Hearne: Anatomy of a Nightclub Murder; The Blonde File

The painfully long, slow goodbye for Plaza nightclub Blonde continues…

New operators of the space – not the actual dudes from Blonde who were 70-plus grand behind in rent at year’s end — continue to host farewell bashes this weekend and next. When that’s up, the space will close with tentative plans to reopen in September with a new name and concept.

But it won’t be Luna. That’s the monicker chosen for the reopening next month – by the same folks behind the new Blonde – for the former Dolce at 1520 Grand.

Time for a quick flashback. To what it was that made Blonde – at least for about half its not quite five year run – KC’s most smashing dance club/ultra lounge success story.

“I worked the door at Blonde’s opening because I had the guest list and I’ve still got it,” says former Blonde PR point person Will Gregory.

The skinny on the grrrl in the monitors blowing out the candles:

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4 Responses to Hearne: Anatomy of a Nightclub Murder; The Blonde File

  1. Anonymous says:

    the plaza coke dealers and prostitutes are
    also contributing to this shmoozefest.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I seriously doubt that Blonde “made” millions of dollars as in “net income”.
    The coke dealers, now that’s another story. Always amazed me the cops never busted the place.

    Even in a short five year run you don’t go from making “millions” to falling behind $70K on rent.

    Blonde failed because there aren’t enough REAL high rollers.that could afford to play their bottle service game.

    It’s cool to flash the Onyx Amex that mommy and daddy gave you, but mommy and daddy didn’t get, I mean stay, RICH paying two-fiddy for a thirty to fiddy dollar bottle of hooch with their trust fund money.

    Best looking people? That’s a stretch that’ll split Oprah’s sweat pants.

    I went to Blonde several times and the mix of hotties, blue blood inbreds, and chubby’s was no different than any other local “hotspot”

    I’ve heard at least 50 stories of people with buyers remorse after looking at credit card recipts the morning after for two, three even one for TEN GRAND.

    If you have FU money, that’s one thing. When you make 100K and drop 10% of your gross in one night. TOO DUMB TO LIVE.

    Blonde had more to do with killing itself than the P&L did.

  3. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    For once I agree for the most part with smartman. No nightclub MAKES millions, they do milllions in gross income but the net is low like ten to twenty percent at best. Most clubs are happy just to pay their bills and owners salary.

    Thye did have a nice run, but needed upgrades and oder killers, the place smelled of old booze spills and lack of air conditioning in the end. No real out front guy that mattered much and so on…Plaza needs a hot club, maybe the redo will work for a year or two. I understood Vivid owned it, the porno company?

  4. Anonymous says:

    We may not always agree Craig but I do repect you and your opinion.

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