Tony: Bland Leading The Bland In The 3rd District

The vast majority of JoCo Republicans give me hope because they are far more dedicated to watching “Dancing With The Stars” than expressing their so-called political ideals. In fact, the so-called Republican majority in JoCo is so apathetic that they’ve let Congressman Dennis Moore run them over for years without a serious challenge. Only now that the guy is about to hand his office over to his wife is there even a slight bit of hope that the GOP might win the Congressional seat back.

True to form, The Kansas GOP is tearing itself apart in a struggle to find the party’s real identity. And all of this could once again hand over the seat to a Democrat who doesn’t have to do much more than stay above the fray. There’s a chance for the GOP to avoid another embarrassing 3rd District loss. Sadly, most hate radio inspired Republicans don’t like it.

And this is where Kevin Yoder enters the picture. Sun Publications Head Honcho Steve Rose picked this guy to walk away with the election early on and that prediction seems to be playing out nicely. Yoder leads this race in terms of fundraising and he has been steadily picking up endorsements. Meanwhile, the complaint that keeps surfacing against Yoder is that “He’s not really a Republican” as the “Republican In Name Only (RINO)” slur matters to anybody outside of a gun convention. Still, a look at Yoder’s priorities will quickly reveal that chasing brown people isn’t part of his platform and that’s pretty much the litmus test for all of those folks who live and die by what they hear on hate radio.

Make no mistake Yoder seems like a moderate and maybe that’s the only kind of Republican who can beat Stephene Moore — A lady whose only qualification for the job might be that she did a Congressman’s laundry for many years.

Still, the danger here is that the most ardent members of the GOP will simply grow bored of this bland match-up and stay home. What this really reveals is the JoCo GOP base is hostile, angry, vocal but very small in the grand scheme of things. The beige enclave is mostly home to people who don’t care about Rush Limbaugh says and the reign of Dennis Moore and even the mere possibility that his wife could take his place speaks to this fact. Yoder pulling ahead also offers a hint that most of the other GOP perspectives in this race are nothing more than fringe elements as well.

In the final analysis, the Tea Party movement simply hasn’t taken hold in JoCo and that’s significant given that this microcosm of American society cares more about personal wealth, and politicos who are agreeable more than phony populist ideology bombarding cable news channels.

Tony Botello

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Stephene Moore ha ha ha…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jojo, Yoder take your lunch money or something?

    I have no idea why Republicans wouldn’t be swarming at the polls to vote for Yoder. Do they really want another 10 years of a Democrat in office? It hasn’t even been 2 years and the current administration is spending and running this country into the ground.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think the Third District belongs in the hands of somebody who lived their entire life sucking Dennis Moore’s dick.

    BAM – campaign slogan of the year!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    JoCo republicans can kiss my “so-called” ass, and SO CAN YOU, since so many of us Independents are going to be voting for their sorry asses come November in the federal House and Senate races. Chalk that one up to the leftist way in which your ilk has run DC for past year and half. We Independents are left with little choice at the federal level except to vote for whichever conservative assclown the repubs run out there, in order restore some measure of a balance of power to a DC RUN OVER by the far left. We puke at the thought of having to vote for some deranged right winger conservative, but unfortunately, your loony left-winger people in DC have left us with no choice. As far as I’m concerned, both parties can go F*ck themselves, a Message which I will continue to blast on my blog until the cows come home, with you having absolutely no ability to ever shut me up. Have a nice day, or don’t.

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    You should cheer for Yoder, lot of good gossip about this guy.

    His wife left him for a guy who worked on the McCain campaign during 2008 only to return home to play the loyal political wife after McCain lost.

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