Tony: Local Wins and Loses This Week

The news out of this town wasn’t completely horrible this week. There were a few signs of improvement for the Greater Kansas City Area despite the fact that overall the economy is STILL headed into the toilet.

I won’t offer false hope but I will note that life during the Great Recession suits this small burg. The high flying, fast money and big spending days of this town only served to create tremendous debt with little benefit. Kansas City is accustomed to doing more with less and the current age of austerity should speak to our rural instincts, humbleness and frugality. These are backwoods traits that shouldn’t be viewed with shame. Big government Keynesian economic theories haven’t played well in this town since The First Great Depression and even then it’s always been skepticism that has defined this town.

So, as the downward spiral of the stock market continues, let’s check out a few events that defined this week.

1. The Special Session of The Missouri General Assembly on behalf of Ford brought even more tax goodies and GOP infighting. Again, Conservatives struggle with sparking business using taxpayer cash but in this Ford Tough Economy creating hard to find jobs is a priority for both parties. Overall the session might have been a win for Governor Jay Nixon if not for an embarrassing article about his airplane antics.

2. The Royals have started winning again – It’s important not to get excited over this fact because there is still no way in hell they’ll make the playoffs but overall it’s nice to see that not every trip to the Stadium will end in disappointment.

3. Mayor Funky’s lame duck status is once again confirmed – Sadly, Mayor Funky has the values of a fiscal conservative but they are overshadowed by his pathological stubbornness and strange devotion to having his wife in his office. If his words about fiscal responsibility were serious then he would work to improve his political reputation overall. The Council gave away a bunch of Kansas City Cash to the Truman Stadium Complex this week and the Mayor could do nothing but complain to the cameras.

As the summer drags on – and maybe if they cap that massive oil spill eco-disaster in the Gulf – we can expect more good news. But before the string of hot weather homicides hit or elections get even closer, it’s nice to enjoy local news that isn’t completely downbeat.

Tony Botello

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4 Responses to Tony: Local Wins and Loses This Week

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice Tony, I’m sure you work extra hard for this blog. But not everything’s local. Well you have to be in Louisiana for the Spill to be local unless you like clams at Red Lobster which are reportedly off the menu thanks to BP. So national things can trickle down on us.

    While I don’t like TOWNHALL.COM and the Tories who are corporate Rich Republicans, I think Buchanan has explained to us why the Chinese must be planetary bloodsuckers and they’re on the loose. IMHO, this is the best read of the week and explains how things aren’t going to get better, well at least until they have to pay health care insurance like we do. Here it is.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Driving down Metcalf this week gave me a shock. Empty dealerships..empty malls..empty car wash..
    empty Fuddruckers,Chili’s,..on and on.

    Going into this July 4th Holiday on the heels of
    another wack jobs report:
    Markets are in total hunker down.. its now Deflation V. Inflation..right now deflation is
    kicking ass, as we are in a vortex. Tarp2,3,4
    are certain..we’re not good at hard landings. They have to keep the game going.
    Happy 4th!

  3. Anonymous says:

    why would you want international news on a blog called kc confidential?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, President Oreo is more in to KENYA-SIAN economic policies.

    NOVEMBER is the new N-WORD. We’re bringin’ Whitey Back!

    I agree about Metcalf bschloz. Give the Old OP a few years to regenerate and It’ll be hot again.

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