Tony: Local Trolleys Don’t Add Up. Used Cars Would Have Been Better.

Right after I graduated college I drove around town in a beat up used car and had a girlfriend with huge boobs. Iit was one of the best times in my life. Memories of my transportation troubles are the only nice thought that comes to mind when considering The Kansas City Strip trolleys and their horrible Kansas City failure.

Earlier this morning a post regarding the ongoing mess was addressed at yours truly because I’m the only person in town to notice that all obvious signs point to a failed experiment. Sadly, the details from folks borrowing cash from City Hall only serve to confirm my thesis. Westport impresario Bill Nigro says that they’re carting around up to 400 people on Saturday Night with this taxpayer supported scheme. I’ve done the math and I’ve come to an interesting conclusion.

Check it:

A loan approved by The Mayor and City Council granted $500,000 to fund this debacle. For the most part, just like any other business, the patrons of The Strip are repeat customers. So, a simple calculation dividing the riders and just the money from KC proper and comes up with $1250 per person on a Saturday night. Therefore, Bill Nigro and Bill George could just buy all of their riders a used car and probably save Kansas City the expense of the inevitable implosion. I’ve seen some used car deals as good as $500 for a car that might make it around midtown for a longer period than these trolleys are going to run. Also, speculation that ridership will pick up during winter simply doesn’t take into account local club life which always enters a downturn for inclement weather.

Sadly, I can’t point to my own genius in identifying all of these impending failures: Just like The Proposed Downtown Hotel and so many other schemes, when the architects of these schemes can’t get their cash from private industry and need the taxpayers as “partners” that’s the most important indication that they’re plans aren’t gonna bring in a lot of cash while the public is handed one Public Relations Promise after the next and ultimately left with the bill.

Tony Botello
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8 Responses to Tony: Local Trolleys Don’t Add Up. Used Cars Would Have Been Better.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    Just like any bar-related venture it comes down to this: Do the chicks like it?

    No? They don’t like pub crawls on questionable trolleys? Fail.

    No? they don’t like teenage thugs catcalling them? Fail.

    No? they don’t like roving gangs on the plaza? oh wait, they got that taken care of, so the ladies returned. Success.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Matt Helm
    The City Council should never cooperate with another George/Nigro scheme and thanks to TKC for updated coverage of the debacle.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Kia Zi
    George and Nigro make enough money in the underworld crime scene that they shoudn’t need any hand outs from the tax payers. It is just another way for them to strong arm the people so they can get that extra money they need to pay for their fancy houses and big fat wives. Those families have taken from the people of KC for three generations. Nigro’s businesses are in Johnson County, so are his interest. The city council must be sucking his dick just like all the whores that clamer around Nigro’s western stores hoping for a bone to be throne their way while standing around outside trying to “get” a date with any one that pulls in the driveway.

  4. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Kia Zi, are you just a major moron….what stink hole did you fall from man…Nigro/George underworld money…like what dumb dumb…niether have any criminal record..none, or have been accused of anything UNDERWORLD, you mean mob right? Bill Nigro has zip to do with Nigro’s Western Store. By the way owner Tony Nigro passed away, his sons run it and do that when they are not doing charity auctions for KC, for free…very, very nice young men again with NO CRIMINAL RECORD OF ANY KIND…what whores are you taling about….you mean at the western store? Give me a break, my 90 year old grand dad worked there for years…its as family as you get.

    These are two caring Kansas Citians, sure they want to make a living too, is that a crime? When you attack have some facts…by the way Bill Nigro’s father, Judge Salvatore Nigro was one of the most respected Judges in Kansas City….not makers…..Jez….now I was a hood, so there you go…but not any more..ha…Kia Zi you are funny….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Matt Helm
    Hey Craig…you’re right about Kia Zi…they’re definitely not mobbed up, but you’re wrong to continuously applaud George and Nigro. The Trolley is a scandal for the City Council and you know it. You constantly puff yourself up as being knowledgeable re local politics and having been around town for years. Why then don’t you call it (the Trolley) what it is, an insider political deal. Could it be that you’re a recipient of free limo’s, pizza and passes into the Beaumont?

    CG your shit’s interesting and usually funny, but you don’t have as many people fooled around here as you think.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Kia Zi
    Craig, you are stupider and less informed than you originally put yourself out there to appear to be. Get with what is going on in this city or shut the fuck up!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kia Zi
    Matt must be sucking dick for the mob too or he wouldn’t be so quick to cover for them.

  8. Anonymous says:

    magic rat
    Total cluster. WTF They need a 100000 riders a year to make this work.

    Run the damn things into westport from the surrounding neighborhoods. Keep the trips relatively short. $1.00 a ride each way. Would cut down on parking issues in westport, DUI stops etc. The young crew at the Profit and Loss district will never use them. The older wiser westport crowddemographic…MIGHT?

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