OTC: Is Yost’s Royal Boast Hype Or Hope?

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19 Responses to OTC: Is Yost’s Royal Boast Hype Or Hope?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hall/Glazer > Hearne/Urich. Jennier’s cool too…she paints pictures of naked chicks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Would an immediate 10 game losing streak surprise anybody? Didn’t think so.

  3. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Greg I’m with you, I have to be honest, like you guys I felt this team was trash….now, I’m a little impressed, this is the first legit period I’ve seen in many years. You have to have something to hang your hat on to win, the Royals are proving to be strong hitting ballclub for the first time in twenty years or better…they have two maybe three top average hitters in the American League. They still lack power. Pitching is gettin good, starting and relief….so why not, lets all dream of a maybe…we haven’t been in a pennent race in a lifetime, lets get it on…I like it…I’m with you Greg maybe, just maybe…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, we’re grasping at straws, but the fact that anyone’s talking about the Royals in July is a minor miracle.

    The “we’re a week out of it” line is nonsense when you’re in 4th place, and I don’t see more than 75 wins when it’s all said and done, but just seeing the Royals not be utterly overmatched on the field is a relief.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dan Dan
    Quotes by Shan Sherriff are useles to me the guy is horrible!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey, why not dream a little bit. This team is much better, competing and winning close games. They are competing and playing every night. The maligned bullpen of early in the year, now looks lights out.

    One question, What if Ned Yost started the season as manager? Yes, this team is still a year or two away from LEGITIMATE playoff contention. However, it is plain for everyone to see that this team has .500 talent right now. Clearly, Trey Hillman WAS the problem, and the reason that the Royals aren’t in the pennant race right now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mitch Cumstein
    Shan Sharif is one giant bag of piss-all-over-anything-remotely-positive-about-KC-sports. Not exactly the way to endear yourself to a new town. He walted in like he was some hot shit and turned me off almost immediately. I’d literally rather listen to the Smoke-N-Fire hour than any of his show. In fact, I haven’t listened in weeks.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ned is a major upgrade over Trey, but it’s not enough. Don’t look at the number of games KC is back…look at the number of teams ahead of them. They are still in 4th place by what, 6-7 games?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Winning the AL Central is like being the purdiest girl at Basehor High School. Not gonna go much further in any endeavor.

    This team is not built to go the distance. This team is in hospice. Just cause gramps gets out his wheelchair to take a dump doesn’t mean he ain’t goin to see Mr.Jesus.soon.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Waffle Ball? WTF?


    GH: Hard to believe that typo got through our gauntlet of copy editors. Thanks for the fix.

  11. Anonymous says:

    What does this upclick say about Hillman, and the management that was so sorry to have to let him go? That door should have hit him in the ass at the start of last season!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    This team is clearly better under Yost. They have taken on the demeanor of the manager just like they took on the demeanor of Trey Hillman. It’s night and day since Yost took over. Will they win the pennant? Hell no. But this team looks like they expect to win, and that’s a huge tribute to their manager.

    Now let’s dump the dead weight and get him some players for 2011.

  13. Anonymous says:

    “…sit down for our morning grumpy…”?

    I am hereafter coining the Jay “Slam-Man” Mohr-inspired, “Rocking a deuce” as delivered by an emailer referring to Jamie Leigh Curtis’s shitting-drink commercials.

    Slam-Man is the shining star among fill-in hosts in any genre.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What crap this is…
    “Don’t be excited”? “Don’t you dare hope or dream”?
    After 25 years, I’ll hope and dream all I want, thank you very much.
    This team is playing very good baseball under Yost. Let’s hope they keep playing it and see where they sit in mid-August.

    It’s the talk show hosts who are out of touch on this one, not us fans…

  15. Anonymous says:

    Three straight series wins over quality teams and a sweep in a place where it hasn’t happened in 15 years for the Royals, a surge which may give them so confidence — unless they listen to blockheads like Sharif and Wright. The Royals getting into the pennant race may still be unlikely, but hardly impossible. For the kiddos from 610 — the Royals’ flagship station — to engage in such militant negativity not only empirically misguided, but is not doing their company much of a service. What is it, guys, don’t want fans to get excited enough to actually listen to Royals broadcasts?

    I’m not suggesting anyone “drink the Kool-Aid,” THE current pet cliche among talk-show hosts — who probably don’t know it originated from the Jonestown massacre — but the effort to dispel any glimmer of optimism is unnecessary. The Royals certainly have plenty of flaws, but with half the season remaining any team which can get on a roll has time to get itself into contention. Stranger things have happened in baseball. Too bad Sharif and Wright aren’t old enough to have seen them (does 610 have a policy of hiring no one over 30?).

  16. Anonymous says:

    Go royals. Something in july to think about.
    Going into the all star break with just
    6 or 7 games under 500.
    But I hate to bear some serious bad news.
    Over the holidays weekend traveled with a
    freind of mine to the gulf coast. What a
    fucking mess. The oil is going everywhere.
    He is a hydro geologist. Expert in water/
    dams/treatment etc. When we arrived we got
    news that oil had gotten into Lake Ponchatrain
    in New Orleans… major problem.
    But worse off is that the relief wells
    are ahead of schedule but that the chance of
    them working is about a 50/50 chance.
    The pressure in the well is so great tht
    there could be major problems.
    At the meeting one expert got up and when
    asked what happens if the relief wells
    don’t stop the leak…the man stopped…
    looked around the room…and said
    “all hell breaks loose”.
    I hope come labor day the only thing we
    are talking about is the royals being in
    contention for their division and the
    chiefs new season.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Slam Man was AWESOME. Jay Mohr’s style of radio is so crazy and spontaneous. He riffed on sports every so often, but was more concerned about being entertaining, which he hugely was.

    The Royals ARE fun lately. I think there IS something different about this team. I don’t think they’ll ever get to .500 this year, but just the fact that I think it MIGHT be possible is exciting. Our players are tough and gritty for the most part. Podsednik is a stud. Dejesus is rolling. Butler is consistent. I like Maier. Callaspo is a fighter. They’re just a good bunch of guys to root for. And I say bring up the Moose now!

    As for NICK WRIGHT:

    He seems to get his jollies by ripping apart Sherron’s NBA chances. He’s most likely correct, but I watched Sherron on Monday, and he looked really good. Clearly, his lack of height is an issue, which is why the Bobcats clearly seem to favor Pargo as the #3 point guard for their roster. But Collins looked tough and looked like a baller…as he ALWAYS does. Nick Wright may be eating crow, ’cause I think some NBA team will give Sherron a chance.

    Also about Nick…

    I listened to his take yesterday that it’s OK for grown men to go after a baseball in the stands, even if it means bumping over a little tike. Then he played the announcer’s talking about the fan who fell to the lower level going after a ball. It was all very entertaining and funny. Wright’s got a leg up on pretty much all local sports talk…he’s got a dry snese of humor and sarcasm that works.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The Smoke-n-Fire segment is the best hour on KC sports talk radio, period!

  19. Anonymous says:

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