New Jack City: ECLIPSE Kicks Midnight Butt, Sets New Record!

TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE did something amazing in the middle of this past night!

At 12:01 a.m. Wednesday morning the third chapter of the series broke its OWN midnight show record which it set last November with NEW MOON!

The run on theaters showing the movie last night in multiple auditoriums was so strong that many complexes added 3:00 a.m. showings in order to accommodate all the owl show fans.

TWILIGHT: NEW MOON had set the pre-opening midnight show record with previously unheard of ticket sales of $26.3 million.

Last night the TWILIGHT franchise shook the Industry by topping itself with over $30 million in late show sales!

The movie sets another record today by opening its regular domestic engagements at some 4,416 complexes representing in excess of 10,000 screens and 193 IMAX outlets.

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