OTC: MU & NU Get Ultimatum From Crumbling B12?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Kyle Rohde
    Yep, the Friday deadline is pretty ridiculous – for once, I agree with Petro. So if Nebraska and Mizzou say they want to leave the Big 12 Friday, fine. If, in 30 days, the Big XII says they have a new TV deal, the other ten are committed and then Nebraska/Mizzou say we want back in, what’s the Big XII going to say? Nope – we got Creighton and Wichita State, screw you guys?

    I still think this whole thing rests basically with two schools – Notre Dame and Texas. If ND goes Big Ten, they’re going to be a 12-team league and that’s it. If Texas decides they want to do their own TV network, the Big XII is the best place for that.

    There are other factors, like the Pac 10 not liking the academics at Tech and OSU, but I think those two are the most important ones.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The deadline is a joke b/c the Big XII has no leverage.

    I’ll believe a 14 team Big 10 and a 16 team Pac 10 when I see it…this all smells like posturing to me.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fuck Texas. They will not leave, they like being able to push everyone around. The Pac-10 will laugh when Tejas tries to bully them around and do things the “tejas way”.
    Tejas was allowed into the big 8 with 3 other losers because the SWAC was a corrupt bunch of good ol boys and they had nowhere else to go.
    Instead of being the low-man on the totem pole, the spineless b12 AD’s gave into tejas for the possibility of a few more bucks in the future…and now look where we are. We have the gd b12 fball game anchored in jerry world when it was supposed to be alternating and old Big8 traditions are falling by the wayside each season.
    If only more folks listened to that dadgum Tom Osborne from Nebraska, all this would have a more comfortable feel to it. It will be sad to see KU vs NU fball game end…100+ years of games trashed. As much as i hate ksu, i don’t want them to become a midmajor. once again…all together now…FUCK TEJAS!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bob Fescoe was yammering on this morning about KU being an independent in basketball like Notre Dame is in football. Does he not understand that ND is able to do that because it makes a boat load of cash from its TV contract and there is no way that would translate to basketball for KU (or any other school)? What a numbskull.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Problem #1:
    `1. Contracts…sure that big 12 has contracts
    for the league. There are huge penalties for
    schools to leave the conference and it takes
    time. I think I heard the penalties range up
    to 20 million dollars.
    The texas schools can leave but they owe huge
    2. Anti trust :NCAA is afforded a very lucrative
    and money saving anti trust exemption. They
    will step in soon and makes some judgements
    soon or you could see the ncaa dissovle completely. I expect McCaskill and bond to
    speka with mu officials to find out how they
    can squeeze this situation so mu doesn’t
    lose anything.
    3. Alumni/booster of mu are on the phone
    working the big 10. Who ever said mu wasn’t
    a major prospect ofr the big 10 is a liar.
    Thats a bold face lie. MU and Nebraska have
    contracts with the big 12 and those contracts
    will be honroed or you’ll see a huge
    lawsuit against the other schools. This is
    big legal money…and MU and nebraska can
    spit in the face of texas and their minions
    (bebe) and say there are contracts signed..
    break them and we’ll sue for billions in
    damages….its that simple.
    Noone according to those contracts can
    force anyone tocdo anything. They can’t
    force a school out unless they pay millions.
    Remember baylor.
    Heres whats happening. Texas needs the big
    12. they have a sweet deal going with them
    now. They want to xset up the bevo network
    on their own…which they can do.
    They stand to lose the most in this deal.
    As big as texas is…they still need out of
    state money. The pac 10 is not where they
    want to go….they don’t want USC..UCLA
    coming into texas to recruit…thats bad
    for texas. Becasue then texas doesnt get
    the firstpick of recruits.
    MU and nebraska head to big 10. Tom Osborne
    and (via Ben Nelson_) and MU via kit bond
    and mccaskill (obamas fav senator) flex their
    muscle and threaten everyone with major
    legislative changes that kill the other
    schools. Take away the anti trust exemption from the ncaa and its a major problem for all
    schools…..watch the politicians maneuver now…the guys in power get the thing done.
    Look for laurie and kronke to make a major
    mover for mu….they got the bucks and they
    want big 10 affiliation for the big 10.
    They can open up wal marts doors to the big
    10 across the nation with millions of extra
    dollars in sales for the league.
    Its moe than athletcics here…its politics…
    power…money and most of all who
    ‘s on your side in the battle.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Nice to see Ellen Schenk weighing in. WTF is up with that? I get more insightful questions from the corn patterns in my Metamucil assisted poop.

    This is all just a bunch of posturing. The Friday deadline is laughable. The NCAA isn’t going to let this turn into a gang rape of the Big XII. If we wind up with 6 teams, call it the 6-PAC and let Bud and Miller Coors duel it out for sponsorship. Instead of time outs, we’ll have pass outs. Half time will be called Beer Run. We can take this lemon and make lemonade. Maybe even Mike’s Hard Lemonade

  7. Anonymous says:

    smartman sed:
    The NCAA isn

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been listening to the radio and reading everything I can and still no one has been able to answer the one question that seems critical to KU and K-State: Is there some sort of legal tie binding KU and K-State? I heard one of the Regents, Dan Lykins (a K-State grad and booster) say that K-State and KU will always be in the same conference, but that struck me as posturing. I get why the Regents would want to force that, but is there any legal obstacle, beyond the Regents, that keeps them tied together.

    And is there a consensus about whether KU or K-State are the more desirable partner for any major conference? Yes, Ptolemy, I know you think that K-State is more desired based on a ten years gone successful run in football, but the national media consensus seems to be that KU would be a more desireable partner.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Donkeypunch, if the NCAA doesn’t try to bring some decorum to this process it sets a dangerous precedent for the future. They can’t allow a whole friggin’ conference to blow up like this.

  10. Anonymous says:

    smartman sed:
    Donkeypunch, if the NCAA doesn

  11. Anonymous says:

    The SWC blew up and no one said a thing. The Big 12 is history. And the school that ran the SWC into the ground is the same one that’s cornholed the Big 12 into irrelevance. And Texas’ incessant bashing of MU and NU for possibly looking out for themselves is completely laughable. Things that have been bubbling under the surface for a decade or more are now blowing thru the roof. All the bad feelings and agendas are now viewable to the naked eye.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Donkeypunch, if the NCAA doesn’t try to control this the Feds will. You’re right, it is about money and the schools left out in the cold will require more money from the taxpayers via state or federal budgets. Don’t think the Federal House and Senate delegations from all the Big XII states aren’t watching this
    closely. Not much tolerance in the nation for greed these days.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I don’t see how the Feds will get involved. I don’t see where a monopoly (or duopoly) exists even with super conferences. Others will still be able to participate in D1 football

  14. Anonymous says:

    DonkeyPunch, people may be getting ahead of themselves, but it’s needn’t be a monopoly (i.e., ONE business dominating a given aspect of trade) to get some interest from the feds. First, you could argue that the BCS is “one” business, but even if you don’t buy that argument, the schools forming the BCS are a cartel, like OPEC or DeBeer’s, and they could certainly been seen as a small group of “companies” that are working to restrain trade and control a marketplace by limiting the ability of other “businesses” to engage in business.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Lykins is a HUGE K-Stater. I forgot he was on the regents. Not sure how he is either unless Sebelius put him on there. He’s a Democrat…from Topeka. Count one guy there who will fight to the nail to make sure big brother KU doesn’t leave the kitties in a lurch.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s an interesting question though donkeypunch. I think where the monopoly/legal questions come in is in how these new super conferences use the BCS to exclude the non-BCS schools and reap the many millions in BCS revenue.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The funny part is listening to all the rube KU fans who thought their elite hoops program would make them desirable to a major conference. They are literally shitting in their pants now.

  18. Anonymous says:

    KU made 70.6 million in Total athletic revenue in 2008-09. Only 17.6 came from football. You have to assume most of the rest came from basketball. Let’s say, conservatively, only 90% of the non football revenue money came from basketball. That’s about 47 million. That would put KU basketball THIRD in the FOOTBALL REVENUE RANKINGS. Only Texas($87m) and Nebraska($55m) make more in FOOTBALL than KU does in basketball.
    This realignment isn’t about your school being elite. The only people that think Missouri is elite are the morons on here you try to pass them off as some Ivy league school in the midwest. US News and World report has you ranked 102nd…KU and Nebraska are tied for 96th.
    KU basketball is most certainly ELITE.
    Problem is no matter how good either of your teams are, if you don’t have the population, being elite isn’t going to get you invited anymore.

  19. Anonymous says:

    hopefully mu goes to the big 10 and ku and
    kstate can get on with the mac conference
    or the mountain west conference.
    If not…ku and kstate are screwed.
    I wish ku the best of luck…how would their
    ticket department make money if the basektball
    team tickets couldnt be scalped.
    Hopefully ku and k state stick together and
    they find a new home.
    Right now it looks bleak for ku. I’m sure the
    conman is working out some deals right now.
    But it may be toolate. He is dead man walking
    there in lawrence..and probably noone wants to
    deal with this guy.
    good luck to everyone.

  20. Anonymous says:

    stfu hall. You act like this is the end of the
    world. “50 years”…come on dude…get a life.
    WTF do you think is gonna happen. when this
    all settles everyone will be fine…all the
    teams will play games and in a few years noone
    will give a fuck.
    coome on guy…get real. Just another game by
    big stakes peopole with lots of cash.
    That’s all it is….not some life altering
    …life shattering event.
    Get a hold of yourself…its all a game …
    get real!

  21. Anonymous says:

    Notre Dame is going to join the Big 10 and then MU and NE will stay where they are. The Pac 10 is not going to take OSU & TT. Academics too poor. I think it is more likely that the Pac 10 would take KU over OSU and get the KC TV market. Makes more sense. And, like mentioned earlier, can anyone verify that KU and KSU are tied together? Are OU and OSU?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I doubt many states actually have laws or rules in place that say one state school can’t leave another…people just say this because when a board of regents has sway over all the state schools, you have to guess on whether they’d let them break up. Usually that would be a big no. I’m inclined to believe KU won’t be able to walk on KSU since a MWC bid would be on both teams door the day after the Big 12 evaporates. The MWC would be a huge rung down the ladder for KU compared to where they are now, both in terms of prestige and dollars. Honestly, the MWC or a conference like it is probably where KSU should be right now. They’ve been getting pinched for a long time regarding coaching salaries…this year w/ Frank Martin being an example. KU basketball makes a lot of money and KU’s alumni base is substantial. They can afford the arms race to a certain extent. Finally, some writers are starting to speculate on what will happen to KU. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Big East invites Kansas and they’re able to bring along KSU…assuming they don’t go to the MWC first.

  23. Anonymous says:

    If mu goes big 10…ku is cooked. The texas
    schools hate the arrogance of ku and its
    fans. This stuff about texas being so huge
    is pure crap. Texas is texas and while they
    have money…they are nothing without a league
    to support them. If they have no competition
    they don’t get the big bcs ratings…or the
    big television dollars.
    Truth is texas is going to fall down in
    football and we saw what they were like in
    basketball. Giants fall.
    Give me ku basektball and mu football…
    and I’ll watch them both…fuck texas…
    they want to succedd from the u.s. so let
    them…they are losers.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Kind of agree with you on that Jojo but they’re more worried about Nebraska leaving than Missouri. Even though Missouri was head and shoulders better than Nebraska over the last decade the perception is that Nebraska is the competition in the North…not MU. If only MU were offered, I bet the Big XII doesn’t disband immediately. If Colorado walks too, it still might not. But if Nebraska were to go, It’d be over because Texas knows the perception of the conference would be that Texas has a super easy road through their league every year. I wish the Big XII could boot the Texas schools, go back to the Big 8 and add maybe Cincy, Memphis and Louisville if we lost Colorado. But the league sold their soul to Texas and that obviously isn’t happening. MWC is going to have to change their name if the B12 remnants end up there.

  25. Anonymous says:

    If Mizzou leaves the Big 12, it won’t have much of an impact on the league; if MU and CU leave, ditto — although the Big 12 would probably go searching for two new members. If MU, NU and CU leave, then all hell breaks loose (although OU remains a strong enough program to give Texas competition).

    I don’t think by law, two in-state schools are necessarily linked — although in the case of TU/TAMU, KU/KSU and OU/OSU, they have been in fact. I could see OU and OSU splitting, less likely that for KU and KSU, but I could not be more certain that wherever Texas goes, the Aggies follow — and probably Baylor, too, because it has considerable political power, more so than Tech.

    I agree, Stevo, I would like to see a return to the Big 8, but in today’s economic landscape (read: pure, unadulterated greed) that’s not going to happen. If the Big 12 were smart — a seriously flawed premise — it would get a couple of the old Southwest Conference schools back, like maybe Houston and TCU, and pick up two more — Memphis and Utah being the most attractive. This could hedge the Big 12 somewhat against incursion.

    Of course, the only real long term viability for the Big 12 would be a more even split of revenue, something Texas wouldn’t accept. Any league with Texas is always going to have that problem (the Pac 10 would rue the arrival of the Texas, should that occur).

  26. Anonymous says:

    jojo….where do you get that “texas schools hate the arrogance of ku and its fans”? MU-yes. KSU-yes. Texas schools? WTF? Texas schools don’t care about anybody.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I’ll have to agree with Mr. Olathe in that I don’t see the fit of schools like Texas Tech and Oklahoma State in the PAC10. For crying out loud, that conference has Stanford and Cal in it! Bringing in Tech and Okie State is like bringing in the retarded kids to a nuclear sciences class. Also, I just don’t see how the Texas schools fit in the PAC10 social demographic either. Hell, they could split the conference into two divisions and call them the “Conservative Division” and the “Liberal Division”. Can you imagine the ruckus when the Southern Baptists of Baylor travel to Stanford or Cal? Oh the humanity!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    stevo..how about the billion dollar fundraising
    campaign at mu….lots of cash rolling in and
    once they move (if they do) they will have
    another 200 million dollars rolling in…
    its not only athletics…mu by going to big
    10 stands to btring in an additional 40 million
    thru the consortium….
    money…money…money…thats all that matters…
    so don’t take it personally…don’t use the
    us news and world report study thats been
    disregarded and trashed by almost veveryone
    who knows anyting about the schools…
    if mu does leave its for one reason…cold
    hard cash…and they want it…and they know
    where they can get it.

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