Tony: The Week When Kansas City’s Future Looked Exceptionally Bleak

Residents of this cowtown who were paying attention might have noticed that this was a horrible week for Kansas City in just about every possible way.

This town’s quotient of “fail” was present at every social strata despite the fact that poor people and minorities take most of the blame for everything gone wrong in this society.

Still, the warmer, nicer weather just means that local homeless are going to smell even worse and given the current downward trajectory of the stock market — They might have more company than usual.

So, let’s take a look at the many ways this town stayed losing this week. Check it:

1. Doubts About The Big 12KCC’s own Greg Hall has a much more informed take on the imminent demise of the Big 12 but I’m surprised to notice that so few locals are in a panic about the devastation the bust up could do to this town’s revenues. Sure, the games are going to stay in Kansas City for awhile but for the most part we’ve now seen that the institution isn’t solid and is quickly coming apart. Sadly, for sports fans this isn’t as entertaining as the chuckles I get from watching the demise of dead tree media.

2. Kansas City’s Debt Load Gets Bigger – For me, the news that Mayor Funky’s Schools First Initiative was formally shut down the by Council was far more important than word that yet another massive bond issue was moving forward. However, putting things in perspective it’s nice to know that neither the Mayor nor the Council care about being “Smart With The Money” as this town’s seemingly enjoys watching our credit rating go down the tubes while we keep borrowing.

3. Kansas City Street Fights Continue – A 16 year-old was killed on local streets this week and the warmer weather often signals more carnage on Kansas City Streets. Meanwhile, I’ve noticed that Driver’s License Checkpoints are continuing to provoke the ire of minority communities who may not agree that surveillance is the solution to violence and murder on local streets.

4. Zach Greinke’s Losing Streak Is Crushing This Town’s Soul – I like to call him “The Great White Hype” and so far the followup to his Cy Young year has been abysmal. I don’t take pleasure in watching the guy struggle but it is kind of fun to see so many of his fans squirm as they try to defend his horrible performance this year.

5. Nothing Is Going On After First Friday – Sure, tonight Downtown Kansas City is going to be a hipster mecca. Tomorrow, not so much. This big budget blowout mentality regarding local urban development is a huge part of Kansas City’s problem. Big crowds provide a feeling of comfort for some business people and make for great PR but in the long run it’s better to be consistent and tonight’s crowd will be followed by an excruciatingly slow week for downtown revelers.

The bleak part of this all is that nothing seems to be changing regarding these trends. Sure there is hope in store regarding an upcoming election but from where Kansas City stands now this town isn’t really in a recovery but just at the outset of a yet another age of austerity.

Tony Botello
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9 Responses to Tony: The Week When Kansas City’s Future Looked Exceptionally Bleak

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tony…when somebody says “Hey Tony..Hows it going” what do you say?
    …May has probably been the most volatile month since Lehman. Flash Crash…BP Spill..
    Sov.Debt Crisis….And now blatant and insanely poor jobs report. We are pushing 24 months of ZIRP with the only benefit being trying to shore up the banks..via buying all the shit on their books 1-Tr. Now we have to deal Euro and huge bubbles in China….what makes this next round or the next Lehman so fun is the derivative chain is going to get yanked again…only this time their ain’t gonna be an AIG bailout to make the World whole. Watch the 10yr. 3.2%…huge bubble here.
    Savers getting punished. Look up in the sky and what you’ll see is helicopter Ben B. Dropping dollars.

  2. Anonymous says:

    bsholz…good post.
    But here’s some good news…
    1. Jazoo: great party…food…great night…
    excellent event…and the zoo looked great
    (despite the fact that few animals were out).
    2. royals game…despite a tough record…
    the royals drawing pretty good.
    3. Paul rudd: local guy makes great. Comes
    home to help raise money for childrens mercy…
    great hospital.
    4. Power and light wasp akced last night…
    beautiful night…full of spenders…maybe
    this thing will work in the long run.
    5. Plaza and crosroads were busy…people are
    out in this beautiful town walking…enjoying
    the fact that this is one hell of a great otwn.
    6. Kansas City streets appear to be getting
    better. Drove during rush hour from joco to
    downtown without any traffic stalls…can’t
    say that about chicago/l.a./dallas etc.
    7. Lots of charity events going on right now.
    Shows the huge heart the people of this town
    have. It shows how great our people are and thats
    more important to me than all the bars/nightclubs/missed opportunities in
    making this city like those other hellholes.
    All you people who run this city down all the
    time…maybe you need to get out of the house
    more oftern. Maybe its not such a bad
    city…and maybe you need a serious
    attitude adjustment.
    8. The world didn’t end. My family is healthy
    and we are enjoying life even with some tough
    Despite all the
    hardships life goes on. My best friend became
    a father last night. It’s his first son
    after 2 girls and he named him after his
    father. Wow…life is incredible.

  3. Anonymous says:

    oh…and zack…incredible comeback.
    Faced with all his problems the guy comes back
    to win the cy young. He is the heart and
    symbol of this city. He will be back. I guarantee
    it. the guy has more guts and soul than any
    of us.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Christ jojo you’re more optimistic than a trombone player with a pager. Get prepared. The new status symbol in America is 10,000 rounds of ammo America is morally and financially bankrupt. Time for another Un-Civil War to make some necessary corrections. This won’t be about race or idealogy. It will be about right and wrong. The meek will inherit the earth.

  5. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Tony you surely are not wrong here, neither is JoJo. Its a strange time in America right now…a good time to have lots of cash, but most of us never do…I think the market will crash again, this will be awful, we are all suffering as it is…but there is always hope.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Forget the cash Craig. That just makes you a target. There will be a day when a brick of ammo will be worth more than a brick of gold. Not that I’m a hard core follower, but just google Alex Jones and check out some of the stuff he says and predicts. Even if he’s 33% correct there is going to be some serious shit coming down the pike. Gonna make an episode of Deadwood look like a water balloon fight. People that can’t defend themselves and their families and loved ones; and be willing to kill another human being in order to survive will vanish. Better to Be Prepared like a Boy Scout then to be prepared by the undertaker.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kia Zi
    Gee, JoJo says he drove in from JOCO to downtown this morining. Does that mean he lives in JOCO? Maybe that’s why he can’t relate to the problems, crime and irritations that many people in KC feel. What is he, another JOCO know it all, telling KC what is what is?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kia, jojo is long on talk and short on action. HE challenged Greg Hall to a race over a year ago and has yet to make good on that.

    Maybe he’ll show up at Latinofest tonight and tell all of us fat, lazy Latinos how we can be great and successful just like him.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You could never be as great as jojo

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