OTC: Cole and Xavier Hit The Lottery

Kansas players Cole Aldrich, left, and Xavier Henry hug after being selected=

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  1. Anonymous says:

    None of this years Big XII ballers will make an impact in the NBA.

    The Wizards stadium will have a honeymoon but the MLS is an inferior product to the game the rest of the world plays. MLS teams can import all the teabaggers, frogs and euro-beaners they want and the product still sucks. David Beckham was going to transform America into futbol heaven. Hell, when he came to the Galaxy several years back he wasn’t even the best player on the team. It was just more of Tim Leiweke’s bullshit to get his chubby thighs and big jowled face on the telly.

    We go through this exercise every 4 years when the World Cup rolls around and after it’s done people get more excited about ripping SBD’s on the couch then watching soccer.

    Keitzman and Glass…two nipples on the same tit. Winners do whatever it takes to win if that is their goal. Neither Glass or KK have enough confidence in their abilities to pony up the kind of money necessary to get to the top of their respective games. KK will be remembered as his generations Don Fortune and David Glass will always occupy the opposite end of the owners scale from Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban.

  2. Anonymous says:

    GH: Look for both college and pro football to become a five-days-a-week sport

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    starbeams: (better than urichs)
    1. KK is getting older. He no longer has to
    spend money on hookers so that saves him
    about $75 a night.
    2. Alex Blagg: funny you should mention those
    “nerds” outside the apple store. Most of those
    “nerds” have more money than you/kk and
    and wright together. I know some of those
    “nerds” who waited outside the Plaza and
    Leawood stores. And a couple are worth about
    $20 million each. I knwo one of my clients
    was outside the plaza store…nd he and
    his dad are making about $4 million a year.
    Those nerds will one day be your boss.
    So shut the fuck up and get back to your
    $8 an hour job.
    3. Ha ha ha…from David Glass. Let’s remember..
    it’s not his fault. Continuing to play the
    horrible players like kendall (can anyone believe he’s in the #2 slot?)…refusing to
    bring up talent like gordon and kila when the
    season is gone…not seriously considering
    trading any of our players (theres not one guy
    on this team who really makes adiffernece..
    we can be this bad without any one of them)
    …keeping useless dayton moore another dy..
    the fact that they have no idea what they
    are doing and not listening to the guys who
    have mde other teams successful (stat guys)…
    having made more poor choices concerning talent
    than any other team in mlb….having so real
    plan on how to improve this team…having
    put in a new markting team that is allowing the
    team to be down 35% in attendance…treating
    potential customers like crap at the stadium
    (i went last week and there was a long line of
    people to buy tickets to future games. the
    team could have had more people at the window
    to take care of “cash” in hand people wanting
    to watch this pathetic team/
    I watched them the other night and there is
    no enthusiasm on that team. NO one to light
    them up…so we can look forward to being
    16 games under 500 by the all star break.
    4. Soccer: hunt and company tried it b efore.
    The brought Pele in to boost soccer attendance.
    Didnt work. Brought in David…he was a loser…
    brought in other teams and players.
    But I found out that crime is getting out of
    control at the legends. If that ahppens look
    out…the entire project falls apart and their
    great casino becomes Isle of Capri west.
    Soccer is boooorrrrriiiiinnnnnggggg. If not for
    the patriots (according to greg hall) cheering
    for the U.S, team and watching americans
    bash third world country’s teams there wouldnt
    be any interest at all.
    The guyus from cerner have billions so it wont
    be a problem for them to lose money.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Frank Martin in Chicago. Boarding United flight 705 to KC.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Stuart Scott didn’t lose an eye, he simply was injured.

    He still sucks but Nick Wright is an uninformed idiot.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yeah he got hit with a football and now they get really red and watery. that would suck. Dude deserves some props just for going on TV with that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    GH: Maybe we need Nancy Pelosi to buy the Royals.

    That won’t happen. Liberals only spend other people’s money.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    You should posit to San Fran Nan’s office whether she would have any interest in purchasing the Kansas City Royals (I think she would have the money). But alas, her likely response would be, “What’s a Kansas City?”

  10. Anonymous says:

    newbaum turk
    I can’t believe you like Stuart Scott. I have never heard someone say that before. He is f-ing awful and the main reason I don’t watch Sportscenter anymore.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I just twisted an ankle jumping off the bandwagon.

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