Tony: The Week They Found an Al-Qaeda Supporter in Kansas City

It was an interesting week in this cozy little cowtown. Not much changed but there were certainly noteworthy events that once again proved that hiding from the rest of the world is a local skill we’re still trying to perfect.

I’m not sure there was a grand theme to events in the news this week but they ran the gamut from slightly embarrassing to somewhat scary.

Let’s have a look:

1. They Found an Al-Qaeda supporter in Kansas City – I have always contended that Osama doesn’t care about this town. For the most part I stand by that assertion but this latest terrorist find was noteworthy despite the fact that even authorities claim he wasn’t planning anything deadly. Still, this discovery does speak to the fact that this town is filled with disgruntled people.

2. The Mayor Stays Losing – Schools First was probably the biggest dud of the Funkhouser Administration. An awards ceremony disguised as a town hall meeting and pep rally ultimately proved that neither the Mayor nor his wife have any support.

3. The Mayoral Candidates Are Coming Out Of The Woodwork – Council Lady Deb Hermann had her kickoff this week and Missouri State Rep. Leonard Jonas Hughes threw his hat into the ring. These won’t be the last folks to get into the race but this week they proved that the Mayor spot in this town is pretty much empty.

4. Everybody went crazy over Mudfest – Seriously, if I read one more thing about the week old concert I’m gonna tear up a local park.

5. The Royals aren’t losing so badly – It’s not gonna make a difference but it’s sorta nice and signals that we can all have a bit of hope for the future in terms of not finishing dead last.

Tony Botello.
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