OTC: Is It Now Texas And The Pips?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Greg, way to carry the water for your Huskers… but to no avail, as we are all acutely aware that they tucked-tail and ran simply because they couldn’t compete in the Big 12.

    Perhaps I’m wrong and they will fair better in the Big 10, but I don’t see that happening.

  2. Anonymous says:

    PS to the post above…

    If the Big 12 does disappear, does Tom Osborne go down in history as the man who killed to Big 12?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Nothing really changes other than the size of the piece of the pie everybody gets. And everybody’s pie is getting bigger if the BIG XII-II stays intact. The BIG DOG eats first and the State of Texas and UT are the BIG DOGS.

    KU, KSU and MU will catch lightning in a bottle every now and then in football. KU and KSU, due to the coaches should remain competitive in hoops, MU will get lucky every five years and look like the real deal.

    All in all not a bad deal. Could be much worse. MU comes out of this looking the worst. The 42 Double D cupss they were flauntin’ are down to mosquito bite titties.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey GH. Can you not remember that K-State kicks the Longhorn’s asses almost every year? I don’t think they are afraid of Texas.


    GH: Who could forget the Ron Prince Stomp on the KSU sideline during the Cats 41-21 win over Texas in 2007? No school in the North can claim the mastery of the Longhorns that K-State has enjoyed. May it continue.

  5. Anonymous says:

    What GEG said

  6. Anonymous says:

    Boyd Crowder
    This conference is now Texas and the nine dwarfs. It was bad before, but it’s worse now.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fuck you, smartman. If the B10 had even glanced KU’s or KSU’s direction they would have been fluffing themselves like crazy. But it was never an option for them and never will be. You should be happy you still have MU in your conference to keep it relevant.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Greg Gagne
    I’m Greg Gagne and I’m in a rage
    I want Greg Hall, and I want him in a cage
    My flying dropkick will make him see double
    I’ll grind him up at the Wrestlerock Rumble

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey Greg, has your dad killed any elderly lately?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nick Wright is a moron…yeah, K-State doesn’t match up very well with Texas and OU on the football field. You know who else doesn’t? MU, KU, ISU, Baylor, A&M, Okie Lite and 90% of the teams in DI. Sorry, that’s just a lazy, biased comment. Go to the Mountain West, get less than 1/2 the money and no auto football bid to the BCS? Not to mention losing CU and UNL makes the Big XII so much of a tougher hoops conference…RPIs will go up just because UNL and CU are gone. Gonna miss the easy 3-4 wins a year on the court though. Sorry but Barstow’s resident gang-banger Nick Wright is way off here.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see the Big 12 remain.
    However–through all of this, we can truly come to the conclusion the Kansas City sports media has been exposed for what many already knew. It is totally inept.
    First the Kansas City Star. Rather than finding facts on its own and providing readers with information as it happens, it instead electe to write numerous premature obituaries for not only the conference but the entire city.
    The Star basically utilized conjecture, speculation and rumors to draw conclusions that had yet to occur. And performed it in such a maudlin woe is me fashion.
    As for the local TV stations, another what did we expect? None provided any real information and increaslingly, none have any credibility.
    They simply repeat what they see or hear on the internet; messages boards and blogs. Channel 5 last week reported several schools going to the Sec, some to the Pac Ten. It was complete crap. How can any viewer believe this station for anything regarding sports? And poor Jimmy Conrad. Brought on the set to talk World Cup soccer and ended up sitting there uncomfortably as Michael Coleman talked on the phone to Neal Jones about the Big 12. Jones of course knew nothing.
    Also last night, Channel 9’s Ryan Seacrest–er Nick Griffith reports that a plane carrying the Pac Ten commissioner had landed in Kansas City at 9:48. He had the exact time! Of course NBC 41 had a camera at the airport showing us nothing!Where do they get this stuff?
    Then there’s Fox 4 which apparently has given up trying. Al Wallace who so desperately wants to be a relevant insider gives us a bunch of outdated soundbites from Big 12 and University officials, edited together with–drum roll please–dramatic music underneath. And that wasn’t enough, they showed them in black and white. I thought my TV was broken. It looked like the work of an overzealous college student in video editing 101. Not only cheesy but again–no information.
    As for talk radio, well–it’s talk radio. Anyone expecting real information in what fundamentally is a platform of entertainment (except when Soren Petro discusses in length the arm angles of Brian Bannister)is entering at their own risk.
    However–the kids at 610 should learn to recognize a huge story when they see it. Not willing to discuss the Big 12 situation until they had to was like media outlets in the 70s who ignored Bernstein and Woodward’s little article in the Washington Post about something called Watergate.
    Sorry Greg for the vent. But wow, how disappointing that I can get as much information from reading a rivals message board than I can get from the so-called real media in this city.


    GH: Arte, good takes. We need to hear more from you.

  12. Anonymous says:

    As I mentioned over a week ago, there were
    mu officials and coaches that were not
    following the story line about going to the
    big 10,. This has been confirmed.
    But if you read the qoute about the basketball
    coaches all talking about staying together…
    who’s name was not mentioned…anderson from mu.
    What now for mu.
    Without mu this big 12/10 is dead. Use that to your
    advantage. The ball is now in your court.
    Go to the big 10 and say…if you want us..
    ask us now because if not we will probably not
    be on board with your expansion plans ever
    I guarantee talks are still going on between
    mu and the big 10…and could go on for a
    few more days.
    Now…Jim delany is in bvad shape. He’s got
    some real losing schools hanging on taking the
    big bucks. Like Northwestern.
    Could these leagues be looking for weak schools
    to unload to make more money for the stronger
    ones. YES YES YES.
    It’s not over folks…by any means..
    Now that week #1 is finally finished and the
    people like KK have been relieved that everything is going to be fine…JUST WAIT
    MU is still wheeling….I believe thsi whole
    mess is not over.
    but while kk was talking monday I kind of thought
    what i t would be like with ku/ksu/and mu all
    in different leagues. It would be quite honestly
    pretty boring. Who would the ku fans have to
    insult. Who would the mu fans have to root
    against…and kick ass in football at arrowhead.
    and who would care about k-state except for the
    fact that we could not be entertained by the
    martin man and his wack team.
    We’d all be bored to death rooting for our
    teams against oregon/boise state/colorado state/
    northwester/purdue….ughhhhhhh…how mundane
    and boring and sleepy would this town become.
    Instead we have each other tro trash talk to…
    in person on on kcc and on talk radio…
    so maybe it might be more fun if we all stayed
    togetherv and continued to throw shit in fun
    at each other.
    Its all about money…but now its becoming a
    big game…
    So for mu they get 17-20 million a year…
    they could have their own network piped into
    6 million potential homes….but I still have
    word that the story does not end here.
    WAtcfh and wait…the first half is over…
    the esciting 2nd half is just starting.

  13. Anonymous says:

    jimmy d…what was your comment about hall’s
    dad about.
    I hope it wasn’t anything personal. We don’t
    allow insults about
    wives/sisters/moms/dads or close relatives…
    however you can insult peoples girlfriend/
    dog/job/income/brains or lack thereof.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Curt Hennig and Scott Hall
    JimmyD Says: “Hey Greg, has your dad killed any elderly lately?”

    jojo Says: “jimmy d

  15. Anonymous says:

    Soren was painting the Big 12 as a league that’s doomed. Clinkscale sounds nearly the same. Nick doesn’t seem on board.

    Frankly and honestly….

    SCREW all the naysayers. And SCREW Nebraska. I could give a shit about the Cornhuskers right now. Their name is mud to me.

    I feel so proud of whichever people were involved with making this work. Maybe it lasts 50 years. Maybe it lasts 5.

    I don’t give a shit. We have the KU/MU/KSU teams together and KC will host more Big 12 basketball tourneys.

    Also, I happen to think having Texas and OU in the league will force teams like Kansas to make their football better.

    And let’s not forget how phenomenal the basketball will be. The 2 huge turds of the conference, the Buffalo Chips and Corn-in-thier-stools Huskers are gone. That’s 4 less guaranteed wins for the Jayhawks, but I’d rather the Hawks get more challenging games to make them tough.

    KK pisses me off many times. I disagree with many times. But he made some decent points today. I think this could be huge for the Big 12, especially if Fox decides to pony up the big bucks.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Greg, I think the Sunshine State is Florida and I think that, at this point, Texas to the SEC has been thoroughly debunked.

    jojo, it appears we have gone from “everything [you] ever posted has come true” and “this is a done deal” to “[you] really believe this isn’t over,” (as if your belief in Santa Claus makes him real too). What happened to your inside sources? What happened to your perfect track record of never being wrong? Now you are adjusting your timetable but not admitting to being full of shit, but if the current reports are true, the new Big XII deal will have out clauses so onerous (probably not for Texas, though) that no team will ever be able to afford to quit the conference. Didn’t you just make a $1000 bet with someone earlier today? Can I get a piece of that? I think you’re supposed to meet at he Country Club Bank on the Plaza to set up the escrow, right? As it turns out, my office is right there, so I will be happy to meet you guys if you need a witness or anything.

    It’s almost sad watching jojo go from this illiterate mental defective who keeps bragging about every great thing he guarantees from and for MU to this mewling little bitch who is just pleading with the cosmos to please find some way that Northwestern will get kicked out of the Big Ten so he can ask Jim Delany to kick MU in the teeth again. Almost sad, but jojo has been spewing so much ill-informed sub-literate bullshit here for so long that it doesn’t quite get to sadness for me. jojo, keep meowing you little bitch kitty.


    GH: Got my Sunflowers and Sunshines mixed up. Thanks for the fix.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Let’s open it up.. There has to be a new name.

    1. The Great Plains 10
    2. The Great American Conference
    3. The Indian Casino Conference
    4. The I-35 Valley
    5. Phillip’s 66 Ten
    6. Kelly’s Westport 10


    GH: Beebe’s Kids

  18. Anonymous says:

    All you need to know about Nick Wright can be summarized in the quote attributed to him:

  19. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    MU would have got shredded in the Big Ten “West.” Now they are not insulated in the Big 12 North any longer where CU, ISU, and the KSU/KU combo guranteed three wins. They will have to play more OU, OSU and Texas school games each season. Pinkel’s emergence in the old Big 12 will be forgotten and he will be measured only by his performance in the new Big 12.. Good Luck MU.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Gotta agree with Ptolemy. If there is one (remaining) team in the “North” that has never been scared of Texas, it’s K-State. I don’t know how they do it but I have typically cheered for K-State whenever they play Texas and I intend to keep doing so.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Smartman: KU will remain competitive? They’ve got the best record in the last ten years and they’ve won the league six years in a row. We all know basketball doesn’t drive the bus…but I’d say 70/30 they were going to the Pac 10 if this fell apart because of their basketball. Texas remains the football power…KU gets OH SO MUCH BETTER by being able to sell four in-state games to Texas kids every year. KU basketball and Missouri football gained the most from this competitively. Missouri fans should be jumping for joy. You’re not going to compete in the Big 10. Pinkel knew that. You have a good thing going with a near-pipeline coming out of Texas. Now you have guarantees to double your TV revenue. Cheer the fuck up JOJO!
    And even if we’d all love to be in an equal-revenue league, don’t we all know that Texas deserves to eat first in this league? They have 25 million people and UT is the by-far biggest show in town. They’re like our schools’ smoking hot girlfriend. She cheats on us a lot but we always go down on her so she comes back. Maybe she will leave us eventually but we’re going to get our fill when we still have her!

  22. Anonymous says:

    By the way, between the $10 mill Nebraska lost in Big 12 revenue for 2010 and the two year initiation hit they have to take to enter the Big 10, they’re taking a $30 million hit.

    Thanks for the $15 mill Nebraska. It never would have been possible without your overinflated self-image.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was a done deal that MU was going to the Big 10 (KK said so right?). Isn’t Mike Alden the biggest loser here?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Why would Alden be a loser? He saved his team from a $30 mill potential loss and replaced that with a $45 mill windfall. Missouri could see the biggest turnaround financially of all — $75 mill, because they WERE going to the Big 10.

  25. Anonymous says:

    MU is not going to the Big 10. When the dust clears and people start to name names the names that will be associated with MU’s failure to make it into the Big 10 will be Forsee, Laurie and Kronke.

    As for KU hoops we still haven’t seen the full fall out of the ticket scandal and Lew Perkins-gate. I suspect when the investigation is complete KU will be looking at some USC type punishment. There are lots more shoes to drop.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Oh is that what you suspect? Lew-gate is over. If the dude had any concrete evidence Perkins would be fired already. He got his walking papers because of the cumulative effect, his ridiculously awful oversight and the fact he’s a huge dick! So he’s gone but I highly doubt the FBI is going to get into anything program-worthy. It’s not against NCAA rules to have a bunch of sleazeballs running your AD…it’s just bad business.
    Yeah go ahead and try to get the egg off your school’s face by shining the light on KU. Your AD, Pres. and Governor all look like a bunch of amateurs. Why don’t you do us all a favor and tell Alden his holier-than-thou front is about as nauseating as the whining your fan base does when Iowa State gets bowl nods ahead of you. Haha Iowa State. Texas is going to stick the ball with the leather strap so far down Mizzou’s throat every time someone thinks about Mizery images of that Pulp Fiction scene will come to mind. Think you can leave when that offer from the Big 10 comes later on (since, of course that was the plan all along), think again. The penalty to leave now is going to be stiffer than Jim Delany when he gave you the old Big 10 once-over last Thursday. Let’s hope he used protection…for his sake. Yep, Missouri blew it’s load big time. You guys suffer from premature-premature-ejaculation. You didn’t even make it to the bedroom. Hell, you didn’t even make it to dinner. She answered the door and you greeted her with your O-face!
    All they had to do was sit there and shut their big fat mouths and they could have been counting their money in the Big 10. Missouri was standing on the diving board announcing to the entire pool crowd they were about to do a perfect double back flip. But, alas, they slipped off, hit their head and returned to their rightful position swirling around the drain at the bottom of the pool.
    Glad to have you back, Tigers.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Is Jason Whitlock still alive? How has he not written one word in the Star about this situation? It’s kind of a big deal.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Sean (not jojo)
    JOJO where the hell are you and your sources? I know down on the corner wipping the big 10 jizzz off your lips………………..YOU and your sources are shit. You bark the loudest and make the most noise and so you get slapped down.

    I saw that you did not reply to my challenge…so I will let it slide if you admit you are the bitch that you are!

    Thank you for turning the caps lock off! I am assuming you will reply when the library opens and you can get on the computer…

    JOJO IS A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Greg sed:
    This might have been my favorite five minutes of Kevin

  30. Anonymous says:

    Bob Loblaw
    Any merit to the rumors of Air Force and BYU being the 11th and 12th schools? It’s kinda an ingenious idea considering both have a national following and would muster far more eyes interest than any 2 schools you could find.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Missouri tried to escape the Texas dominance and got smacked down. Big time. We’ll all take the money and tell ourselves it’s better than moving to the Mountain West … but come on, KU, KSU, ISU, etc … we’re not members of this league. We’re prisoners.

  32. Anonymous says:

    MU TO BIG 10!


  33. Anonymous says:

    For the record jojo the clown, your almighty Tigers were 4-4 vs. Mangino. And favored in EVERY game. How’s that possible? What’s going to happen in the next five years when Kansas starts getting some really good talent?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Cliify: Word. I was hoping for A&M to split so the damn league would blow up. I’d miss the rivalry with MU and K-State, but at least we’d get to go to a league that would be run a bit more equitably. I realize that the money distribution in the Pac-10 is uneven like our current league, but at least the league itself would have been less about catering to Texas’ every want. If UT would have given just a few, non-monetary, things away back when the league was forming I’d feel so much better about all this. Would it have been the end of UT if they had given the league office to Kansas City? Would it have been so horrible if they’d hired Bob Frederick as Commissioner instead of Steve Hatchell? Of course not. And now, instead of going to a conference where everyone gets a vote, we remain in one where Texas, much like the Soviet Union in the United Nations, controls a huge bloc of votes that will prevent any semblance of real change unless that change benefits Texas more than everyone else.

    And now that we aren’t having a football championship game, I look for Dallas to take a real shot at trying to wrestle away the basketball tournament. It would be one thing for them to let it stay in KC if there was a football game to be played in Jerry Jones’ house, but it’s entirely different if this is the ONLY postseason even that will generate any real heat.

  35. Anonymous says:

    JoJo, jimmy d was not referring to Greg Hall but rather to Greg Gagne, whose father, Vern was also a Pro Rassling world champ. A couple of years ago Vern was being cared for at an Alzheimer’s care center. He got into a disagreement with his roommate, something about Pro Rassling being fake; slapped a choke hold on him and forgot how to take it off.

  36. Anonymous says:

    you ku fans are tralking basketball?
    didnt you see that noone cares….its all
    about football…basektball could cease to
    be played and most of the shools could care
    less…..the money/fame/glory is in football…
    not roundball!
    I think its time to get our priorities straight…football first…all the other5
    sports way way way down at the bottom.

  37. Anonymous says:

    That sounds a bit like jojo, but I think it’s an imposter. Not nearly bad enough spelling or typing and the real jojo leans on his period key a lot more. But a good effort.

    jojo, don’t you have a wager to settle?

  38. Anonymous says:

    why not give jerry jones the basketball
    ‘and football championships…hell give him
    the tournaments….start a pre season tournament
    in dallas..
    they guy can stick 100,000 people in there…
    and that means an extra 1 million bucks to
    the schools for 1 game…lets do it…these
    schools need cash….they’re like the
    big corporations…..money…money…money…..
    why put it in kc where you can only get
    17k in there…who cares….still about money.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Yep, Gavin. Things like moving the league offices to Tx is just another example of how petty all of this is.

    I don’t think Dallas cares one way or the other about the basketball tournament. I think Jerry Jones will probably get a BCS game at his palace.

    One thing for sure … this Big 12 salvation is good for Kansas City.

    I know everybody who dislikes Mizzou is laughing right now but wouldn’t you like to know what the hell happened? Mizzou officials KNEW they were going to the B10, but something happened that stopped it COLD. Wouldn’t you love to know the real story?

  40. Anonymous says:

    Being a fan of the Big 12 and being a former member of the radio media, I am absolutely perplexed at how everyone got this wrong. I think journalistic standards for broadcasters have been set back years with this clusterfuck of a story. Up until the day the whole thing played out, no one KNEW anything but were like a pack of dogs with raw meat. I guess the ethics in media classes were not offered with the current bunch of clowns in the media now. Confirm sources? Well, it’s in this so and so’s blog, so it must be true. I hang my head in shame at the current crop of “journalists” who are responsible for the content of their show. It’s not just a KC thing either, the clowns in St. Louis (one show even interviewed KK)were lathered at the thought of this. I can only laugh at how everyone was manipulated by Texas. Man, I’d hate to play poker with that dude. One other thing, don’t know him, never met him but I know that KK’s name is pretty much mud here. They have been pretty brutal on the guy fo rthe last few days.
    Just an eastern part of the state perspective.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Sean (jojo is my bitch now)
    JOJO would disagree with you. According to him and his sources he had it right!!!!!

    Plus he like my girlfriend have a huge issue admitting they are wrong!

    JOJO i like how you fail to not mention anything about me taking you up on your bet. Just my opinion but I think you might be embarrassed because I called you out on your BS and now like the little pussy kats you have your tails between your legs and realized nobody wants you!

    Do us a favor and keep the CAPS LOCK OFF!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Sean (jojo is my bitch now)
    JOJO would disagree with you. According to him and his sources he had it right!!!!!

    Plus he like my girlfriend have a huge issue admitting they are wrong!

    JOJO i like how you fail to not mention anything about me taking you up on your bet. Just my opinion but I think you might be embarrassed because I called you out on your BS and now like the little pussy kats you have your tails between your legs and realized nobody wants you!

    Do us a favor and keep the CAPS LOCK OFF!

  43. Anonymous says:


    Feel free to send somebody from StL over here to smack Keitzman around.

    He tells lots of lies and hates the two most popular college teams in the area but we all listen to him anyway. Go figure.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Olathe….dream on brother…’WHEN” THEY

  45. Anonymous says:

    Missouri football Big 12 championships = 0.
    It’s the same number of championships they’ll have now that the league is the Big South and the Fly Over States as every team plays everybody else. It would also be the same number of invites they got from the Big 10.

    Winning the north division in football a couple of times is not much to brag about. Let alone get you on somebodies radar to be invited to a super conference as a football power.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Sean (jojo is my bitch now)
    I am going to go old school on jojo…..bitch better have my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!(AMG look it up). koko the money is like kk spits crap but stands by it even when it goes up in flames. koko you are and will remain my bitch, at least that is what my sources are telling me

  47. Anonymous says:

    Listening to Petro right now.

    He sounds like a grumpy, bitter, whiny baby.

    Weighing EVERYTHING, I just CANNOT see how this is bad for KU, KSU, MU and Kansas City.

    Is it a perfect scenario with Texas throwing its weight around? No.

    But of ALL the possible scenarios, this one is the best. BY FAR.

  48. Anonymous says:

    What’s your point and who’s your school, Superfreq? Sounds to me like you’re obsessed with Mizzou. Or are you just another visitor here who can’t resist jojo? (Word to the wise — your lame slam on Mizzou will have no effect on him whatsoever.)

  49. Anonymous says:

    Rather amusing that Pisstro is setting whine records in an apparent attempt to separate himself from the other voices on this issue but he gets no notice in OTC.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Somebody owes somebody $1000…and that same person is afraid to race Greg Hall…who could it be? My sources are telling me who it is, but I can’t say just yet.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Cliffy, I don’t have a dog in this race. I’m just a college grad living in KC metro area. It just amazes me when anybody from the north division schools think they have any clout in football (which is where the remaining money is at since B-ball has maxed out.) The North is 4 – 10 in B12 championship games and three of those wins left the conference.

    The grumbling in the north was over the tilted revenue sharing which just widened with the south. Of course, they had no choice but to sign it because the alternatives were even worse for their futures.

    KU, KSU & ISU knew they were screwed if the league dissolved. MU thought they had greener pastures but are stuck in the same mire as the other 3. With the southern teams in the majority 6 to 4, it could still dissolve if super conferences do come into play at a later time.

    It sucks for Kansas City as a whole, but it’s the grim reality.

  52. Anonymous says:

    Hall and Henning me and Rick accept your challenge. And here is a little song for you.

    Rick is the boy wonder
    and you will feel his thunder.
    Stomping is what I do
    and it will mkae your face blue.
    Curt Mr Perfect is dead.
    But he died from drugs not any lead.
    Hall is alive
    But just got fired from TNA so he talks no jive

  53. Anonymous says:

    Another Keitzman lied revealed. Pinkel was on TV and radio talking about his interest in the Big ten and the advantages it would have. It could of just been a “at teh time” compnay line. But he sure appeared to want the extra cash and support the move. Now K.K. has inside info otherwise? Give me a break.

    And if Keitzman wants someone that will just agree with every word he says….Kissel is out there. They even share the same initials.

    Hey why isn’t OMK responding to all of these UNFAIR attacks on K.K.’s honesty?

  54. Anonymous says:

    Hall and Henning me and my partner Stomper accept your challenge. And I have a little song for you.

    Rick the Boy Wonder
    will put you two under.
    Stomper will giver you your due
    and make your faces turn Blue.
    Curt Henning is long dead
    but he died from drugs not lead.
    Hall is still alive
    but got fired from TNA and talks no jive.


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