OTC: Lake Tahoe Radio / Pete Carroll / And Football Talk

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    Orphan of the Road
    GH, Baltimore has got the humidity too. But the ocean is a short drive away. You could remake The WIre on KC’s Eastside today.

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    Kyle Rohde
    Wow…didn’t know Sharif got Canseco on his show – big win for him!

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    I agree that the Lake Tahoe suckfest is a total drag to listen to. As soon as I heard a recorded interview with one of SSJ’s favorite boxers start this morning, I immediately changed the channel. Unfortunately, like you said, the other option hasn’t been much better this week with whatever 610 has thrown on in the afternoon. I’m not a huge Nick Wright fan but I’d rather listen to him than the substitutes they’ve had on this week. It was like Chris and Cowboy were back. Just dreadful radio. But I did hear part of the Canseco interview and that wasn’t horrible.

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    As for the Arizona Law, those who live in the area say,”don’t need an emergency room on the weekends and expect to get in” Why? Because they are filled with illegals coming over to have babies, dialysis, and other medical treatments. And I can bet they pay those medical bill promptly. Maybe Soria can underwrite the millions of dollars of free care so the rest of us tax payers aren’t burdened.

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    I think the biggest item of this dead sports day, especially for most fans around here, is the Ron Prince deal. I fully expect KU’s ticket office mess to come back and be a prominent story again here any day now, but can anyone think of any current news story that is bigger and weirder than Krause’s behavior? And, no, Ptolemy, I am not just taking random shots at K-State. I just think this story gets weirder every time someone release a detail.

    A life insurance policy? I think this shows just how desperate Krause was to get rid of this whole mess. And it doesn’t speak to well of Wefald that he would let Krause travel as some sort of non-representative representative of K-State to try and sort this out. I thought that Krause acting without proper authority was what got all of this started in the first place? And now you have Wefald begging Krause “find a way to get us out of this. You’re on your own and I don’t care how you do it, in fact, I don’t WANT to know how you do it, but go get us out of it.” And a life insurance policy isn’t necessarily the worst idea ever, but it’s certainly the strangest. I wonder if Krause made any promises about how much longer he would agree to live?

    KU’s mess may end up being bigger, more sprawling and reveal more corruption, but in terms of sheer wackiness and “you couldn’t make this shit up” type-value, this K-State story beats KU and Ricky Clemons COMBINED.

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    Gavin, the main difference between the KSU and the KU messes is, all the bad people who instigated all the problems are gone. KU waits until the law comes for the folks before they jettison anybody. Par for the course.

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    Well, Ptolemy, apparently even after they were gone the President of the university was dipatching at least one of them to fix problems in some sort of weird “you don’t have any authority except the authority you need to fix the situation” type of authority. Given that the situation is, according to K-State, all a result of Krause breaching his authority as AD, this strikes me as notably odd. And par for the course.

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    Help me out here Gavin, what criminal charges were filed in the KSU case? Was the FBI involved? Justice department? The NCAA? Has the tag, “Lack of Institutional Control” been toe-tagged anywhere? Any sniff of probation for the university?

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    Ptolemy, the help you need isn’t with answering your questions. It’s with reading comprehension. Read more slowly and sound out each word and you will see that I already said that I suspect that the KU mess will end up being bigger. But today, this story is the glaring one.

    My guess is that you weren’t an English major at K-State. Or maybe you WERE an English major and you graduated with honors.

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    “I wonder if Krause made any promises about how much longer he would agree to live?”

    Laughted at this. Good one, Gavin.

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    interviewing class B “celebrities” and talking about golf with D-Bags is NOT radio i want to listen to. It’s 810 slobbing on celebrities, acting like giddy schoolchildren and making no illusion that it’s anything but taking advantage of perks….

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    The Independent Rage
    The Wire? Sheeeeeeeeee-ut! [A series catchphrase]. Arguably the best television drama ever (although I’ve only ranked the comedies in my own mind, not the dramas). As for Kim English, whenever his playing days are over (whenever that may be), he should be able to do something in broadcasting. I only heard his recent 810 interview (and not the 610 one), but dude certainly seems to have the gift of gab.

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    Kim English has a bright future. Smart kid. But he needs to work on his shot selection.

    This is really a boring time for sports. Sorry … can’t get into talking football when the heat index is triple digits. And I really don’t need a live report everytime somebody farts out at Arrowhead. The golf tourney interviews are crap.

    So … I’ve been listening to music. Thanks, Greg, for the updates so I don’t have to actually listen to these guys.

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    Kia Zi
    When it comes to golfing, I spend my money at Cool Crest or The Knights Of Columbis even though they are both activities in Independence. If KC would hold some kind of golf thing then that’s where I’d be. People try to listen to Craig because he is not only from around KC but he went to school here and married that girl from Missouri. We want to believe that he is on top of the sports info and gossip. It’s too bad that Mizzou doesn’t have more public activities so that Missourians can have more drama, action and game to talk about.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Kia Zi
    I am sorry Greg, I ment to say Greg. I know your name is Greg but my stupid type pad wrote Craig. Everything I said, I ment but I did mean to say Greg.

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    So the golf tournament in Nevada is treated by WHB as a Kansas City event requiring major coverage equal or greater to that of the Chiefs’ training camp or Royals’ spring training — during the middle of the latter’s season? A local corporate sponsor, but obviously one which doesn’t want to let KC golf fans in on the fun of what Petro calls “one of the more entertaining golf tournaments you

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    I find it interesting the the $ amount on the KU ticket “scandal” has been pegged at $1 million and could grow to $3 million. And folks are shocked. Yet KSU has a “secret” payoff of $3.2 million and it gets fluffed away. Then we find out about this life insurance policy business and WTF! I’m not saying the KU situation is ok but seriously, open up the purple blinders. And who’s in a better situation to absorb a $3 million hit?

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    To me, the difference between the KU and KSU scandals is simple. KSU administrators look like bumbling fools. KU administrators look like unscrupulous scumbags.

    For the record, I would place MU administrators in the same category as KSU on their handling of the conference realignment fiasco.

  23. Anonymous says:

    You have a point there, Cliffy. It’s a good distinction. I’m still waiting to see if there is a smoking gun in and powder burns on Lew Perkins’ hands, but there’s no question tht the others were uncrupulous scumbags. The thing is, I’m coming around to the “if he knew, he’s a scumbag, if he didn’t know he’s an idiot” school of thought on Lew Perkins. I’m not all the way there just yet, but it’s starting to look like an either/or proposition.

    I’m not sure which is better, but I tend to think I’d prefer it if it was revealed that Lew had a giant blind spot than hear that he was a rapacious thief or knowingly allowed other rapacious thieves in his house.

    All that said, now that the conference realignment stuff is over (for at least a couple years), I thik Lew should probably go ahead and leave. If we were still looking for a league to call home, I’d want him to stay around because I think he’d be the right guy to get KU in another BCS conference but it’s time to look to the future.

    The one thing that makes me think that Lew wasn’t involved in anything criminal is that there is now no reason to keep him around if he really is dirty. During the realignment upheaval it made sense to have him in place even if the ticket thing could be laid directly on him. But, now that it’s over, if he was really dirty, I think they’d cut him loose.

    And despite Ptolemy’s prtests earlier, I still don’t see the NCAA infractions in this. Yes, they might uncover something and I imagine that when the feds are done there will be a team of investigators coming down from Indianapolis to look around, but I just don’t see how this gave KU any kind of competitive advantage.

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    Michael: let me set you straight on the
    medical laws. The emergency rooms in kc are
    filled with people who have no insurance.
    They come in because of that.
    The new program will make people buy insurance
    and it will definitely be cheaper for those who
    otherwise could not afford to buy it.
    So with uninsureds getting insurance and people
    seeing copmpetition the prices go down.
    If you like your present insurance program you
    stay with it. But now your employer will have
    a choice of who to buy from and prices willgo
    Look at auto insurance. Since mass marketing
    of auto insurance has started (geico etc.)
    car rates have gone down 24% on average. Yet
    coverage still is available but with competition
    companies have to become more streamlined and
    efficient in order to compete or gthey die.
    Just saw the first real effects of this
    law. Watch the number of medicare fraud
    prosections go thru the roof. The new law makes
    it easier and put more pressure on enoforcement
    of medicare fraud. In the last week over 1 billion dollarsworth of fraud has been found
    and intercepted. The government before this law
    had a tough time taking down the medicare
    fraud conmen. But the new law is going to start
    to clean up the fraud. There’s 90 billion dollars a year in medicare fraud. Obama included
    provisions in the bill to bring these crookis
    down. And it will be tougher with the new laws
    for the people to make 2000 claims on the same
    This adminstration inherited a huge mess…and
    it will take time to clean it up. 10 years of
    corrupt/fraudulent behavior can’t be undone in
    18 months. Medicare and social security fraud
    is costingb us 150 billion dollars a year..
    think what happens if we crack down on that and
    use that money for positive health care.
    Bush had 8 years to do this and did nothing.
    It will be long and hard but as time goes on
    we will see the positive effects of this health
    care bill……but you can’t change the culture
    of corruption that has been in d.c. for 60
    years overnight.
    The emergency rooms will be crowded and when
    a new bill on immigration comes in there will
    be changes. But I’ve taken people to the
    emergency rooms in kc (menorah/shawnee mission/
    truman) and the problem is not as bad as
    you might be led to believe. But it is a
    problem and no politician has tried to fix
    it…until now.

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    Dan Dan
    Shocking that Greg thinks something 810 does is horrible…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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