OTC: YahooSports.com Story Rocks Jayhawks

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I know that many KU fans want to bury their head in the sand on this one and hope it goes away. It won’t. And no matter what comes up legally, no matter who is cleared, no matter if nothing happens to KU, perception is reality. Right now, my university’s reputation sucks, right or wrong. And that’s not going away anytime soon. The part about the Pump’s and KU players is especially troubling. The Pump’s have connections all over so this isn’t just a KU thing but again, it doesn’t matter. We are going to walk the green mile on this one for all.

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    Go to Twitter.com and search “KU Ticket”. It’s growing exponentially

  4. Anonymous says:

    NOW…YOU’RE UP the creek.
    I, and the only one to officially comment on this
    site consistently, that KU would have serious
    I warned you that lou was going to be a huge
    problem. Having seen what MU had gone thru
    and what problems they encountered…i
    told you people that this would blow up in your
    From the time lou took this thing over…to the
    time that he bribed the orange bowl to get ku
    into that game and I knew this guy was bad
    Now…you didn’t listen. You thought you could
    do no wrong. And this goes along with the
    arrogant attitude that ku and its administration
    and even the players have displayed.
    Now you are screwed…and as a MU fan I LOVE

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is huge. But where is 610 on this story? I switched over and they were talking NBA.

  6. Anonymous says:

    KC Fan
    I guess we know what KK is going to talk about this afternoon. All the K-State fans must be ejaculating with excitement over this story.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Watch for the douchebag in oak park mall to
    be involved. He’s down.

  8. Anonymous says:

    playboy playmates…porn stars…millions in
    cash…no wonder ku gets all those mcdonald
    all americans…
    i can see lots of cash ending up in recruits
    When the feds move in and shake down the
    players watch for this whole program
    to implode….i predicted this…i’m predicting
    that theres smoke and a 3 alarm fire!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Obviously, not good for KU.

    But this sounds like it could explode into MANY institutions….all the bigger programs who get into big post-season games with highly sought-after tickets.

    It’s hard for me to believe that the gun-toting, mafia-like men behind closed hotel doors and/or AAU guys like the Pump brothers only want to make money off Kansas’ basketball tickets.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know why people are gloating over this. Even if Lew ultimately loses his job over it, he’s put KU in a good financial position for his successor. KU’s local TV deal and Adidas deal now generate more money for KU than KU’s entire athletic budget before Lew got here 6 years ago. Nevermind the Big XII, ticket sales, and donations. Yes, there will be negative news for a week and K-State and MU fans will gloat, but just as the scandals at K-State and MU have proved, they fade away and people move on.

  11. Anonymous says:

    nick…its huge money…and with demand for
    basketball tickets for major games at all time
    highs…people want those tickets.
    Companies want them for good clients and they
    don’t care what they cost…I had one client
    who paid $4000 for 2 tickets to a ku game in
    thru ticket broker for 2 cleints..
    its billions of dollars…huge

  12. Anonymous says:

    kc fan…this is going to be bigger than
    any other scandal in big 12 history…its
    going to involve more than we know…..
    feds aren’t jsut looking for ticket brokers
    and some scalping tickets…when its done
    i expect ku to be really hurting.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    only turner gill can save lew’s job now.

  14. Anonymous says:

    As a KSU alum I am not going to enjoy what is going on at ku. These things happen. Last year our AD had all the bad press. As soon as you gloat it is your school that is in the $hit storm.

  15. Anonymous says:

    This is much dirtier than I ever imagined. Lew is a slimy pig surrounded by slimy pigs. Let’s see if his “vicious cunning” can get him out of this one.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is bad. People can be happy that KU is taking it on the chin right now. But be prepared, I bet that they will be other schools in the BIG 12 doing the samething that KU did. KU is the first school named, there will be others. This is just the begining.

  17. Anonymous says:

    dirty money
    Wonder if Roger ever sold tickets he got from Brady and other players? Sad day for such a fine upstanding university

  18. Anonymous says:

    So what happens when Chalmers is ruled ineligible and ku has to vacate that title? Since Memphis already vacated their Final 4 that year who is declared champ?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Not to worried about Nebraska being involved, their basketball program sucks eggs.

  20. Anonymous says:

    I know Lew is getting thrown under the bus here but the incidents described in King’s article start in 2002 under previous administration. Not that it matters because I’m sure Lew has his hand in things that we don’t know about yet.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, Cliffy.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Orphan of the Road
    The focus (so far) has been 2002 – 2003, doesn’t that procede Lou’s tenure?

    Will Roy Williams’ tenure at KU be reduced to all forfeits? After all it is THE WILLIAMS FOUNDATION which is ultimately responsible for KU tix, right?

    Looks like it may take more than KU down…

  23. Anonymous says:

    Orphan, I’m not sure if you’re serious, but, no. It’s the Williams Fund, not Foundation. And that it bears the same name as Roy Williams is a strict coincidence. It’s not Roy’s Fund, isn’t named after him and he is probably no longer a donor.

  24. Anonymous says:

    My point earlier is KU isn’t the ONLY school where this is going on.

    It sounds to me that a mafia-like group found a way to make big money off sports tickets. They likely scanned the country for weak apples in big programs.

    Lew MAY get hit hard by this, but I still think he’s on the outside of all this. It makes NO sense that he’d know of any of this going on.

  25. Anonymous says:


    ku fans…you got in bed with a slimy dog…
    and now you’ve got fleas.
    18,000 missing tickets? a mere oversight.
    a mere coincidence? Stack 18,000 tickets on top
    of each other. 1 MILLION TO 3 MILLION…
    I know ku alums…ku boosters who complained directly to the guy about the ticket problems.
    Something wrong here? ya think so?
    ya think that maybe when you run the show
    you could think about 18,000 missing tickets.

    How come all the players were trading b ball
    game tickets for concert tickets?
    KU fans…Why wait.
    Once the heat shines on those named the real
    truth will come out.
    NO grand jury yet…no investigations…but
    there’s gonna be a huge look into this.

  26. Anonymous says:

    This has to make Coach Self happy. Sad to see KU piss its rich tradition down the tubes with players bitching and dropping n-bombs on facebook, fraud in it’s fund raising arm, free tickets for porn stars from coaches and one and done players. Maybe $weet Lou can hire Coach Cal when Self gets sick of the BS. Coach Cal would fit in great at KU.

  27. Anonymous says:

    My God some of you wishful-thinkers are so ignorant. Vacate a championship? Gimme a break. What do you think KU has been taking every D1 kid from Pump n Run AAU teams across the country. Those teams stock ALL D1 schools…not just KU. PLUS KC Pump and Run isn’t associated with the Pumps anymore, they’ve considered changing their name but have not yet as it is a national AAU brand…so the kids that have come from KC Pump in the last few years have no connection to the Pumps, except of course, Brady Morningstar.
    Here’s the only way KU BASKETBALL OR FOOTBALL gets hurt:
    FBI, which it will, goes after Roger Morningstar and he starts singing. of course that is assuming that he knows stuff, made payments, so on and on. He’s the only guy there who is caught up in this who is close enough to have done something NCAA-wrong involving the program. That’s where shit would hit the fan. I’m not hiding my head in the sand. This story still has not taken the leap from a investigation to an NCAA investigation. I hope everyone is washed out and serves their rightful punishment…and I hope my school didn’t ruin it for all of us.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Rodney will sing.
    Roger will sing.
    Brady will sing.
    The married couple will sing.
    Come on stevo…18,000 tickets…are you serious. But there will be more. I’m guessing
    that you have students and other adminstrative
    people involved.
    This bogus study that the AD did was purely
    speculation and unfounded talk. Like the
    b.s. on a internet blog.
    Now that there’s guns/mafia/money/recruits etc..
    watch for the lights to go on.
    as bachman turner overdrive sang…”you aint
    seen nothing yet”

  29. Anonymous says:

    I hope self isn’t involved but he’s so into
    the program that theres almost no way he
    goes unscathed.
    And what about his star 3 point shooter…what
    did he know about daddy and his millions.
    stay tuned.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think the FBI has the power to make anyone vacate any wins.

    Sucks for the university – but, outside of jealous rivals – no one is going to care about this any more than they do the KSU athletic dept crap from a year ago.

    The biggest windfall is for KSU and Mizzou fans to gloat a bit. Which is fine – since they’re programs are immune from scandals that require attending weekday basketball games.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Orphan of the Road
    Gavin, thanks for the heads up. When I posted I had only caught bits and pieces.

    Fund or Foundation I didn’t know if it was Roy-related. But what Yahoo is reporting is it goes back to at least 2002.

    With Pump’s funding of “summer league” teams, it may affect a lot of seasons before it is all said and done. And not just at KU.

  32. Anonymous says:

    My pleasure, Gavin. BTW, I laughted out loud at your first post … very succint. Well done.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Jojo I’m not hiding my head in the sand here or apologizing for the program. The link from ticket scandal to recruiting violations is a big leap though. All I’m saying is KU getting 9 players from Pump N Run teams isn’t, on its own, an indictment of the basketball program. There are tons and tons of those teams around the country and the HUGE majority of kids on those teams didn’t attend KU. That’s what I’m concerned about…my program…not these low-lifes who abused their position and power for personal gain. What I’m saying is…there’s a very good chance Rodney Jones, and the other employees that got the axe don’t have anything damning to say about the program itself. Roger Morningstar? Well if there are damning allegations to be made about KU basketball…not KU tickets for basketball…he would seem to be the one to make those allegations…and when the FBI is in your face YOU WILL SING. So in a way I’m satisfied that the rats appear to be in the light and are going to pay the price. I hope recruiting violations didn’t take place and the NCAA doesn’t find anything to damage the program. I do know it’s a possibility though.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I guess it’s not a good idea to go to KU and get a math degree.

  35. Anonymous says:

    any bets that rodney/roger and the rest of
    the gang have lots to talk about?

  36. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    It’s funny how Jason King actually breaks an important story about KU now that he’s with Yahoo Sports, while the dude never so much as broke a sweat while working as the Kansas City Star’s KU beat writer.

  37. Anonymous says:

    This goes on, to some degree, at every university that has decent football and basketball programs. This episode is probably only a 7 on the 10 scale. Tickets are money and money leads to greed and corruption. When you have folks working in and around athletic departments where coaches make millions there’s gonna be somebody trying to scam the system to get their piece of the pie. Why Lew Perkins still has a job is beyond comprehension.

    Remember how shocked you were as a kid when you discovered that your parents had sex….with each other. Same deal here. At your alma mater’s athletic department somebody is fucking somebody and tickets are involved.

  38. Anonymous says:

    folks…to compete with the top schools in the
    nation for these recruits you have to get in
    the mud to get them.
    Recruits usually come from poor backgrounds and
    there’s always something they need that some
    coach/booster is willing to give them.
    Self gave mario’s dad a job. To play on the
    level of ku you have to do the things that
    other schools do.
    I think that you are seeing that ku has dipped
    into the cesspool of big time recruiting and with
    it you’ll begin to see that dirty deeds.
    I have noticed the lower quality of character of
    ku recruits over the last 6 years.
    It’s been evident to the public but noone really
    paid attention to it. KU fans have said win
    in basketball and do what it takes.
    The basketball administration has had an
    arrogant and greedy and money driven attitude
    and now it’s coming back to bite them.
    Expect major firings. expect more bad news.
    Expect the whole ku sports to implode once the
    questions come.
    With the kind of money involved…with the
    connections to the money involved…with a
    major connection to big time college bball
    involved….this story is only starting.
    KK said it…this is like a wildfire just starting to get out of hand.
    The question is: What didbrady and the rest
    of the ku players knowabout this?
    I think we’ll see the answer real soon.

  39. Anonymous says:

    College athletics have been a joke for over 20 years. The feigned shock and surprise from Lew and the KU administration deserves a Tony Award. Whatever credibility KU had built up over the years is GONE. I agree that this goes on everywhere KU just got caught. Time to clean house. Hopefully this will lead to some serious action by the NCAA as well. I’m thinking no bowls or NCAA tourney action for 5 years.

  40. Anonymous says:

    i got a kick out of various speakers at the press conference repeating the mantra that the system works fine, it’s just a few unscrupulous people who messed up. and then they announced all the changes to the system they are making.

  41. Anonymous says:

    dimebag isn’t the first to suggest that there is some kind of NCAA violation going on and he may be right. But based on what we know right now, I can’t see the violation and I can’t see how KU got any sort of competitive advantage out of this. Now, the article leaves room for the inference that the Pump Brothers (whose next job should be in porn with that name) somehow funneled money to guys like Mario Chalmers and if that happened, all bets are off and KU is gonna feel the sting for a long, LONG time.

    But if it’s really just a couple of rogue employees, I don’t see how this gets KU any kind of probation. Hell, even if Lew knew about it (or should have known about it),I still don’t see how there is a competitive advantage gained by it. Yes, the NCAA does tell member schools that they’re responsible for treating their allotted tickets responsibly, but clearly KU, as an institution, wasn’t helped by this. If anything, KU was hurt because it lost money.

    So, let’s say that this is as far as it goes. Jones and the rest of them were taking tickets and selling them at a personal profit. That sucks, KU looks bad and Lew will be pilloried for his arrogance at the lack of transparency and that would all be fair game. But how does this influence anything that happened on the field of play?

    Look at the situation at K-State with Ron Prince. Clearly something scuzzy was going on and clearly K-State stands to lose a lot of money for it, but where is the NCAA violation? Did K-State gain any sort of competitive advantage with its conduct? I just don’t see how. They stupidly signed a secret deal negotiated only by the then-AD who didn’t think to tell anyone and K-State may or may not have to pay a lot of money to Prince, but as unsavory as all that is, where is the NCAA violation?

  42. Anonymous says:

    Please humor me by reading this:
    As far as the bastards that committed this crime, screw em, lock them away in Leavenworth. Who cares. I care about the program and want to have an honest discussion on what could happen to the program. KK has been stating that Pump-AAU has funneled 10 players to KU. That is very misleading.
    Here are the players:
    Releford, Morningstar, Reed, Teahan Padgett, Wilkes, Chalmer, Johnson and Jeff withey. Those are the players quoted in the Yahoo story. Perhaps KK is throwing in Paul Pierce as the 10th. I don’t know. I don’t read minds.
    NO ONE could possibly believe that Morningstar, Reed or Teahan were funneled to KU, right? They were afterthoughts in recruiting. They came because they’re Kansas kids. No program is going to risk anything to get these three. Releford was higher rated but he was a KU fan his whole life! Further, Matt Scott from theshiver.com, who actually knows AAU and what he’s talking about said he believes KC Pump N Run isn’t even affiliated with the Pumps and hasn’t been for two or three years.
    Withey didn’t even choose Kansas! He went to Arizona and transferred.
    Chalmers came to KU because we gave his dad a job. Duh. Wasn’t illegal then, is now, but it didn’t break any rules.
    That leaves Padgett, Wilkes, Johnson. Three players who chose KU from an AAU org. that has dozens of teams across the country…in 8 years!!! That is not funneling recruits! Missouri has 5 pump n run players on their team RIGHT NOW!!!

  43. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Breaking news: One of the posters above me has clearly displayed that he has no life and no job by posting 10 times today…

  44. Anonymous says:

    you better be talking about jojo…i resent the implication:)

  45. Anonymous says:

    This is less about basketball, although Kansas’ high-profile program is the catalyst, than it is about corruption within the KU ticket office. I’m not sure embezzlement is the same as recruiting violations, although — as KC should well remember from the Myron Pigge Era — dealing with flesh peddlers like the Pump Brothers is risky; quality athletes may be provided, but the taint puts program’s in jeopardy. The money-grubbing culture of big-time college athletics programs — such as Kansas under Lew Perkins — especially when it conflicts with the university’s overall mission, inherently compromises both.

  46. Anonymous says:

    There’s no evidence that players were provided Mocrash. 3 of the 9 were low rated recruits from Kansas. Kansas kids. Releford was also a lifelong KU fan. Withey didn’t even choose KU, he went to AZ first. We hired Chalmers dad, not a violation but sleezy. Tons of kids go through Pump N Run. 9 in 8 years is NOT a pipeline.

  47. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Culture. Lew Created this culture, and he will be gone before The 4th of July. KU will be blessed if this doesn’t earn NCAA penalties. This could be an Alabama style death penalty offense.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Overlooked in all this is the fact that the Kansas University reflects the same kind of elite arrogance and self importance that you find in most holier-than-thou residents of Lawrence. Just living in Lawrence makes them better people. They make the Johnson County jagoffs seem sheepishly humble.

    If the NCAA doesn’t issue sanctions I hope the Kansas Board of Regents does. Dimebag called for 5 years of no bowl games or Final Four action. I think that’s appropriate for this type of lack of institutional control.

    Lew’s gotta go. He brought this shit with him from the east coast where colleges and sports departments and alumni and wiseguys all sweat together in the same steamroom.

    Some shirt ideas for Larry Sinks:

    Who Gnu?
    Lou Knew!

    Our AD needs to be PHIRED

    Our AD can buy your AD

  49. Anonymous says:

    I have an incredible job…a great company…
    and just last night celebrated a new client.
    So don’t worry about me.
    However…back to facts…again I was right.
    While the rest of you KU fans celebrated with
    delight the scumbag I warned you way back in
    September of last year.
    While you celebrated the start of an
    “historic year in football” I told you no way.
    I have been in business 20 years running
    2 large companies (one with 28 sales people)
    and I can smell a rat liar 40 miles away.
    So while you people raved about the head guy…
    I warned you that going back to 2007 he was
    going to cause problems.
    Spoke with some of my good KU friends last
    night at nicka nad jakes and the first thing
    they said was “lou is gone”. These are 20 year
    season ticket holders who got the shaft with
    season tickets yet still spent big money and
    supported the team.
    Now…we see who’s right. I saw what rats can
    do to a college program when I saw what
    happened at MU. I saw how they can destroy
    a great university.
    KU and Bill Self deserved better. And so did
    Mark Mangino who built KU football into a
    somewhat respectable position for a single season
    then watched it die. But he still deserved a
    chance to rebuild the team.
    No way did
    the school deserve to be represented by
    a huckster! When I heard that the allen family
    (the namesakes of the fieldhouse) had been forced
    out of the arena I knew smoeone was running
    a very bad operation.
    KU deserved better than this. Despite my
    hatred for ku when they play mu, I have the
    greatest respect for bill self and the ku
    basektball program.
    I believe this story is bigger than most people
    want to believe. If a fed investigation occurs,
    not only will the adminstration have to
    “lawyer up”…but so will the players.
    What a horrible position to put one of the
    finest, most respected, college coaches in
    This may blow over. But you should have listened
    to me when I warned you about what was happening.
    I will continue to advise you KU fans on what
    to do as things develope.
    I thank all of you for your comments about
    my writings, your concerns for my personal
    life and hope to see more references to the
    facts that I bring forth in all my posts.

  50. Anonymous says:

    New Tee
    jojo settle down…MU KU lives on
    Oh wait I forgot its now OHIO St. V
    Mizzou…LOL. Dude this fucker has legs.
    NCAA has been filthy since the 50’s.
    Whitlock is right on…Self loves the
    PHILLY CONNECTION thats the difference
    between Top 20 and #1 seed. Clawback time
    wheres the money?…Are we going to have to
    extract Coach Bill Self’s Granite Countertops?

  51. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me or did jojo just list a bunch of allegedly great stuff about himself and then say “however…back to facts”? So…the great stuff about you was “away” from facts?

  52. Anonymous says:

    gavin..I meant back to the facts of the ku story…
    read brother….and the points about my life
    are my opinion…don’t need losers like you
    evaluating what i do…stick to the story
    and lets discuss what i write about.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Now we know why KC Pump and Run Coach L.J. Goolsby can always be seen on TV sitting right behind the KU bench.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Thank God 610 is covering pro basketball and not this boring story.

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