Hearne: Filthy Restroom at Union Station Harkens to Cutbacks

Tetanus shot, anyone?

Readers of the Kansas City Star know you can’t cut half the staff and not pay the price.

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9 Responses to Hearne: Filthy Restroom at Union Station Harkens to Cutbacks

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe some disclosure is in order? And for what it’s worth the crappers at Jardine’s aren’t exactly the most pristine devices to pee or poo in.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Eww, harkens back to bathroooms in many old bldgs, Fina stations and also the landing of certain Plaza shopping center parking lots. Not so good when going to a nice dinner out.

    Can’t think of anything besides unkept wait servers to make one not want to return to a nice venue.

    But I’ll point something out… we Americans are just so spoiled. Imagine most large cities, expecially in Asia and the third world, as well as earlier America before modern sanitation was built into city infrastructure.

    you can bet from 1900 backwards, all cities stank to high heaven, rats were as common as cats and in fact kept the cities clean. our little 21st century noses have become very spoiled indeed.

    I got one for ya. How many restaurants just top off the Ketchup and Mustard containers day after day after day. Could it be that the ketchup at the bottom of old restaurant containers was put in there back in 1959? and they keep just adding to the top?

    And subway sandwich people touching everything in those plastic gloves which don’t help the patrons, only keep the employes hands clean underneath? And fast food girls who handle paper soda cups from the rims where we put our mouths? And wiping down all surfaces with the same dirty rags?

    We could stand some clean patrol in KC. Sorry for the bad picture…but a tidy dining room doesn’t always make for a tidy kitchen. Wish restaurants had the same germfree standards as hospitals and dentists and those who draw blood at the dr’s office!

  3. Anonymous says:

    radioman, if you pay close attention, they change the gloves ALL THE TIME! While i don’t work at a Subway I’ve worked enough kitchens to know that employees don’t like to wear them, so the first opportunity they are in the trash! So yeah to do help the patrons. Especially from dirty nasty hands! Also it’s pretty rare these days to get a cup filled by a ff worker. Most are automated systems so they never touch the rim of cup. Or they are self serve.

    Kitchens are 100X cleaner than you probably ever know.

  4. Anonymous says:

    newbaum turk
    Why oh why will they not put a world-class aquarium in there? It is the perfect location and probably the only thing that will save it. Such a beautiful building and this city is going to let it go to shit. Again.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Run or own a restaurant and then call me back on your perfect cleanliness techniques. It’s all about 160 degrees baby. You touch it with bare hands, then it has to be cooked to 160… But wait… watch the Food Network and you see them paw all over the dish before it hits the judges..Again, run a restaurant and call me back…

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Last Word
    Sorry guys but I’m smarter then all of you and I’ve run restaurants. First let’s take care of a myth. Gloves are a public relations tool that have absolutely nothing to do with cleanliness or prevent disease. Ah let’s see what are some ingredients that cause the spread of disease…..heat……moisture…they would qualify. And what do gloves cause……your hands to get hot and sweat. Which would be heat and moisture.

    Another thing our research has found is just as the gloves give the public a false sense of security it does the same for the employee. Therefore they are scratching their hair etc with the gloves on.

    Finally their is real debate in regards to the kinds of cancer plastic can cause. Note the research into baby and water bottles.

    Next time you are at a restaurant don’t worry about the hands of the staff. The biggest germ and bacteria carrier is a persons….. watch. when was the last time you cleaned your watch…..exactly.

    Smarter then smart man.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If the future Mrs. Christopher(?) was looking for a BATH-room, then Union Station’s bath spas’s are long history. Now if she just wanted to take a leak or do the wild thing with Hearne in the stall then what the hell was she expecting?

  8. Anonymous says:

    The Bathroom by the elevators are nasty, the ones down at the end of the great hall are better if I remember right.

    As to the George Gusetello comment, I’m not sold on this guy. Union Station has continued to go downhill since he took over. My gut tells me he’ll turn Union Station into an office building. He is closing the Harvey House diner, and leasing the space to a bank and leasing any other piece of office space he can.

    If Union Station is part of the Smithsonian, why not hit them up for more funding? Go big or go home, George. Stop nickeling and diming the KC community. Have a plan, don’t close things…especially historical parts of the station.

  9. Anonymous says:

    don’t hang out in restrooms. Usualy try to
    get in and out quickly!
    Don’t do an inspection of restrooms…don
    ‘t touch the handles…wash my hands
    thoroughly for 1 minute with hot water.
    Hearne…is this the best youvcan do…
    stories about restrooms in a failed civic

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