Tony: Kansas City’s Next Mayor Should Hate Johnson County

The myth of Kansas City Area regionalism needs to die with this next election.

Not so long ago there was an effort to unite this entire area for the benefit of all metro cities and to pool our collective resources for progress that benefited us all. The old school, Former Mayor now Congressman Cleaver-era OneKC ad campaign was a main staple of this effort.

“OneKC, a regional unity campaign, symbolizes the cohesiveness of the entire KC metro area

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20 Responses to Tony: Kansas City’s Next Mayor Should Hate Johnson County

  1. Anonymous says:

    dude your sad Johnson county doesn’t give a shit about your boycott of them. I had season tickets to the Chiefs back in the 80’s and if it wasn’t for Johnson county people out there the stadium would have been empty I didn’t see them requiring people to present tax receipts back then to get tickets they had had them since the team moved here when nobody else cared that we had a team. They spend money in Jackson county so your saying don’t let them come over and spend money? That will really help the economy of Jackson County real bright declare war on people in another state that have money and tell them you don’t want them coming over and spending there nasty dirty money. I bet that all the bar owners and store owners will back you up on this why don’t you start a petition to close the borders.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Better idea you can go on a hunger strike that will bring them to their knees

  3. Anonymous says:

    Vote No On the E-Tax

  4. Anonymous says:

    The problem is that JoCo can’t see a good reason to help Jackson Co. Look what happened with bi-state. Union Station is a money pit. Great building. Nothing in it. KCMO doesn’t know what to do with $$ when they have it. They lost the Wizards to Dotte. They have an arena with no team… And soon they have to face reality, those water pipes ain’t gonna hold up any more. (Aren’t they getting fined for how bad they are?)

    So when JOCO says we’ll help out, but we wanna say in what you do with it, they are kinda justified. BUT when they don’t wanna help out, which who can blame them; it starts a cross-state fight and nobody wins. It’s a lose-lose for the the ENTIRE metro.

    KCMO needs a mayor who can work WITH KS counties, not against them. Actually what they need is to get rid of every single person in the city council and start over. They fight wayyyy to much.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Correct me if I am wrong won’t it be Jackson county residents voting on the E tax. So if it is repealed how is it going to be Johnson county’s fault.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love people that point out JoCo voted against the bi-state. You realize that 4 of the 5 counties that got to vote on it voted against it, right? You also realize that JoCo would have contributed as much money as any county toward bi-state and they would have how many on the oversight committee? Oh yeah, that’s right. 0. You really think they’re going to vote to send basically more money than any other county and then get zero say on it? Particularly when you’re sending it to a county that’s known for its corrupt history. Really? And it still nearly got half the vote in JoCo? I love all the revisionist history that tries to vilify JoCo when the JaCo tries to ram something down their throats, and it still almost passes. If they would have collaborated on the ballot issue in the first place, it likely would have passed. Every chamber and every mayor in JoCo supported it except for OP and they took at stand based on no oversight.

    There’s no question that JoCo needs to help with the metro’s cultural amenities. The problem is KC and JaCo think of themselves as the big dog when JoCo is running circles around them. Until JaCo cedes a little more input to JoCo, nothing is really going to happen. JoCo is just biding it’s time with its rapid job and population growth. It will finally pass JaCo in jobs this decade and in population the next decade. So unless JaCo proactively works with them in the future, they’ll just bide their time until they are the largest in everything.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Dotte was the only county to vote against Bi-State 1 (Union Station). We had our own problems to deal with.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Johnson County and Kansas plays rough, sometimes dirty when it comes to building their revenues by stealing business away from the Missouri side.

    Missouri should have fought back sooner.

  9. Anonymous says:

    lets start another border war tony.
    Keep your criminals on your side of the
    border…we’ll keep our billions of dollar on our side of the border.

    Another stupid tony blog…stupid!
    Tony…you been hanging out in mom’s basement
    toolong…should really get outside and
    get some fresh air…you are one stale idiot!

  10. Anonymous says:

    why would resident vote
    against the e tax….if it is defeated wheres
    all the money for those phony bullshit
    loser projects coming from?
    where will the area get money to operate from.
    Please vote for the continuation of the etax..
    we don’t want all that trash coming out and
    ruining our great suburbs….

  11. Anonymous says:

    Tony. I know that you’re a troll and that you get paid 26 bucks a week from kcconfidential to stir up shit, but I just can

  12. Anonymous says:


    My girlfriend and I have lived in the KCMO urban core for 4 years and the only crime committed against us (knock on wood) was her car getting stolen TWICE. BOTH TIMES it was found in KCK. Keep your criminals on your side of the state line, please.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I live in Waldo, far from the “urban core” and both my next door neighbor’s houses we’re robbed and two of us had our cars stolen. Mine was found in downtown KCMO smacked into a light pole. Also, my neighborhood used to have a rapist named after it! I really could go on all day! Aren’t anecdotes fun?!?

  14. Anonymous says:

    I live in Waldo, far from the

  15. Anonymous says:

    former newcomer
    Johnson County has more than 540,000 people–more than double the 1980 population. You have a perception of Joco that is based on 1960s-era history. The broad stereotypes may still apply in certain pockets of the county, but I think you’re hung up on your own prejudices. If KC followed your lead and made Joco the enemy, KC would be hurt financially much more than it would benefit, even if it would make you feel better.

  16. Anonymous says:

    There are no bums…no
    scumbbags…no rapists (inclduing waldo)..
    no dirty people out here..
    We need to protect our border and keep all
    the low hanginag fruit from kcmo from getting
    in here.
    Chuck…I’ve lived in joco for 46 years…never
    broken into (except when i parked my car at
    37th and broadwasy and some little gangster broke
    in and stole myu car stereo)..never robbed
    out here..leave doors unlocked…can walk around
    at night…never had a rape in the area..
    no murders…no screaming cop sirens 1am on
    friday and saturday…no hobos…no homeless…
    chuck stay where you are…we don’t need people
    like you people from the “urban core” changing
    things here in joco.
    But when you can put a few gallons of gas in
    your car…drive out to southern joco asnd
    see how positive/articulate/productive and
    law abiding people live.
    but please carry your license (if you have one)
    because out here…OUR POLICE STOP PEOPLE LIKE

  17. Anonymous says:

    it’s not the urban core..
    it’s the hood..the dump…the projects…the
    inner city…the streets…the battle ground..
    the dive…the pimps and whores…the
    section…the home….the ghetto….the
    pumps…the city…the trash….the freaking
    hole….the prison…the barrio…the
    disgusting part of the city…where the
    residents didnt give a fuck about and which
    is now festering with poverty…crime…rapes
    and murders…
    so don’t blame me or us or them for your
    lack of decency. I don’t shoot the kids…rob
    the stores…murder the innocents…raope the
    girls…I don’t sell the drugs…make the
    meth…I don’t live in filth…dropout of
    stop fucking blaming everyone for your worhtless
    stop blaming everyone but yourself for the
    fact that you’re lazy worthless asswiopes.
    Get an education…get a job…and make something
    of yourself instead of blaming me and the
    rest of society for all your immoral/disgusting/
    criminal/low life behavior.

  18. Anonymous says:

    if only…
    Tony’s tribute song to Kansas City:

    “I hate thee with all my heart,
    You Chihuahua of the plains
    I just drank some brown water
    From 31st and Main.”

    I hate JOCO too, you
    #@&%* tijuana wannabe, you…”

    Where was I? Oh, yeah…

    “I hate you more today than yesterday
    but not as much as tomorrow.”

    I hate myself more, though.
    C’mon gringos, put your hands together!

    Hey, Ma, can I borrow a hundy to go play with
    Hearne and Craig tonight?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Bob Gustafson
    Johnson County…full of Mizzou graduates who live, work and play in the very neighborhoods they pretend to despise.

    You can throw a rock in any direction in Leawood and hit a car with a Tigers license plater cover.

    The Dotte…that’s another story. We don’t let them Dotters go south of 95th St. Savages.

  20. Anonymous says:


    I grew up in southern Johnson County. Notice I said that I’ve lived in KCMO for only 4 years. JoCo is a disgusting place filled with strip malls and beige houses. The people there are horrible and act like they’re better than everyone else. They’re all scared to leave their neighborhood because they think anyone that’s darker than Rihanna is going to stab them to death.

    If your only goal in life is to never have a crime committed against you, fine, go live your boring ass life in Johnson County. Have fun with that. Nothing to do but drive 15 minutes to Best Buy. Nothing to see but houses that look exactly like the on you live in. Life’s to short to worry about crime. As long as you don’t live east of Paseo, you’re fine.

    And, if you think no crime is commited in Johnson County, look at this map. I can point to a number of neighborhoods in OLATHE that have way more crime than mine.

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