Hearne: Did Blonde Have More Fun? Last Call Saturday!

Most indubitability…

As Saturday’s final farewell to fallen Plaza nightclub Blonde approaches, one last question looms large.

How wild was it?

“You want me to say the wildest thing I ever saw at Blonde?” backpedals former Blonde PR point man Will Gregory. “On the record? Why don’t you just make that my quote?”

Done deal…

Now a few more specific words of wisdom from a more forthcoming – if still media shy – regular at Blonde:

“Here’s a place with a swing by the bar, stripper poles and unisex bathrooms. You tell me what was going on…You didn’t necessarily have to leave the club to have sex…There was lots of sex going on at Blonde.”

But remember kids: Blonde’s farewell bash is being hosted by a new management team going into the space that hopes to reopen late this summer. Not the porn star importing former ownership group.

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5 Responses to Hearne: Did Blonde Have More Fun? Last Call Saturday!

  1. Anonymous says:

    classy people….I gave that place up years
    ago…real upstanding group of people.
    The same losers that hung out there when they
    opened are still hanging there today.
    They never moved up or on.
    Sex in bathrooms…wow…a unique idea.
    And where are those quality ladies now. Probably
    on that sight called the dirty.com getting their
    pictures put up there because they slept with
    e very one in town.
    Have you seen thedirty.com? My nephew showed it
    toi me. Interesting stories about the usual
    bar fly broads from blonde.
    But that site is brutal with comments. It
    makes hearne look like a creampuff.
    So hearne…get out of those nasty girl joints.
    They sleep with everyone and hopefully you don’t
    catch some disease that makes you go blind and
    you can’t post stories on this site that
    stimulate intelligent minds.
    I had my day…but I’ve moved on. Now hearne..
    you’re old enough to be those girls grandad.
    isn’t it time to go to the next level?
    HC: Jojo, hate to disappoint you, man. But I don’t hang with strippers, participate in public lap dances, have sex in bathrooms a-la one-night-stands, troll sex Web sites. Nada, Nor am I some sort of variation on a pedophile (did I mention I’m not gay? Yeah, guess I did). What I do is make the rounds and try and keep an eye on places like Blonde, Mosaic, etc. For the good of mankind, ya know? I realize, this will far from prevent you from going on and on about such matters. Which you are very much free to do. Far be it from me to allow facts to interfere with the fantasy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Blonde was a fucking joke when it came to REAL bad behavior. Compared to the good old days at The Red Apple or Bachelors III Blonde was cleaner than an ICU.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Johnny P
    I saw the pictures of the last couple of “farewell events” and I was rather unimpressed. It’s just like Power and Light as far as I’m concerned. Overpriced drinks and unattractive people. $30K millionaires is how it was and will always be known as.

    I’ll take hanging with the strippers at The Quaff any day of the week vs Mosaic or Blonde, or whatever they will be calling it when it re-opens.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gotta love the $30k millionaire toolbag bottle service connoisseur. Nothing better than a jackass who walks around in designer clothes and goes home to his twin bed in his grandmother’s attic.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Strippers at the Quaff? I’m in…what nights?

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