Comment of the Day: Predator Star Weighs in on Mel, Glazer, Camel Dung Shovelers

Sonny Landham Says:
July 16th, 2010 at 1:01 pm edit

“Mel Gibson obiously dislikes Jews, due to prior statements about a year ago. The present ‘tapes to his wife’ has not been proven to be Mel Gibson. It sounds like Gibson, but not proven to be him. As for striking his wife, why did she not press charges with the police, when he struck her?
I do not defend or condem Mel Gibson. I am not a juror in this matter, therefore, I do not, nor do I care about the subject at hand. Furthermore I am not interested in the Linsey Lohand matter either. I am tired of seeing this kind of dreck on the news. This country is faced with far more serious problems that need to be solved.
Regarding my comments about Arabs. I call them ‘camel dung shovelers.’ I also said that after 9/11 we should have bombed all of the rag heads in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Pakisstan, and Afganisstan back into the sand. I stood by thoes statements in 2008 and did not apologize for them, and I stand by thoes statements today.”
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14 Responses to Comment of the Day: Predator Star Weighs in on Mel, Glazer, Camel Dung Shovelers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Billy Bear, stay classy

  2. Anonymous says:

    come on hearne….stop with the egotistical
    nobodies. Glazer…billy bear…tony…all
    these guys have one thing in common…
    wanna bes!
    wanna be someone. wanna be recognized.
    Theyre all old and washed up and their careers
    have been long roads of bad turns.
    Who cares about these guys except you and
    Give some ink to people who do good things…
    not some struggling actors/businesspeople/
    writers who have not done a fucking thing
    in their life but try to make themselves
    out to be big time.
    stop this shit.

  3. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    JoJo, what the f happened to you son….wantabe’s never did anything…I’m not gonna give you my resume, again or Landhams, guess Gibson is a wanna be as well….but back to Landham and I JoJo, WE are big time, or have earned that if thats what you mean my friend, we both in our own way have accomplished far more than the norm, from say people like you…I have to admit Sonny has many more movie credits than me and has signed more shit for people…while its true most of that was a few years back, you can’t put someone down because they get older and sure your career slows down and then ends..ala Tom Cruise…it slows…but to say a guy who starred in two of the biggest movies in film history is a no body? 48 Hours was at the time one of Hollywoods biggers money hits and to this day is in the top five movies played on tv…ever….Preditor launched many of the tentpool movies we see today and made a Arnold a household name….oh yeah and has been in maybe 30 other films like Lock-Up with Stallone…Poltergist..ran for Govenor of a state..come on man….me, I’m one of if not thee most written about figure in your cities last fifty year history…and I am….JoJo this is no put down to you or others, but why would you even say that…its called being a Jealous little punk…you never hear a big dog say that about others..I don’t….I may not like people for what they do, but in all my writtings never attack on that bases….to stand out above the rest in many areas is extremely difficult…thats what being a somebody is…if you can’t do it and most can’t…don’t knock those who can…makes you even smaller.

  4. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Folks life is a tough run, being a good parent, being good in your chosen field, caring about others…being a decent person is what most people can do…for those who work hard to be say more noticed and can do that….ok…thats what they wanted to do….doen’t make everyone else a shmuck…it does not minimize others wins or loses…some do it publicly most don’t…its those who do that create entertainmet for the rest. Thats all.

  5. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    JOJO what have you ever done? You don’t use your real name cause you don’t have anything to be proud of I guess.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Rob Lane
    Sonny you are a true American guy. Bomb everyone. Ok. As far as Glazer or Landham being want to be’s. Google the name craig glazer, more than 2 million stories on him in print,tv,radio. I rest my case.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Of course jojo has never done anything with his life. If he had he wouldn’t be so angry at the world for bending him over and shoving it up his 2-hole.

  8. Anonymous says:

    come on…give me a break…you’re4 wanna bes…
    wanna be big time…if you are so huge and so
    BUT STILL…if you are this huge international
    star with all this fame and money….what the
    fuck are you doing in kc….a town you say has
    no action…no excitement…why not living in
    hollywood instead of pimping whores!
    come on ….we’re all just normal people…you’;re
    no more famous than anyone else…except in your
    own mind…
    you might be a big fish in this little bitty
    small pond called kc…but outside of here…
    noone gives a fuck>

  9. Anonymous says:

    I base success on cash…and most of these
    wanna bes ain’t got none. So when you save
    some nickels…come back…….show us what
    you got…..because cash talks…bullshit

  10. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Glazer hits celeb status. He is definitely a notorious character in KC and Hollywood lore who leads a colorful life. Generally, when he talks… I listen, along with many others.. And Jo Jo… the Glazer family has made a lot of jack over the years. Also… since you are calling him dirt poor because of his location in Wyandotte County… Have you checked how much it costs per square foot at Village West? Do you think you can just open a store and get top comedy talent?

  11. Anonymous says:

    WRONG…RAINBOW MAN. If these guys are so
    big…why are they stil in kc…the small town
    that these guys say is “dead”….if all these
    people are so big (appearing on johnny dares
    show hardly qualifies someone as a personality)
    why are they still in kc…the worst city in the
    Why not in hollywood with the stars (not billy
    bear….99.9% of the people wouldn’t know this
    guy from tony botello)…wheres the big money..
    the shining stars for these guys?
    Why stick here when the “bright lights” await
    these people in tinsel town.
    Sure…they might be big fish in this little
    bitty pond…this down trodden city…this
    little town that barely makes it on major
    tours….but if thats a “star” it shure isnt
    shining bright.
    All these wanna bes…see if you can make it
    in the big time instead of this small tgown
    wal mart city…
    thats all I said…..nothing personal just
    asking what they think qualifies them for
    being “big time” in this little bitty dusty
    I fail to see it. I hope they don’t take it
    personally but hanging at woodside chasing the
    20 year old hotties in kc hardly makes them
    “big time”.
    and whens the movie coming out. Anyone can
    write a book…if you pay the money to have
    it written. Everyone has a book that they paid
    someone to write and print….hell even tony
    can put out a book….if he had the money.
    We’re all small fish in kc…a few get lucky
    and make it big (david cook/elita adams/paul
    rudd etc.) but these guys are nothing compared
    to the ones who left and never came back because
    kc just isn’t a great place to make it “big”.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Rob Lane
    JOJo you are the moron here, Glazers book King os Sting was published by SkyHorse a division of Barnes and Noble, he was paid up front to wtite it. He and Sal Manna, a top journalist and author wrote it together, it explains in the books beginning why. Manna covered Glazers trials and was assigned to follow the adventures of Woodbeck and Glazer in LA for ten years. They made front page news in LA many times and The Reader and The Harold Examiner. Manna wrote most of those stories some picked in New York Times. He is and was a nationally known person. I don’t see what you don’t get about that. He has made the KC Star so many times you can’t count. His dad ran for mayor twice, the family was featured in Smart Money Magazine, Wall Street Journals mag. On and On. He did live in LA for l5 years or more. The man has produced many sports films, they are all available on Most of them were in movie theatres around the nation. Champions Forever films, Ali. In fact I attended one of the openings in KC at Stations Casino with host Michael Buffer. I know Craig was an actor in some movies as well and tv. In fact in the 80’s, Entertainment Tonight did its first two part special on Glazer and Woodbeck, it was so watched they reran it WorldWide on the weekend. JoJo to get the Eisner’s to option this story/book with writers like Dan Gordon and exec’s like and this is inside news, Eastwood involved, thats far, far from a self published book, wouldn’t you say? Maybe Craig lives here cause he was born here as was his family. George Brett still lives here, is he a nobody too?

  13. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    JoJo, I will do this one more time and for the last time with you. I do this cause I often like your rants and I know you mean well. I don’t know anything about you other than that. I live in KC cause I am from here, born here, grew up here. I moved to LA in l982 sold my life story then to CBS and the rest is history, I enjoyed LA.
    I came home in the early 90’s to take over our family biz, Stanford and Sons…with my two little brothers, Jeff and Jack. We have since been in Westport,OP and now Legends. I like what I do, I still do film work in LA other than my own story. I am a producer with Image Entertainment, they put out my DVD’s and so forth. JoJo getting a book written today is major hard if you are not a star or known…try it. Rob Lane is right, it took me two years to get that book published with two agents in New York and CAA in LA pushing it cause I was not a household name, Skyhorse liked it, bought it, and are happy they did. It is now in paperback nationally and around the world. That only happens when the hardcover does well.

    I made two hundred tv and radio interviews on King of Sting including Dennis Miller, G.Gordon Liddy,Mike OBiran(DC)CNN,NBC radio,CBS radio, Mankow,WLS Chicago and on and on…

    As far as “money talks” well, I think most folks know I have done more than o.k. in that area. Our club cost 3.2 million dollars and is rated in the top three in the nation. We are talked about on Leno,Letterman,Kimmel, and so on…Howard Stern does jokes on me and the club as well. Frank Caliendo does my voice and character in his shows in Vegas and radio…so no I am not Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt. Don’t claim to be jojo. However my achievements are more than noteworthy.

    As far as KC being a small town, or sucking? I don’t think it sucks, I am proud to be from KC. I love my city. Sure we have many problems. When you get older, as I have you tend to want to be living where your heart is, mine is here in Kansas City. I am a Royals fan, not a Dodger fan, I love the Chiefs,not the Chargers. I do like the Lakers,but we don’t have a team. Sure I rag on the Royals and Chiefs,cause I want them to be better, to represent our city and our hearts, like you do JoJo. If thats a crime, I am guilty.

    P.S. Rob Riggle co star of the Daily Show, Sat. Live, movies like The Hangover and starring in The Other Guys with Will Farell and Mark Walberg..Riggle, who once was a doorman at Stanfords, lives in KC, not LA. I go to LA four to six times a year, for work, or meetings, I go to Vegas same reasons, have fun there too, but LA is a bitch to live in, l4 million people to our 2 million, traffic is God awful, and people are mean and in a huge hurry. So I prefer KC. As I have told my family and friends, regardless of King of Sting or any other film I main home will always be KC. Like I said home is where the heart is…sides I lived in LaLa land for most of my adult life, that was enough. So JoJo, calm down, get back to your funny rants..I’m not mad at you buddy, but lets be a bit more fair on this wanna be crap….I’m far from that don’t ya think. You have a nice week.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Because Tom Watson does not live in Florida, does that mean he runs the cash register at Teetering Rocks?

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