OTC: Is Kansas City An All-Star Worthy City?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Quit getting so worked up. Enjoy the all star game and all the attention it brings to KC, if for just three days. Last year in STL, it was a blast. I think it’s great that just for a little while, you can enjoy the national spotlight and show people that yeah, while current team sucks, not too long ago, this was baseball heaven.

  2. Anonymous says:

    BBQ sauce on Strouds’ fried chicken? Yuk!

    There are two basic types of Kansas Citians – those that like who they are and those who wish we were somerthing else. The former relishes our uniqueness and the latter spends too much time worrying about what other people from other cities think.


    GH: One of the more bizarre BBQ sauce marriages I ever saw came from my then two-year-old son. We were sitting at the counter in that tiny little BBQ joint downtown with the pig out front that is no longer there (what was the name of that place?). The guy behind the counter gives my small son a brownie to munch while we wait for our food. My son quickly grabs a bottle of BBQ sauce and drizzle the red gravy over his brownie and then starts eating contently. The guy behind the counter says, “That is a Kansas City boy right there, through and through!”

  3. Anonymous says:

    I went in 1973..I was 13..my uncle took me about 2 hours early..something got into me and I snuck in the elevator to the locker rooms(obviously things have changed since 9/11)..anyway when those doors opened I’m in The American League locker room and the first thing I see is Ed Brinkman sitting in his jock strap smoking a camel? WTF..it ruined me.

    I read the posts about what its worth to have these games? Whats it worth to have playoff football and baseball teams…nationally ranked College teams??….Its pretty tough to put a # on it…but there are a lot of positives that just can’t be measured.
    I love the story of Sal and Frank a couple dudes from Brooklyn who came to this Cowtown to watch the Yankees in the Playoffs in the late 70’s.. well they thought Kansas City would really go for “New York Style Pizza” they move here and open up Original Pizza the rest is History.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Randy Raley come home. We need a REAL MAN on the mic.

  5. Anonymous says:

    > “You (Kansas fans) ran (Mark Mangino) out of
    > town on the big train! You wanted a nice guy
    > who doesn

  6. Anonymous says:

    ^^^^^GH Lil Jakes… Eat it n Beat It
    He is now on SWBLVD next to Ponaks…Hands Down best Q in town….pretty casual though and open only for lunch…Eat It N Beat It (Smartman may have wrote that jingle for him)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Nate is hardly the best Ward produced. I’m much closer to that level of perfection.

  8. Anonymous says:

    GH: “We were sitting at the counter in that tiny little BBQ joint downtown with the pig out front that is no longer there (what was the name of that place?)”

    You are probably thinking of Little Jakes Eat It & Beat It (more recent Danny Edwards Barbecue) which was across the street from the Sprint Center in a location that would have made a mint serving AUTHENTIC Kansas City barbecue at a fraction of the cost of the crap you can get at the Power & Light District … if only the city had not decided that space was better used for an office building to be built sometime in the who knows how distant future.

    FYI … it is still around under the Danny Edwards name in a much nicer (if it doesn’t have the same charm) location on SW Blvd.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Good entry GH. enjoyed it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    kc fan
    I listened Wednesday when the announcement was made, and you failed to mention KK’s lackey Clinkscale and his whining that Fenway Park was turning 100 and should have the All Star Game. That po’d me in every way, not to mention KK’s inferiority complex as noted by the above posters. I’m tired of hearing about KC’s can’t do attitude, and trying to get self esteem from some east coast hack.

    One of the problems with KC is the mentality of KK is prevalent, many of the citizens think we are a second rate city, that should be happy to have pro sports. I’m sick of that attitude. I spent a lot of time in other cities like Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland and those fans don’t care what others think. They are proud of their cities and their sports heritage. It’s time for KC fans to pump out their chest and be proud of our town. If an easterner is pitching a fit, that’s his problem. GO KC.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Yes, MoCrash, there’s quite a bit of “arch envy” here in KC and KK especially suffers from small penis syndrome. Maybe I could understand it better if StL had won the ’85 series … but jeez, KC won and most Royals fans STILL hate the Cards.

    It was a great event in St Louis last year and I expect the same in KC. And wouldn’t be nice to have more than one Royal selected.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    St. John has the type of quick wit possessed by so many stand-up comedians. It’s truly a gift that few possess. BTW, concerning Erin Andrews, ESPN should to replace her with the so-called “World’s Sexiest Journalist,” Sara Carbonero, who’s fresh off verbally berating her own boyfriend during an interview after his goalkeeping gaffe resulted in Spain’s shocking World Cup loss to Switzerland. “How did you muck that up,” she blasted him.

  13. Anonymous says:

    What I like about Kansas City is that it is actually one of the largest cities (by area) in the United States but just not as many damn people (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_cities_by_area). KK can go fuck himself. All-Star game will be great in KC.

  14. Anonymous says:

    810 Blow’s ponies
    KK will forever kill the Royal’s and evertythingthey stand for he killednthem when they were trying to get the radio rights too get a good deal now he kill’s them for the ALL-STAR GAME.This dude is a loser he sucks at radio has sold out like he always said he wouldn’t,dropped his wife for some young tang,and suck clinkskales nuts daily he is the worst kansas citian ever go bak too mahattan kansas KK u fucking loser your time is up and u suck my friend.put Petro the molesto on 2 till 6 and use espn radio the rest of the day fuck 810 hope the building blows up while old man kissel is chocking on the sack

  15. Anonymous says:

    kc rush
    Cliffy Says:
    June 18th, 2010 at 2:11 pm

    Yes, MoCrash, there

  16. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Crosby Kemper. Too much Big 12. So many people are sick and tired of hearing about how good these three teams (ku,mu,ksu) are. If anything the obsession hurts KC.

    I don’t listen to sports radio anymore — enough of the jayhawks — give us a break.

    Kansas City will do great in hosting the 2012 All Star Game – we can look to St Louis for some guidance. How many states get to host 2 All Star Games in 4 years? (Our only concern is the worry that Obama will have destroyed the country by then.)

  17. Anonymous says:

    1. Listen to 610…hear the number of first
    time callers to the station. WHB..never
    underestimate your competition.
    2. WHB will do the pre game and post games
    of the chiefs just as 610 and KCFX will do.
    That means for 3 hours before and after the
    game 3 stations will be doing shows around the
    chiefs game. WHB paid $500,000 for this
    …it’s not as impressive as many people believe.
    Based on my projections from last season..kcfx
    will get the lions share of that pre/post game
    audience….the others will lag greatly.
    3. KK: Although I like the guy personally
    I listende to one show where for an entire
    half hour he spoke with some cookout dude about
    sausage. They both seemed to get really excited
    when they talked about hand made sausage
    from some place in town. It was hysterical.
    They talked on and on for about 15 mintues about
    how incredible this sausage was and the art
    of making sausage. KK has let his show become
    one long mundane infomercial for crap.
    That will hurt him and his time period.
    4. The 610 lineup is pretty bad also. But
    listeners are looking foralternatives…
    and they will find it on 610. But listen to the
    number of times 610 on air talent has to mention
    calloing in and the phone number. They are not
    getting listeners who call in to the shows
    like whb.
    5. Crosby Kemper is right. Although many of us
    believe the world revolves around the big
    12 or college football…we are wrong.
    World class cities are known for museums…
    theatres…performing arts…culture….
    etc. and civic themes…educational
    items….etc…and since I’ve traveled for
    many years…he’s right. I’ve never remembered
    a city for their sports teams….maybe our
    priorities when making kc a great town
    need to be adjusted. And the new kaufman
    center is going to put kc on the map…
    its state of the art…incredible…magnifcient
    and will be a true treasure for this city.
    idiot onthis matter. If it brings in one extra
    dollar than it’s good for the city.
    But few things have changed in kc since the
    last asg. We have some bars and restaurants
    for parties downtown but think about it…
    its the same city it was in 1973.
    We’ve added some casinos…upgraded some
    destinations…but overall nothing new has
    happened in 37 years in kc. The burbs hve
    grown…kck has the legends…but people..kc
    is still the same city almost 40 years ago.
    If you’re wating for some massive change…
    move elsewhere…it aint gonna happen.
    7. INferiority complex…they are right..
    kc people do have an inferiority complex.
    But we are who we is. A big town with A HUGE
    HEART…people who are friendly, curteous,
    and willing to help others.
    I wonder how many cities on a per capita
    basis give more to charities than kc…probably
    not many.
    I wonder on a per capita basis our baseball and
    football attendance rank versus other teams
    in mlb or the nfl. For a town this size..i
    probably figure that kc ranks among the leaders
    in atendance on a per capita basis for our
    sports teams…
    I wonder how many cities can compare with us.
    How many bars/strip clubs dfo we need to
    be a big city? How many restaurants do we
    need? I can say that in any catgory of
    food…kc has some excellent restauarant
    that would compare with any in the nation.
    I truly love this town. But I hate those that
    are so negative. We are who we is…and nothing
    can change that. so get used to it.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Jayhawk Fan
    YEAH YEAH YEAH for KC to have the AllStar game, that is awesome. I hope we can have more thna one player in the game.

    for the zillionth time–
    I though we settled this.

    1) the ref at world cup was obviously paid off to fk over the USA football team. It has been fashionable ( for a while now ) for the world to hate the USA and that fknloser beeatch ref from Somalia was not going to allow the USA to come back and win a world cup football match, nope not on his watch. It is rigged, so sad : (

    2) Best Rib – Gates and Sons

    3) Best Brisket – Bryants

    4) Best burnt ends – RJs in Mission

    5) Best pulled pork – Oklahoma Joe’s 47th street

    6) Best bad BBQ and fries – tie – wyandot/rosedale

  19. Anonymous says:

    Harry Balczak
    Is Kansas City ready to host an All Star Game hell yes!

    All things considered I think KC is one of the ten best cities in the US. If people don’t like it who cares?

    I would rank cities:

    New York
    San Francisco
    San Diego
    Kansas City
    San Antonio

    Just IMHO

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hey jayhawk fan who would u say has the best price/value? I’d go with Rosedale.

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