Edelman: Girl Power this week at Starlight

If Laura Ingalls Wilder had been around today, she’d have kicked butt on Survivor.

That’s the message I got from the touring Broadway musical LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE, playing now thru Sunday at Starlight Theater. The talented touring company of this pre-Broadway try-out kicks butt, too.

LITTLE HOUSE moves the popular TV show’s premise forward a few years. The Ingalls family is homesteading in Godforsaken, South Dakota (look it up on Mapquest), and the girls are closing in on womanhood. Laura, big sister Mary and spunky little Carrie tackle the travails of the endless prairie under the watchful eyes of Ma and Pa. There’s hormones in them thar hills– probably why they never got this old on network television.

We get to meet hunky Almanzo Wilder, who takes a shine to Laura and– well you can figure out the rest. The two of them are High Plains rock stars,

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