Take 5: B12 Armageddon Winners And Losers

The recent deluge of media coverage of the Big 12 realignment rumors, leaks and pressers created some winners and losers

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m waiting for the KCC Marilyn Maye swimsuit calendar?

    In the words of the great Marshall Saper….”Lets Take Break”…between B12 and BP…I am wore out.
    Greg thanks blogging and keeping this forum going.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Et tu Gregger? Who knew that success in that oxymoronic channel we call sports talk radio would be governed by the broken clock rule? EVERYTHING was driven by speculation and heresay, not facts. KK made OJ look like Charles Krauthammer There was no reliability or credibility in anyones reportage. It was chaos theory in play and no one knew how to play the game. NO ONE even came close to predicting the eventual outcome. That more than anything shows the lack of insight and knowledge of our self-esteemed sports talkers. If ratings are more important then what’s right or wrong then I guess somebody should start a TV Network where guys in their mid-50’s bang barely legal girls and call it TRUE LOVE TV or Cinemax 2. If anything this was a low moment in KC sports talk because no one showed the leadership and maturity to guide the conversation in the correct way. No one on the AM dial led, everyone followed or chased. At best it was a bunch of frat boys with 1.0 GPA’s trying to explain the existence of black holes.

    As for Whitlock and his gout. All he needs to do is reduce the uric acid in his blood, which can be done by eating less meat and more greens. He can take Quercetin and Vitamin C. He should also take other supplements or liquid additives that will lower the acidity level in his system and give it a more alkalyd ph balance. Funny thing, you can also get excess uric acid from TOO MUCH exercise.

    You must balance the yin and yang greghopper. We’ve had too much yin and not enough yang over the past several weeks.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    I noticed that Whitlock had a column on Fox Sports today about the Vince Young strip club story (obviously a matter of HUGE importance to those of us in Kansas City). It was the first thing I’d heard from him in about 3 weeks, and I don’t think it even appeared on the Star’s website. Does Whitlock live in/cover Kansas City anymore? Not that I care a great deal, truth be told.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    The Big Ten Conference: Winner. No ATV riding crackheads, no shakin’ crackers, no Antlers, and no arena named after a spoiled slut.

  5. Anonymous says:

    While I agree that Chip Brown was a winner because of the ridiculous amount of pimping he did to get people to orangebloods.com, to say he was the most accurate source is kind of ridiculous. We don’t know if his reports were any more correct than Kietzmann’s. If the Big 12 south did bolt there is no real reason to believe MU, ND and Rutgers wouldn’t have gone to the Big 10.
    Chip Brown was the “leverage mouthpiece” that the brass at UT needed to get the best deal possible out of the Pac-10 and initially, probably to get UNL to stay. He also was still reporting Utah to the Pac-10 when it appeared Kansas would go in instead of A&M. He was defiant on this point until he said…”looks like KU has the edge on Utah…” This guy was nothing more than another Rivals guy getting used by UT for their gain.

  6. Anonymous says:

    And if you can’t see that, maybe you graduated from Missouri, Greg!

  7. Anonymous says:

    greg…do you really bend over and take it?
    are you gay?

  8. Anonymous says:

    KCConfidential: Winner. I think. Depends on if you

  9. Anonymous says:

    Greg…I typically appreciate your stuff, but I am sick of your bashing MU. FU you homo. You’d rather talk about taking it in the ass? You must be a KU or NU grad.

    As for KK…that guy is a frickin’ joke. I hate those who manufacture crap and drama for ratings….see Jack Smack too.


    GH: Don’t take the Mizzou pokes too personally. We have two sons who will most likely one day attend MU — and with a little luck even graduate.

  10. Anonymous says:

    There were no winners in this schmazzle. All that was proved once again is how stupid the sports media in KC are and that the folks that injest their dribble like dogma are stupider.

    KK and Nick Wright are like Ralph Malph and Potsie.

    Whitlock should call his old buddy Art Still. Art’s pimping alkalized-restructured water these days. He’s got a piece in the June issue of KC Sports and Fitness.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Regarding orangebloods.com … when asked during an interview, Chip said traffic on his site had increased 7%. Is that enough to classify him as a “winner?” I have no expertise here … just seemed to me it would have been higher.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I became addicted to Twitter last week, hitting the refresh button every two seconds or so. It’s now the site I check first thing in the morning and the last thing I check before I go to bed. Not only can you get the latest rumors, but you get get the latest “solid” breaking news if you follow the right people.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Winners: OU.. Losers: Everybody else. Nebraska will have no power in the new conference. They are the awkward new kid in school and the age difference is 20 freaking years! MU looks just horrible. TX looks rediculously greedy to the whole country. Tamu looks like Texas’ little brother. TTech discovered they are irrelavent. As did OSU and Baylor. Colorado was/is a pawn. And KU, KSU, & ISU just stood by like fraternity pledges: “Thank you sir may I have another!”

  14. Anonymous says:

    Winner-Myself. I called it long before everyone else. I said it was a bunch hoppla over nothing and a non story. And thats exactly what it turned out to be. The sky is falling. The sky is falling.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Greg–According to Woody Paige on Fox radio, Jason Whitlock has left the Kansas Star but hasn’t been announced yet. This could explain a lot.


    GH: Wowser! Alright KC Star insiders, tell us what you know or have heard about JW and The Star.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mr Google Says
    For MU, KU, & KSU to join the Mountain West might have been a better alternative than taking it from Texas the way that they did. If the B12 dissipated, MWC would have become a BCS conference. Recruiting would have taken a hit, but now all the former North teams appear weaker. (not that they didn’t already, but even more so now) Mizzou looked foolish and their ridiculous assumption that they were a given to join the B10. As an MU guy I’m embarrassed at their arrogance and demeanor. I’m with Greg, that something happened during internal preliminary discussions that soured that relationship. For all we know KK was right on the money, but when the info leaked B10 closed that lid quickly. That and Notre Dame had zero interest.
    KCTV-5..what were they even thinking? That report was discredited about as fast as it came out.
    Chip Brown looks great in all of this but everyone knows that he was only given the info that Texas allowed.
    In the end the B12L is a stronger overall conference, but what happens if Beebe fails to deliver, which I suspect could happen given his previous incompetence.
    I’m happy to see MU/KU still in the same conference, but it’s seems apparent that it is a short term fix and the 4 super-conference deal is imminent.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Just saw where it is Nebraska Cornhusker day at Worlds of Fun this Saturday. All of you Husker fans wear your red shirts for reduced admittance. Sounds like a good deal!


  18. Anonymous says:

    I know Hearne has a great deal of antipathy for the Star’s Reader representative, Derek Donovan, but I called him and asked if Whitlock is gone. He said that Whitlock had been off dealing with a “family emergency” but was still with the paper. I told him about the rumor posted above and he admitted that he isn’t looped in on personnel matters so it’s possible that he wouldn’t know, but there has been no announcement or anything floating around about Whitlock leaving. Imagine that, Woody Paige talking out of his ass.

    Hearne: no ill feelings for the Star reader rep whatsoever – he’s a very nice guy. And a hip one at that. However, the fact that he’s trying to hang onto his paycheck by moonlighting as a writer at the Star (he’s a good writer too) is bogus. You can’t play the role of referee and play in the match as well. Never would have been allowed in the pre-sinking ship days.
    Here are the facts: DD was hired to head the Star library. That job is now hanging on by the skin of its teeth. The staffing is down from like six or seven to DD plus one. With everything electronic – except for the pre-1991 clip and photo files, it’s kind of a dead zone. He picked up the Reader Rep post a handful of years ago but many (if not most) newspapers are shedding that expense. If you do it right, you’re a thorn in the side of the editor and publisher and who wants to be a thorn against his boss in this economy, let alone the newspaper industry.
    By freelancing writing theater reviews, music – even celebrity gossip – Donovan is hanging on for dear life. But the reader rep is the feared person who calls reporters and editors on the carpet for their errors. Since he is now actively participating in reporting he has to answer to those same editors that he is supposed to be calling on the carpet when need be. And need be is fairly often.
    Coincidentally, there do seem to be far fewer errors these days – even with less staffing. Calling into question the tenacity of the watchdog.
    Nuff said?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I own jojo
    Loser = JOJO He makes bets and does not follow through. He is a joke and a complete JA (jack…). His sources are the rocks on the hill?

    JOJO you can make it right, but you are just a loud mouth punk who will not put up, but keeps piping up.

    I thank you for turn the caps lock off.

    Give me my money!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Fair enough, Hearne. I apologize for even mentioning how I (wrongly, it turns out) assumed you felt about DD.

    I stand by my reporting, though, that Whitlock has not left The Star.


    GH: Thanks for doing the legwork, Gavin, and your follow-up report.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Cliffy! Props on that call!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Advice for husker fan visiting Worlds of Fun Saturday — if you are approached by another husker fan in the restroom, just play along. It’s all in good fun!

  23. Anonymous says:

    You forgot one – Greg Hall: Loser for continued clueless articles!

  24. Anonymous says:

    The biggest winners KSU, Baylor and ISU they were looking at being in the Mountain West. KU and MU would have been in BCS conferences. They would have been in the Big East or for KU the ACC MU possibly the SEC but no doubt the Big East. They are looking at Memphis and some other school right now KU and MU were there first choices.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Greg the sun doesn’t rise and set on Nebraska there not the only school in the Big 12 north that a BCS conference would want.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hell if the rumors are true we would have been in the Pac 10

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