Tony: The Week The NAACP Came To Town, P&L Steps Up

Finally, there was a renaissance in Kansas City but it didn’t have anything to do with all of the subsidized corporate development.

More than any other event this week the 101st NAACP Convention defined the new era in civil rights.

For a change, it was nice that Kansas City was the focus of national headlines as the convention started out with criticism of the disparity in the BP oil spill cleanup, The First Lady came in to town to talk health but ended up noting the disparity that still exists in this nation and at the close of the convention shook the nation by calling out the Tea Party on the racist elements in their movement.

Still, with all the headlines there a couple of elements of the convention that were left unexamined.

After talking to a couple of folks who attended the convention, I noticed that one of the major themes was working to facilitate a stronger relationship between older members of the organization with the younger generation. The impact of The Millennial Generation is being felt in the African-American community as well, and their ability to reach this demographic will determine their success. This convention was filled with younger folks and a great deal of the content was focused on youth. So obviously, they’re addressing this concern.

Finally, there’s a bit of good news for KC that came with the convention. The P&L District basically bent over backwards to cater to this group and their goodwill might have been a bit of redemption for early accusations of discrimination that plagued Kansas City’s party palace. I don’t know if this bit of branding will endure but it was noted by a great many local African-American leaders and that should be good for rebuilding its damaged reputation.

Ironically, Kansas City’s Downtown development started out with a fear of a large African-American presence and now it turns out that it was this very same group that has offered folks inside the loop a bit of a second chance.

Tony Botello

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6 Responses to Tony: The Week The NAACP Came To Town, P&L Steps Up

  1. Anonymous says:

    wtf tony! are you on drugs? Your mother let you
    out of the basement for a couple of days?
    Granpa get you a new train set?
    Something nice to say. I’m shocked! You actually
    had something positive to say about somebody.
    Somebody get me a towel…I’m about to faint.
    As far as the tea party…yes they are a bunch
    of racists. You can see it in their speech..
    their language (using the word “coloreds”)
    and their signs of hate and racism.
    Thank god america is seeing the truth about these
    uneducated lying worhtless piece of shit.
    In kentucky and nevada we’ve seen what disgusting
    liars and assholes this entire tea party
    movement is about……

  2. Anonymous says:

    I own jojo
    Coloreds is a bad term?

  3. Anonymous says:

    November’s coming tick tock tick tock the debates and the name calling is already old let’s just go to the polls and get this over with.

  4. Anonymous says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

    And now that the “token” effort has been made by the P&L, they can go back to the rules that have kept the money spending whites coming back.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kia Zi
    The Tea Party reponded to racist accusations on the website Politico at There is a comment section for bloggers. Also they have a radio station that is live talk from 4-5pm est. You can call at 347-945-6871 if you want to weigh in your opinion. They claim to have all the government low down on this station.

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