe i went too far in this instance…but
    I’ve been there…regretted it…thought it made
    me a beter person…thought i needed it to
    feel better…but in the end i and others like
    myself found that it was a dead end and that
    there was so much more to making a difference
    in our time here on earth.
    Sorry if I offended…maybe I went too far…
    but I’ve been there…and eventually realized
    that i could do better everyday.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Johnny P
    Haha. Leave it to a fucking Jew to talk about price of admissions, towels and parking.

  21. Anonymous says:

    if only…
    Lay off of Craig! He was on assignment for KCC. Hearne tried to file this story last week but got sand kicked in his face. Anyhoo, what Craig should have done is:

    Ripped his shirt off a la Hulk Hogan (because he was asked AND because he can).
    Dropped his trunk to show his junk (‘lil craig, again because he was asked).
    Tossed a Baby Ruth in the shallow end (is this really just a baby pool?).
    Jumped into his time-machine and head back to Woodside to drink with
    Whit, Purple Gus, Gif and Phil, et al.

  22. Anonymous says:

    JoJo, you say glazer is bragging about his life and stories about his life. Well genious, he did write a major book about his life already, that does just that. Its not new news. JoJo maybe you should buy or better yet check out the book from one of the many libraries its in. My sister got it at the Johnson County one, there was a wait to get it, but that was at Christmas. That might answer your questions on the guy. I can assure you he is not religious.

    And guy about jews and money with glazer giving the ‘how much.’ Clearly the guy was just giving information you might need or want before you go to the Jones Pool. I doubt glazer is a cheap skate. From hearing him on Dare, he is not big into being jewish or anything else. You guys sure can hate a person for no reason.

  23. Anonymous says:

    if only, again a guy with a fake name, just like your fake god. I’m a jew and this is my real name. It’s people like you that ruin the world for everyone else.

  24. Anonymous says:

    if only…
    Sorry I ruined the world.
    I’ll go have lunch now.

  25. Anonymous says:

    JoJo do you have a job? What is it you do except write long dumb comments on this blog. A blog you call obscure, do write on other blogs? Since we will never know your name, what was your past life, I assume you may be on retirement pay now.

  26. Anonymous says:

    mojo Jojo
    JoJo… y so obsessed with Craig Glazer?
    Dear Craig G. Jojo wants to wear your skin like a body suit…yes. He likes you like a fat kid likes cake. And the Jones is nothing special; if anything, it’s a spot for people who want a cool spot to hang out… nothing more, nothing less. Young adults these days who live in the mid/downtown area really don’t have a pool to hang around, unless you count the number of apartment pools, but unless you’re pullin a fast one or know someone who lives at the complex, you’re sweatin this summer out. And the people, yeah, they’re not the best looking that go there, but at least they’re havin a good time with their buddys, or “creepin” on girls, as the jersey shore brats coined. I catered a kc chiefs players/staff event last year at the jones, and I thought the design of the place was really well laid out. If nothing else, the hot summer nights poolside, bright multicolored lights and city scape is a sight to see.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Kia Zi
    My neighbor and her husband go there all the time, so do all their gym friends. They have “to die for bodies” and make around 100,000 a year. It’s abit wild for me but they are all out going and have lots to talk about. I thought it was all about ho’s and old horney men but no body I’ve met fits that description. Active people who are social need some where to hang out. People say the Black Hand built the pool and the store under it. So maybe it’s half true, the sons of the Black Hand are almost cool and they really do want to do something nice for their city. Everybody knows old men with money have more fun than young men with no money. Good bodies are a plus but money compensates for anything a man may be lacking.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Haha Craig, I think you took the joke too seriously – no one really wanted to see you naked, no offense. Least of all the girl who said it (I happen to know her). Trust me, you’re not her type.

    Also, not a fair comparison of the crowd at the Jones to the Woodside, and especially the Miss Hawaiian Tropic. Craig, are you mad? One is a weekeng club-like joint, and the other is a national beauty peagant with large cash prizes. Do you also walk into a sushi restaurant and demand BBQ pork ribs?

    JoJo – you have some valid points, even when you get inappropriately preachy, but you lost all credibility when you ranked the girl in the pic as “2.” Even on a poor-quality photo (what was that, BTW – a Polaroid?) it’s clear that the girl is beautiful, and her titties are fine. Not the way to refute those “sour grapes” accusations.

  29. Anonymous says:

    This comment is to the editor of this site: Craig is a good writer with an interesting narrative style, but he’s no copy editor (nor should he be editing his own copy.) Typos, grammar, and style errors are detracting from his message and thus, from your blog. I wish I could say I was going to keep coming back to read more of his stuff (which is extremely entertaining), but unedited copy is making my eyes bleed. 🙂

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