Glazer: Forget Sprint Center & Power & Light, The Glazer Plan

So we lost the Big Twelve – another crippling blow to our city.

Hey, it’s not like this is a first or something.

We’ve made lots of mistakes trying to rebuild KC; 18th and Vine (major loser), the
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Smart, overall you are correct. You have my vote.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is one of the finer pieces of satire I’ve read in a while.

    I have to operate on the assumption that you are being satirical–otherwise my head will explode.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Picture yourself in a boat on a river with tangerine trees and marmalade skies.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You’ve got some good ideas here. For sure.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Kyle Rohde
    Saying the River Market is a loser is a stretch…go there on a Saturday or Sunday morning and tell me it’s a losing proposition. It might not have 100% occupancy from commercial or residential, but it’s far from a failure.

    How does ol’ Clay Chastain fit into your master plan?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bob Miller
    What do I think? Just that you are a jackoff!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Orphan of the Road
    Kansas City doesn’t have anyone with enough money to buy and NBA or NHL team. And a team that sucks will be sent packing in a few years.

    This town needs to step away from the crack pipe, you can’t build a cool spot with out-of-town businesses. Most likely you can’t build a kewl spot from the ground up.

    Cowtown Ballroom was one of a handful of places in the 70s which are now legendary. But they were killed by the likes of Larry Magid and Electric Factory Concerts (now Live Nation).

    Why anyone with half a brain would want this city to provide money for entertainment and sports after the P&L and Sprint Center fiascos is beyond me. OK, contractors and the pimps, er middlemen, are for it.

    We have ONE world class establishment in this town and that is Knuckleheads Saloon. One man, his money and lots of hard work is what made it.

    Just sayin’…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Interesting and intriguing. But obviously way too ambitious. Also an ESPN Zone is impossible. They announced this week they’re closing nationwide.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Craig, you’re on effin’ drugs—–oh wait, not that that is anything different.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I hate to quote Carol King, “But it’s too late baby now it’s too late.”

    I agree we can’t put enough emphasis on education. Fuck the NEA and public schools. They are an unproductive and inneficient money pit. We need to get private companies in here ASAP that KNOW how to educate kids and create school environments that people will want to send their kids to.

    Contract out more basic services to profitable private companies. Street repair, snow removal, infrastructure upgrades.

    We need to start raping and pillaging major employers from other cities and not piss away money on arenas and sports teams. The goal for the next 10 years should be at least 1000 NEW jobs a year that pay $100K minimum. The trickle down from those jobs will lead to direct and indirect employment of an additional 5000 to 7000 people per year, who will make more than a livable wage.

    Get rid of the city earnings tax and State income taxes.

    Legalize sports betting and prostitution in a discreet RED ZONE area. People are already doing it illegally why not get some public sector benefit. Law enforcement can’t control, curb or stop it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Spend the money on making the River Quay a winner again. I left town when it blew up, but that place is begging for a re-do and another BIG chance. Fuck Westport. The RQ is the true heart of KC. It rocked in the 70’s and even 80’s. Its time has come again. Closest thing to a riverfront happening like all the other river towns who have done it right. Hell, let the mob back in; they’ll get it up and jumping!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Craig Glazer (loser)

  13. Anonymous says:

    Rob Lane
    Craig, too bad its too late, like a few others have said, your plan is the right one. Without ten guys like you on a board it will never happen. KC, is now basically an Urban city(black) outside Plaza/Westport, Ward Parkway and Waldo/Brookside. The rest of the city doesn’t care anymore. Its gone. Maybe put those other cities into Kansas and then do this.

    As far as the haters, Glazer likely has done LESS dope or coke than you guys. Saying that is like Robert Downey Jr. is a loser, obviously not. Glazer got to be the poster boy cause he is locally famous and then some and was unfairly indicted for using coke, thats all. Seems he admitted use and that was all that the government wanted. If I remember it was a political hit on Glazer, nothing more.

    Craig, great ideas, but too too late. Sorry.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Entertainment districts do not support major metropolitan areas. Abandoning downtown is about the worst development plan you could ever propose.

    And the plaza has never been the center of our city. Ever. Unless you live in Brookside/Waldo/North JoCo – the Plaza/Westport areas completely inaccessible.

    Agree the City Council system is completely useless – but Marketing is not this city’s problem.

  15. Anonymous says:

    KCMO staffer
    Craig, you do bring out the haters. I don’t know Glazer outside of media, but I’ve heard you on radio and so forth, at least he cares. This is a smarter plan then any done before, and it makes tons of sense. I also think its too late and KCMO is too far down the road. But you have the ‘smarts.’ Keep firing away.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Gee thanks for keeping Kellys in Westport Glazer. We don’t need hotels, we like KC the way it is my friend. Check out our new deck its busy all the time. KC doesn’t need to be LA or Chicago. Glazer move back to LA where you belong.

  17. Anonymous says:

    typical wrong program..
    this is what is wrong with this whole idea..
    you throw out a bunch of ideas that really
    aren’t practical.
    Then you have no way to pay for it…sound
    familiar. where’s the money coming from?
    Where do you get the billions needs to finance
    this. You have no way to pay for all this!
    Truth is that unless kc finds a way to
    entice joco dollars these things will never
    be succeessful.
    And where do you get your info. The powe and
    light may have done better if the recession
    hadn’t hit it like it did every onther
    business. Had the banks not fucked us p and
    l might be really going gangbusters.
    As far as westport…let it go. My belief
    is that they let it die and so be it.
    The plaza…going the way of other shopping
    areas. Theres really nothing to bring in
    joco dollars to the plaza…you can almost
    find everything in joco thats now on the plaza.
    So joco dollars aren’t going there.
    I was at town center friday night and it
    was packed….ra is performing better than any
    of its other locations per cent wise…the
    stores were busy…there’s no recession out
    The bars were packed. The restaurants were
    booming. So don’t think we’re going to travel
    40 miles to eat at those chains when we’ve
    got them out here.
    And while your city is dying and falling apart..
    joco is moving. New schools…new money…incredible new developements…safe
    streets….no crime….no dirt…no scum….
    and while your plan focuses on bars…thats
    not where the money is.
    Your plan is outdated and out of touch.
    Maybe 10 years ago…but not now. the state
    line created 2 different communities.
    Joco is growing. Myabe kc should have followed
    the plan in joco and not set out to finance
    a bunch of worthless projects.
    But I believe that most of those destinations
    will survive. P and L can survive with the
    right focus and once this recession isover
    I can see it becoming very viable.
    The plaza will always have its base of customers
    but that shrinks with every chain it put
    in there. There’s nothign unique about the
    plaza anymore.
    Westport…well they should bulldoze it and
    start over. It’s day is past and there’s no
    one focus there…just a mishmash of
    stores and bars who’s better days are behind
    The sppedway area…should grow but they will
    need to imporve it to keep the people in the
    area after events to spend money.
    And of course something of important to you..
    the new strip bar laws should force the clubs
    out of missouri and into kansas….
    So your plan is rather weak and like all the
    other plans has no solid form of paying for
    everything. We have done this for 60 years and
    now the bill is coming due.
    Until kcmo gets their shit together…with a
    cohesive stratgic plan that is coordinated
    without depending on public subsidies…it
    will wither and die a slow death.
    In other words…nice try…but its no different
    that the convuluted…unpaid…over expected
    plans that have been proposed for kc over the
    last 30 years.
    The world has changed…the city and county
    and state and nation are broke. where does
    all this money comefrom…HIGHER TAXES !

  18. Anonymous says:

    Craig, sounds great, but ship sailed. I see you want to raise money with Star Bonds like Legends did, I am not sure if you can do that in KCMO.

    I’m sure you are sick of the drug crap thrown at you. Likely the people saying it did more coke then you did. The price of fame.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I spent summers in north hollywood in the
    where are there entertaiment districts like
    the power and light.
    It seems everything is so spread out in l.a.
    And denver…its got lodo which is a giant
    downtown area but I’ve heard that many
    of those tenants are having serious money
    so maybe a smaller version isn’t so bad for
    this small town. maybe we just hold onto the
    jewels we have here in kc…the plaza…
    powe and light….joco ….etc. and be happy
    that we’re not l.a. orchicago…and that
    we can have a vibrant city without a bunch of
    drunk conventioneers and fickle one nighters
    also…our next crown jewel will be kaufman’s
    performing arts theatre downtown…if that
    isn’t world class than nothing is.
    Why isn’t anyone mentioning this…state of the
    art…with major donors making it happen….
    that’s what will restart downtown….absoultely
    magnificent job by the kaufman family to
    mamke the finest theatre in the world….
    and for all those who are so concerned with
    bars and nighclubs to stimulate this city…
    this is why you are so far off…that
    theatre will make this town major league…not
    so sleazzy bars with a bunch of gold digging
    local girls without a dime to their name…
    That is indeed what cities are famous for….
    and if kc can produce more projects like this..
    we can become the city we can all feel
    proud of….
    we don’t need more bars/strip clubs/slezy
    joints…we really need more classy/unique/
    state of the world type venues like kaufman

  20. Anonymous says:

    agree with ya jweinberg…a person’s past
    is not indicative of future work.
    We’ve all made mistakes…and we move past
    We have found that those who were trouble
    years ago have become models for the future.
    You are right….I belive in second chances
    . rehabilitation and redemption.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’m happy to go get a couple dozen gaspipe wielding crackhead brothers and come out to joco and go medieval on their soft, puny cracker asses and annex that bitch for KCMO. We’ll lock ’em all up at the Sprint campus since they have so much room there. Then we’ll assasinate one a day until we can drive the 435 loop and not drop a call. How ya like them apples Matt Damon.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Are we still on for the $100 Nick Wright vs KK bet? I think I’m the only one who accepted your offer…still on?

  23. Anonymous says:

    smartman, are you blown? What the F are you talkin about? JoJo good points. I lived in LA and the Valley, it is too spread out now and yes they are hurting too.

  24. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Folks glad you had so many thoughts on this one. Yeah JoJo, LA is all spread out too many options.LA does not have a Plaza, they have 3rd Street in Santa Monica and Westwood has come back somewhat…the other ‘hot’ areas are Beverly Hills, but nightlife outside restaurants, slim…the hot area is Sunset Blvd, with some clubs and sidewalk cafe’s that act as late night spots….but its nothing like the old days of the 80’s with the Whisky,Roxbury etc…

    For those of you who make the drug references…COME ON NOW….as basketball tv personality Barkley would say…’THATS TERRIBLE’

  25. Anonymous says:

    First of all Los Angeles county alone has almost 10 million people so no way to make an honest comparison between SoCal and the metro.

    Second, all you fuckheads like jojo that think joco is some kind of utopia…PISS OFF YOU POOFBOY WANKERS. Get your OWN fucking airport, MLB and NFL teams, arenas, symphony, ballet, cultural arts venues, casinos and damn near anything else that makes life somewhat civilized. If OP wasn’t next to KCMO you’d be Hutchinson, KS. You’re all just a bunch of sissy-ass wanna be cunts. Hell, the number one, two and three tourist attractions in Kansas are in WYANDOTTE COUNTY! One of them is a furniture store named after another state.

    I’m all for KCMO invading joco. It’d be like the Germans invading France. There would be less resistance than when jojo sticks his weiner in the Coke bottle. We’ll give all the blacks and latinos one week to squat and take over whatever cribs they want that are inhabited by the MIGHTY joco WHITEY.

    Good God girls, you can’t even run your own Farmers Market on the up and up.

    You wanna bitch about KCMO, then come live here you Kevin Kietzman ball licking octopussy douche’tards.

  26. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Mandyshagger is right over all….OP and Johnson county are players because of KCMO…we have too small a population for all there is to do,see and be part of in this metro area…less than 2 million people, one million are kids and broke, then there are 200,000 only interested in urban life style…200,000 that are too old, no tourism, its a tough deal with maybe 600,000 adults that can even go anywhere in this town…right its not LA or even close.

  27. Anonymous says:

    MY POST read that all the economic activity
    is happening in joco. It stretches now to
    160th street and moving further south.
    the money is staying in joco…not coming
    over the state line.
    so until kcmo can tap into the joco money
    forget about it.
    the city of kcmo will be left with the
    low income people.
    I know 4 young families (recently married…
    recently having kids) that have moved from
    kcmo to the burbs (joco). All kcmo will have
    will be a low tax base…a few companies
    to support the city (look at the companies that
    have moved out of kcmo and come to kansas)…
    and not much else.
    The movement is happening….come out sometime
    and see what real living is like.
    No crime…paved streets…snow rmoval…
    trash pickup on time…governments that work…
    no corruption…few taxpayer supported
    losers (we do have some out here…sheraton
    in op)…
    but don’t all of you come at once. We have
    little or no traffic and want to keep opur
    county safe and free of crime and traffic]
    The real problem has been the state line and
    the lack of money going from joco to kcmo.
    If there was no state line…kcmo would be
    lving high on the hog and be really one of
    the great cities in america…too bad that
    state line was there…it will kill kcmo.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Craig you have some good points. What I like about you is your extreme optimism if we ever did get you into office I am sure this town would truly benefit. I love the idea of a new hotel in Westport but we need some in downtown too. As far as the schools go I don’t think you will see that quality in those neighborhoods without it being private. Some great ideas Craig. A casino is a great idea as well. I hate driving up North. Remember you would be knocking out your great deal at the Legends. Everyone in JoCo will be at Legends when that casino opens!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Craig, I hope you didn’t interpret my comment as a drug reference…maybe I should of said something like….do you possess a Skittles Shitting Unicorn?
    My family has lived in this area for 90 years…From Independence Ave…Paseo High to Ward Shawnee Mission to Blue Valley. I do business in Missouri Pay tax in MO. My Dad went to MU and my kids go to KU….who gives a shit that we have a STATE LINE..lets embrace it for once.
    As you and many others have stated on this board..we are bankrupt as a City/Metro State/Nation…..ALL charts are going Ape-Shit to the upside with regard to debt..we had to go to the boot this weekend for another emergency 50 billion for teachers,firefighters,cops. Everything that the market is giving us is due to Govt. Support….there is no real GDP.
    Drive down Main Street and look at the empty spaces….failed projects. Everything and I mean everything is fixin to get repriced AGAIN.
    The growth in this City is going to come from all these milquetoast millionaires next door…and cash rich companies that are going to realize that they have to put their money to work or watch it go poof. KU..MU..KSU grads with 75k in school debt will be forced to think entrepreneurially.

    Craig here’s one for ya:
    18th and Vine A Diamond In The Rough?
    How bout promoting Def Comedy there?

  30. Anonymous says:

    come on mandshagger…we’ve waiting for
    the invasion of joco..
    we’ve got our lexus’s/rolex’s and
    our hispanic maids ready to tak e all youre
    kcmo deadbeats on.

  31. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    bscholz, see your points, however just so you will know…Nigro and I went to the so called head of l8th and Vine some black gentleman from Oakland with his feet up on desk, had about an 8th grade education…about doing just what you suggested, urban comedy, bb-q,nightlub so on…there was little to no interest on their part. It clearly a money grab, as were many of these projects…900 bucks for bar stools at Union Station(nigro and could have bought for l25 each) where did the millions go? And yes America on paper is broke, but on paper….this new plan could be financed on paper as well if need be…I know it won’t…I have no illusions.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Galzer unrelated. But I was reading a very old KC Star article about the troubles between you and your dad. Two quick questions?

    What happened to the OP clubs? Both yours and your dad’s?
    And is your brother still involved in your club? I think it was Jeff?

  33. Anonymous says:

    What’s a Super Quik Trip? Part of the problem with the plan is the thought that just because you ask they will come. Gap, Forever 21 etc. You got to get them to agree first. Also can’t believe we are already dumping Sprint center.

    Coke bottle comment. FUNNY stuff.

    Craig I think the basketball player you are quoting is Bill Walton not Charles Barkley.

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