Hearne: Rockfest Muddy Park Controversy Overblown?

That definitely is a question in the mind of former parks commish Bob Lewellen...

“I don’t think there’s a concern at all among the Parks Department over allowing Rockfest to return,” Lewellen says.

With one major exception…

I saw Aggie and she said, ‘Oh they belong at Sandstone,’ ” Lewllen says. “I think it would be a big mistake if we didn’t continue to work with Rockfest. This is a major event for Kansas City and the location of Penn Valley Park is perfect for this event.”

Another likely purveyor of the so-called controversy: “I think this is an opportunity who people who are against (Rockfest) to jump in,” Lewellen says. “The people who think you shouldn’t walk on the grass in the park. These are the kind of people who are trying to stop it.”

One potential problem: “I don’t know that there’s an advocate on the parks board for (Rockfest),” Lewellen concludes.

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6 Responses to Hearne: Rockfest Muddy Park Controversy Overblown?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Screw KCMO, move Rockfest to the Speedway and shoot for 100,000 fans. I thought Simple Minds was a rock band and not the leadership of KCMO and the Parks Board.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love that everyone’s pissed about the grass, but no one gives two $hits about the people who actually own homes in midtown and have to deal with the crowds. Last year, some Rockfest fan shattered a glass bottle against my house at 1am. This year, I was treated to a lovely female taking a piss on my sidewalk (behind a tree) at three in the afternoon. No issue with the event, but move it to Riverfront park where it doesn’t conflict with neighborhoods. Or invest some of this payoff into more security for the surronding neighborhoods to keep the asshole 2% of attendees in check.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah go to Kansas Johnny, KCMO is stupid and broke.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Never been to Rockfest, but I do think sending it to Sandstone or KC Speedway would be BORING. There is absolutely no shade at the speedway and no scenery. Doesn’t seem like a great way to show off your city. KCMO needs to step up and make a statement that they want it there. (guess the funk already did) Although it’d be great for the Dot, just hope it doesn’t happen.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Dare
    Why not Arrowhead?

  6. Anonymous says:

    JH is right. Move it to Riverfront Park, the most underused park in town. Great view of the downtown skyline and btw, there’s a river there too. Keep the revenue in KCMO.

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