Joe Miller Flashback: The Steve Glorioso Files

The following story ran in the KC Downtowner and is reprinted with the permission of author Joe Miller:

The Glorioso Emails: Portrait of a City Hall Troublemaker

The overwhelming majority of Kansas Citians think the politicos at City Hall fight too much and that it
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3 Responses to Joe Miller Flashback: The Steve Glorioso Files

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great piece! There is a reason they call politics “Bloodsport” The reason that Steve exists is that no one has had the balls to take him down. There are dozens of Steve Glorioso’s in Chicago, NY and Philly. The only reason he’s a BIG BULLY in KC is because everybody else in the political sandbox is a big pussy.Guys like Rahm Emanuel and Dick Cheney eat guys like Glorioso for breakfast and shit them out before lunch. You gotta have sharp elbows to play in politics and you have to give as good as you get.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Tonia Kitch
    I truly appreciate this post. Want more.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    I think Glorioso is a political twerp who thinks he is a Northend Don. All he does is try to stay relevant, no matter what. He has no consistent belief system. His number one client is himself. I cannot believe people actually pay this guy. I believe you could hire the guy who slept with your wife and trust him more than Glorioso.

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