OTC: Kevin Kietzman Found To Be Lacking

A journalist is expected to deliver well-researched and accurate information to his/her audience. Is a sports talk show host a journalist? Good question. But the better question is should listeners expect their talk show hosts to be credible? I vote an emphatic affirmative to this query. This is the problem Kevin Kietzman, afternoon-drive host of Between the Lines on WHB 810 AM, now faces as he moves forward with his career as a radio talk show host. How believable do we expect sports talk radio, bloggers and other non-traditional media outlets to be? And when they prove to be wrong, do they care that they

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You watch. If Mizzou doesn’t get a bid to join the Big Ten now but does land a bid in six months or a year, Kietzman will crow about how he was right all along. jojo will be there with him, explaining how his sources were right, they just had the wrong timeline. Speaking of jojo, has anyone seen him? I’m starting to get worried.

    I wonder if St. John and Bukaty even realized that they were calling out Kietzman. What they said makes so much sense that they probably didn’t even stop to consider how it might look opposite Kietzman’s fabrication. If Mizzou had an invitation, why wouldn’tt hey take it immediately? It only makes sense and the fact that people at MU say they never got the invitation really destroys kk. Dude needs to admit he was wrong, which will never EVER happen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The electronic media in Kansas City looks like fools. Complete fools. Hope they’re happy with the bed they made for themselves.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Your hate of KK is really amazing. It seems to me his story was closer to the truth than your response to it.

    GH: So not only are we not going to get an answer in June as Kietzman reported, there may be no expansion at all?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sean (not jojo)
    I agree! 810 is very good in much that they do. KK should own up and say his idea was wrong. The guy from OSU told him that they all make mistakes, but he went on to say he was he was not wrong. He had an out, but stood his ground

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sean (not jojo)
    GH there has been expansion!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Greg, I love it when you roll out these credibility-attacks on Kietzman, but you haven’t the wherewithall to disclose your own bias when it comes to KK.

    Kietzman’s credibility aside, you have a bias here. And as a journalist-type person — who hits at another member of the media for his inability to do what is right when it comes to the profession — stating your biases is something that should be repeated with each KK post.

    Her, let me help you: “I’m Greg Hall and I hate Kevin Kietzman. He is the reason I’m not in radio in Kansas City. Now that that is out of the way, I’m going to trash him…”

  7. Anonymous says:

    KK’s sources of Dewey, Cheatum & Howe are never wrong and neither is he.

    The problem is as part owner he won’t admit mistakes nor be reprimanded over them by someone else. He won’t take calls by people pointing out he’s wrong either. Must be nice living in that high castle.

    He wants to believe he’s still a journalist but he’s closer to the apes at the zoo. Throwing shit at the walls to see what sticks.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Huskers go to Big 10

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think most of us here know why GH dislikes KK. It started with his quick ouster from WHB and his first hand knowledge of how the place is run, the type of people that work there, and the man behind the KK microphone man. He’s done some pretty petty things and that’s it in a nut shell.

    I can’t stand him because he hates my school with every fiber of his being….but pretends that’s not true. Just be honest is all I ask.

  10. Anonymous says:

    KK floated a bogus report based on what appeared to be the obvious at the time. This story proved to be far more elusive and wide-ranging than anyone ever imagined and it blew up in his face. For a long time I’ve taken what he reports using unidentified sources with a grain of salt. Now … I will discount his “scoops” altogether.

    What do you say Old Man Kissell?

    KK is a spineless pussy unless he mans up and admits he was wrong.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sean (not jojo)
    Maybe KK has the same dudes on the corner (sources) as JOJO.

    KK’s chubby is going down now KU can not be his main topic. Maybe if people wanted tickets at the agg school there might be a ticket scandal there too. But the sheep lot is closed this season

  12. Anonymous says:

    If anything, this has been a highly entertaining week.

    When KU & MU end up in BCS conferences and KSU gets let behind, I wonder what the KK spin will be?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I loved hearing KK defend his story yesterday. Instead of focusing on if Mizzou had been invited he wanted to focus on the timeline. “see, the Big Ten said they were going to take 12-18 months and my story was accurate, its sooner than that” Come on KK, your story was about Mizzou going to the Big Ten, not the timing.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Ag school smack … very original, Sean. A real knee-slapper. (And no, I’m not a KSU fan.)

  15. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    KK’s already started down the road of trying to defend and spin his prior story. The train’s left the station, to use the old cliche. So I don’t think we’ll be seeing any admissions from him that he got it wrong. The time has past for that.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Honeybaked. Greg’s history with K.K. is well known be readers. And he does reference it here when he talks about how he wouldn’t/didn’t last an opening monologue. So their is no attempt to hide his past history with K.K. And personally as I’ve heard over the last week him blast 610 for lack of coverage on the Royals firing and coverage of the Big 12 but give support to 810…..I see no bias. Greg just tells it like he sees it.

    That being said. Greg I disagree with this comment from you “Kietzman’s report was simply inaccurate.” Nothing has ever been simple in regards to K.K. And his blatantly lying isn’t either.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Delivered with bias or not facts are facts. KK is a peter principled douchebag-tool-Eddie Haskell-hack.

    Any critical independent examination of his fabrications and lack of credible knowledge and insight into sports in general would prove that.

    Money can buy lots of things but certainly not things that matter like class, credibility and respect.

  18. Anonymous says:

    “Eddie Haskell” …. very good description of KK … that’s good.

  19. Anonymous says:

    It is amusing to hear people assailing a guy for parroting a story based on information gleaned from sources who will not reveal themselves because if their employers knew they were talking, they would be fired. The effluence between the media people becomes the show and is almost as entertaining as the base story itself.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Ptolemy…outspoken KSU fan, and KK’s lone supporter. Coincidence? If KK were the same person, but a KU fan instead, you’d be all over him.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Kietzman should provide at least a plausible explanation. He claimed outright that the Big 10 had issued “initial offers” to Missouri; that the Big 10 “changed its mind” after extending those invitations strains credulity, especially given that Mizzou would have likely jumped at the offer and already told the Big 12 it was out.

    My suspicion, and it is only that, is that KK talked to a source connected to MU that was merely conjecturing — which may either have been made clear to KK by the source or not — and KK ran with it too hard without sufficient confirmation. The best way KK could put it, if this is in fact the case, is that his source was not as well-connected as he believed and he may have been premature. Of course, that he hasn’t already done so indicates 1.) this wasn’t the case or 2.) KK’s ego has become so monumental that the admission to making a mistake and being reduced to the status of mere mortal is unacceptable. I don’t know KK, as does Greg, who probably could take an educated guess (a term deployed most stupidly by Fescoe this morning on the Big 12 break-up; after emphasizing the he was deliberately using the word “educated” in “educated guess,” Fescoe gave his take before adding, “I don’t know why” he held that opinion, but it was a “gut” feeling. Note to Fescoe: relying on the “gut” makes it only a wild-assed “guess,” not an “educated” — as in informed — one).

    Whatever Greg’s history with KK, to whom he has given credit along with criticism over the years, is not especially relevent to the extent he bases his opinions on actuality rather than animus. While reporters should be transparent about potential bias, it is not imperative to recite the liturgy at each reference. Regular OTC readers and others familiar with KC sports media history are well aware of the GH/KK conflict, but it doesn’t exclude one commenting on the work of the other. The respective audiences can decide to what extent their relationship influences their comments. As a long-time reader of OTC, while Greg may occasionally take some shots at Kietzman which some may consider excessive, at least they are predicated on something KK actually did or said. Fair game, one which all who work in the media do (or should) understand.

  22. Anonymous says:

    RE: Outlining biases

    For Greg to go after a fellow journalist — with whom he has an obvious conflict-of-interest — the professional thing to do is to simply state one’s biases and then commence with the arse-raping. I’m aware that this is a blog and Greg has other things to attend to, but the entire point of this post was to hit KK for his lack of professionalism, yet Greg falls short on this front on a constant basis.

  23. Anonymous says:

    But hey Greg, congrats to your boys tho for joining the Big 10. Keitz is raping them on air right now tho.

    And I have to agree… Nebraska couldn’t compete with Texas on the field nor in recruiting, so instead of bettering themselves, they’ve simply packed up their bags and run out of town like a 2-bit carnival.

    Big Red supporters would be best to tone down their strut as if they decide to travel in support of their teams for the remainder of the Big 12 schedules, because I don’t see MU/KSU/KU/ISU fans being all that welcoming.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Ptolemy you’ve missed the whole point. Their were/are no sources.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Media Observer
    This is exatly why your journalism 101 professor tried to explain the difference between reporting and opinion and entertainment.

    Mr. Kietzman wants to slide up and down this scale in an effort to produce a show and sell advertising. He’s not alone on this continuum.

    You’ll never pin down these infotainment figures anymore because they want to claim journalistic integrity when it suits them, but claim editorial flexiblity when they don’t want to be held accountable.

    The result is exactly the media orgy we have now regarding the conferences. A media outlet (infotainment outlet) cannot be blanked out on a story that everyone else is reporting, regarless of what is known as fact, so they also report on speculation as if it’s a news story when they should be clearly identifying all this as opinion.

    If you’re consuming information from radio, TV or even dead-tree media, you better use a strong filter.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Sean (not jojo)

    May bad the sheep lot is open I had some miss information.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Honey Baked-We still disagree.
    *Not sure if Greg is a fellow journalist and its clear K.K. is not.
    *If the majority is aware of the past why do we need a continually disclaimer? I’m aware that Obama is a Democrat and that Democrats disagree with Republicans. So i don’t need Obama to start each speech off with a review of the democratic platform and the differences between it and the republican platform. It’s all common knowledge. Any more then I need Hearne to give a history of his background with the Star. I take all the knowledge I already have when making a judgement on one’s opinions.
    *You are attempting to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

  28. Anonymous says:

    back in the office before closing.
    No new news but mu is headed to the big 12.
    The talk shows in this town are confusing.
    Teams going everywhere…even boise state…
    utah…all the combinations of moves that
    can be made …like the combinations in
    the lottery winning ticket.
    but vher’es the present situation.
    KK was right. He will be proved right.
    I was right on the kusituation and i will
    be right on the mu situation.
    Big 10 wants those missouri markets but forces
    politically hav3e been a problem for missouri.
    kANSAS CITY officials are furious that mu leaves
    the big 12. For money reasons.
    St. louis officiaqls are also worried of the
    econolmic effect…but some legislators
    (republican) who control the univeristy purse
    strings are not cooperatingin this area.
    Forsee is freaking out because he can’t get
    a consesus of people toagree to this move.
    Why? The details aren’t for usre…nebraska moved
    before the details were ironed out and will
    have to live with themselves probably getting
    short changed. Remember…the big 10 is big
    money and they like to keep it among themselves…and nebrask is now the outsider
    to this strong conference.
    I have been busy…but will be reporting
    I am sorry for the lack of info but it’s
    been a busy work week and I will be back
    on with up to the minute live b reaking
    news as it happens.

  29. Anonymous says:

    KK: doing a incredible job. He’s been the
    focal point in this town since this whole thing
    came up….he’s a genius…knows how to pull
    the strings of those in power.
    Even if his initial report was early…and
    he had no sources…he still got a ton of
    exposure for himself and his station.
    Good for him. Everyone on this site is talking
    about him AND ME> i’M MENTIONED IN MANY

  30. Anonymous says:

    Honey Baked check out the all-sports point total in the Big 12 and see who is competing with Texas. I don’t believe it is MU,KU,KSU, or ISU. As far as following the team and being wary, what’s new? Enjoy all the championship games in TX. If the B12 holds up you can look for Bball to end up there also. As I said once before, we were suppose to get an expanded Big 8 and ended up with a reconfigured SW.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Kia Zi
    I knew MU wasn’t invited as soon as Mayor Funk said that there would be no new hotels build in K.C. and that was a couple of days ago. I didn’t say anything then because everyone around here always thinks they know everything and I didn’t want to get a verbal beating over nothing. It is a real shame and this is going to hurt KC for a long time.

  32. Anonymous says:

    chris ameristar
    You guys are all lame dumb asses. GH is a tool that writes a blog about radio personalities. He is the most unimportant person in the world.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    My buddy inside the Union Broadcasting building says when he walks by Keitzman he gives the usual friendly hello and then mutters douchebag under his breath as soon as they pass each other.

    You would be amazed at the number and names of people inside that building who think so little of him for so many reasons. From sales staff to interns to the obvious on-air personalities…I’ve heard it straight from the horse’s mouth many times.

    Speaking of interns, we got pretty chummy with one a few months ago who was a pretty good kid. Went out for beers with him a few times and that kid couldn’t have cared less about telling you every single thing that was said to him by other show hosts about Keitzman. The acrimony was priceless. Put it this way, if you like any of the WHB hosts on the air between the hours of 6am-2pm, you would freaking LOVE them if you’d heard some of the things I’ve heard.

    But what else is new.

  34. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    And you read why Chris??? oh yeah u r the real tool!!!

  35. Anonymous says:

    KK should get off the Fabulous Jessica and find better info–he was wrong on this one and he should admit it!!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Just change the name of the program to Between the Lies.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Can’t say
    Where are you Kissel? Why aren’t you defending Kevin here? between the LIES. great line.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Kia Zi
    People who are in a position to sway the people should be fired for telling lies on the air. It is as destructive and damaging as sensorship. One of the problems in K.C. is all the liers. It should not be tolerated.

  39. Anonymous says:

    KIA ZI…
    i thought my spelling was bad…your’s is almost
    as bad..”liars”

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