Hearne on the Street: Can’t Can Aggie

It’s been a long, lonely ride this week for KC parks commish Aggie Stackhaus

After solo knee-jerking into a rant about kicking Rockfest out of Penn Valley Park following last weekend’s mud fest, Stackhaus found herself on the receiving end of some major league public spankings. By no less than longtime Kansas City politico and former parks commish Bob Lewellen, KC mayor Mark Funkhouser and the Kansas City Star.

Oh and a gentleman by the name of Johnny Dare

The Rock 98.9 FM power personality – the presenter of Rockfest – literally chainsawed Stackhaus on the air, setting off a tidal wave of support for the event’s return to the park next year.

Stackhaus is also the parks board member who threw gasoline on Waldo’s Sunnyside Park dog park controversy. In addition to adding to the public ugliness of the argument, Stackhaus again was in direct opposition the Funk’s views on adding a dog park at Sunnyside.

Raising the question of why Hizzonor doesn’t just can his controversial choice?

“Well, the way it’s set up the mayor appoints the park commissioners and of all the mayor’s appointments this is the main one,” Lewellen says. “But once the mayor appoints a parks board commissioner, he can’t fire them without the approval of the City Council. Remember, he had the entire parks board in his office one time a few months ago reaming them out and (Aggie) didn’t even show up.”

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2 Responses to Hearne on the Street: Can’t Can Aggie

  1. Anonymous says:

    Added to the “public ugliness” of the argument? I hate Aggie as much as anyone, but aren’t you the guy who hired that asshole Tony’s Kansas City, who “added to the public ugliness” by making racist, homophobic slurs against the dog park proponents on his blog, and even going so far as to insult their weight and fashion choices (which is really funny coming from him since I hear he’s a fat slob who wears ratty old ugly T-shits.)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Katie in KC
    It could be a really ugly week, with the Park Board meeting Tuesday. Will someone please muzzle Johnny dare?? And of course the Funk is so impotent, he cannot fire Aggie, because he can’t muster 7 votes on the council–even tho if you read the weekly reader that Gloria puts out, his #1 goal is a better working relationship with the Council!!!

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