Tony: How To Take Advantage Of The Local, Political Silly Season

Make no mistake, getting involved early is the only way to take advantage of all the Kansas City political maneuvering and promises to be made in upcoming local elections.

The sad fact here is that NOTHING is going to change so the only way to get something out of the process is to get something for yourself. This can be done by following my simple guide.

But hurry, time is running out!!!

There are three easy steps to makes sure a small pittance of local political power is sent your way.

1. Free booze and drinks – The summer is for fundraising and already I’ve been to at least half a dozen events where free booze and food are part of the festivities. The guest lists aren’t hard to get on at this point because political consultants want to trick candidates into believing they have a shot because of the big crowd that turns up to a party. All they have to do is suspend disbelief and fail to realize that most people would show up to hang out with Stalin if food and drinks were free.

2. If you’re really important you’ll get a “free” lunch – Sadly, there really is no such thing as a free lunch but even folks with a modicum of power, money or influence can get a candidate to pick up the tab at some place relatively nice IF you can endure mind-numbing chatter about the local political scene and the candidate’s hopes/promises to change things that always end up with a huge sellout and a great deal of protestations to the contrary.

3. Start working on an appointment to a board or commission now – Seriously, an afternoon of early political canvassing or cold calling or even a check now for a measly $50 can earn a spot on a local board or commission. And that’s pretty much an entryway to years of free food and booze and quasi-parties that power Kansas City. Think of it as a gamble. A donation to a hard up candidate early on with a personal touch will be remembered much more than a Hallmark card. Local big biz and special interests will dominate the important appointments when things get serious. But early on, just a bit of money will buy “friendship” when politicos are desperate for attention and approval.

Yes, I know I’ve given some version of this advice before but it’s worth repeating. If only so the middle-classes can realize that this kind of phony social hour influence is the only real access they have to local politics, and well-funded and organized special interests control what really happens in local government. Meanwhile, free lunch and booze is just about the only thing an unaffiliated resident can garner – but only if they jump on board campaigns early . . . Because once a politico picks up steam. They aren’t going to give away ANYTHING without some immediate payback.

Tony Botello
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Went down to the P&L last night….I think this is just how they diagrammed it. Cardinals fans everywhere spending money in KC…Art Show ….big time sold out concert. Streets were packed…taxi cabs everywhere. Nice layout.

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