Hearne: Sticky Wicket Alert, Insane Clowns Bail on Sandstone for Beaumont

This just in…

Saturday’s Insane Clown Posse show at Sandstone has been last minute moved to the Beaumont Club. In all likelihood to reflect ticket sales. Should make for a cozy homecoming from the band’s 2001 sticky–thon at the Westport live music venue.

Longtime Beaumont honcho Bill Nigro recalls ICP last show like it was yesterday…

They left a sticky mess that took months to clean up,” he reminisces.

Nigro’s take on the Clown Posse’s madness past, as it appeared in my column in the Star:

“They took about 40 cases of warm soda pop in liter bottles and shook ’em real hard and then continuously sprayed the crowd with them,” Nigro said then.

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