OTC: Delany’s Words Require Explanation From Kietzman

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Well put re: KK. He is what he is, and he’s been pulling crap like this for a while. When I heard his “scoop” I merely rolled my eyes and waited for someone credible to report it. Of course, nobody did.

  2. Anonymous says:

    but greg…he’s on the national radar…owns
    a profitble radio station (when almost none
    are making money)…he got huge audience
    increases during the week of this story….
    was mentioned nationally as a source….became
    the talk of the local sports scene…and he
    kicked his competitors a$$ for months.
    And Hall…remember this as a sports jounralist..
    99% of all sports stories are based on
    b.s/conjecture/speculation/fortune telling/
    innaccurate information etc…lets give some
    you wrote was basically wrong. Most of those
    stories qouted fake or unknown sources only to
    be 100% wrong.
    WHO FIRED HILLMAN: you wrote tons of info on
    this. Noone knows who actually kicked out
    hillman or why. You wrote from numbersous
    sources that it was this or that.
    Your blogs are filled with b.s. Lets be honest
    sports stories relie on b.s. to be interesting
    because we’re all just guessing and trying
    to predict the future.
    Even in this story you qoute some “unnamed source” you don’t know shit about from a
    reporter in OMAHA who qouted a guy because he’s
    an observer and he’ll be attending the big 10 meetings. WTF is that about. And who’s this
    secretive source. The bellboy in the hotel
    who heard the big 10 oficials talking in the
    elevator while he carted their bags.
    Journalists everywhere depend on “unnamed
    sources” for stories. They protect hose sources
    for whatever reason there is. But all sports
    stories are based on b.s. and speculation.
    I’ve heard so manystories about lebron going
    to clippers/nets/knicks/staying incleveland/
    on and on from unnamed sources who don’t know
    shit about what’s happeing.
    If Kietzman pulled this off…good for him..
    his rating skyrocketed..his station had a huge
    jump in audience…the ad revenues probably
    spiked and isn’t that what the media business
    is about.
    He kicked 610’s ass…and he’ll probably end
    up making disbelievers like you look like
    jack asses.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m willing to bet his source was Kevin
    Harlan who earlier this year on whb predicted
    that the big 10 would expand and that missouri
    would b3e an excellent choice. Think kevin
    has info? Think kEVIN might have access to people
    who know what’s going on isnide. You damn well
    know as one of basketballs top announcers/
    jsut wait and see….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Just another incredibullshit story from KK. He’s nothing more than an uber-cornpone hack. He’s Spencer Pratt with a radio station. To quote Donny Osmond, “Go Away Little Girl”

  5. Anonymous says:

    smartman…kk isn’t going away…too much
    and for you limbaugh followers…he’s the
    best at b.s. full of lies and misinformation
    but he knows how to stir up the pot…create
    a media frenzy about himself….bring in
    listeners and make millions of dollars.
    Thats what talk radio is about…entertaining/
    and money.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I’d be surprised if Texas joins the Big 10, and it’s about control. Texas can dominate the Big 12 politically and economically, but would not have similar clout in the Big 10, even with population shifts, because UT would be the outlier. Michigan and Ohio State counterbalance what Texas could offer and are the incumbent powers in the Big 10.

  7. Anonymous says:

    jojo Says:
    My real name is Kevin Keitzman.

  8. Anonymous says:

    i wish i had his job…work 4 hours a day..
    big money…no i am not kevin kietzman…
    just an unbiased observer…
    and the factgs speak for themselves…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Jojo, I could give two shits about Rush Limbaugh, maybe three since I ate at Dos Hombre’s last night.

    KK is a liar, flat out. He fabricated the whole story. He has no honor or integrity. Money can’t buy that for him. If he were any more self centered he’d be a gyroscope.
    If he were just normal talent at any self respecting radio station he’d be whacked or given some time off without pay for fabricating a story of such proportion.

    He will NEVER achieve what he wants, a syndicated radio show or a TV program like REAL SPORTS on HBO.

    His quarter mil salary ain’t shit in the BIG TIME. And if it weren’t for Jerry Green putting up the dough he’d be reading on air PSA’s in some barn in western Kansas.

    KK owes more of his success to others than to his own talent or hard work.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Who listens to either 810 or 610 to catch breaking scoops? Thanks to the internet, big news goes directly from source to the people – with no “unnamed sources” which are truthfully nothing more than gossippy whoooahhs. If you tune in tosports talk radio, it is for the entertainment that comes from the kind of crap that KK pulls, and that pulls you back in to listen today. What has Nick done to cause people to want to listen to 610? What do we care what he thinks about the competition.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    KK is such a liar, he has to have someone else call his dog.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Or, Delany’s comments might just be a big smokescreen.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Creighton Coover
    Jo Jo you said that you were an unbiased observer. That’s a freaking laugh. You are defending KK like he’s your boyfriend. As others have said this is just another case of KK reporting news and then when it doesn’t happen the way he “reported” he acts like he never said anything. Speculation is a part of sports and he does this every day. This story was something different becuase he reported it as news – not speculation. It was picked up by ESPN in fact and has been referenced in papers across the country. Delaney has refuted KK’s report now. Do you really think KK knows more about what the Big 10 wants to do than Jim Delaney?

    BTW, Kevin Harlan is hardly a good source for news. If you recall Harlan also said the NCAA tourney was for sure expanding to 96 teams. If KK used Harlan as his “source” then that’s his own fault.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The REAL backstory on this is that the NCAA has told all of the conferences to take a chill pill. The NCAA wants to get their greedy hands on some of this money that goes straight to the conferences. The BIG PICTURE, long term, involves a realignment of the major NCAA D1 schools into something that resembles NFL-like divisions and conferences that ultimately leads to a legit playoff, (payoff in NCAA speak), system).

  15. Anonymous says:

    That smell of smoke isn’t from the Smoke and Fire spot on 810 but from Kevin’s reputation as any sort of credible journalist.

    Ptolemy is correct, I’ll gather information from the web and multiple sources than from some hack spouting out lies to garner some slice of a radio listening audience.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Cousin Eddie
    KK’s baseline has ALWAYS been and will ALWAYS be this: Week one, get the MU & KU listeners to hate on KSU. Week two, get the KU & KSU listeners to hate on MU. Week three, get the KSU & MU listeners to hate on KU. Week 4, get all listeners to hate on all Texas schools & Notre Dame. Week five, repeat process.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Bob Loblaw
    What I’m LOL’ing about is all the people who are taking Delaney’s and Beebe’s denial as the truth and then saying, “see, KK lied!” Seriously, WTF knows? Does KK have inside sources? Of course he does. Is the B10 and B12 going to deny everything until THEY officially announce it? Of course! It’s just a wee bit too early and no one really knows what the hell’s happening behind closed doors, so to yell out “Liar!” is laughable. Especially Nick Wright. It’ll be one helluva a funny moment when the B10 announces that, indeed, Mizzu and NU are leaving the B12 for the B10.

  18. Anonymous says:

    KC Fan
    KK’s track record is there for all to see. Ask Chiefs Head Coach Mike Shanahan or K-State Football Coach Gary Patterson. This won’t be the first big story KK got wrong, and it will not be the last either. I will give him credit, he got talk radio all over the city talking about this story.

    I have been pessimistic about this Big Ten Expansion. Why would schools like Michigan and Ohio State want to split up their money pie even more, when there’s very little to gain. They don’t gain much in TV homes by bringing in Missouri and Nebraska. That is just a fact. In the end, I see cooler heads prevailing, and the Big Ten takes one team and gets their football championship game.

    BTW, don’t hold your breath on a NCAA Football playoff. I know that the Big Ten schools are against it anyway, and don’t want to lose the Rose Bowl.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    Like I said. Total bullshit. My source inside UB was on this like white on rice.

  20. Anonymous says:

    MoCreash has an excellent point. I don’t think there is any way Texas will go to the Big 10 because their political power wouldn’t be nearly as great. They’d be going against schools of similar size and similar endowments in states with similar populations. They can push around everyone in the Big XII and there is no way they could do that in the Big 10. Add in the fact that the state of Texas probably doesn’t let them go anywhere without taking, at a minimum, A&M (and Baylor managed to force their way into the Big XII before too) and Texas becomes tougher to manage.

    Also, one issue that would be a problem with Texas is travel, especially for non-revenue teams. If they add Texas, travel budgets for teams like tennis and swimming will go through the roof. It’s pretty easy to put the team on a bus if they have to go from Austin to Waco, but to have to go from Austin to Happy Valley, PA is going to be a bite and they’ll have to make that trip many times and Penn State will have to return the favor a lot. I’m not saying the added revenue wouldn’t offset those costs, but those teams will be a lot more expensive to run if they have a conference with a footprint that big.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got a better question……who cares? As Ptolemy said, who goes to local radio hacks for breaking news anyway?

    On a sidenote, I will be on vacation next week. Please continue to keep JOJO in check. Thanks in advance

  22. Anonymous says:

    NOW a silhouette? When was KK anything but a silhouette?
    Little factoid…
    One of the big wigs at the Big 10 Network is a KU grad and went to Immaculata High School in Leavenworth.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    KK made headlines and for a few weeks the whole city was listing to his show.

    Winner KK.


    That’s why he’s No. 1 in this city.

    810 scoops 610 once again!

  24. Anonymous says:

    KK is #1 because his competition sucks and his station has a huge signal that road reps can listen to all over KS, NE, IA, & MO.

  25. Anonymous says:

    WRONG, Mr. Olathe- Kissel nailed it. Sometimes the truth hurts.

  26. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    K.K. sucks

  27. Anonymous says:

    Old man Kissel?
    The Waldo rapist made headlines for months and the whole city was talking about him.

    Winner Waldo rapist


    That’s why he is number 1 in this city.

    With my deranged logic being bad at something and everyone saying you are bad menas you are the best.

    En route to the NUT HOUSE. 810 scoops 610 again and I suck K.K.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Old man Kissel?
    The Waldo rapist made headlines for months and the whole city was talking about him.

    Winner Waldo rapist


    That’s why he is number 1 in this city.

    With my deranged logic being bad at something and everyone saying you are bad means you are the best.

    En route to the NUT HOUSE. 810 scoops 610 again and I suck K.K.

  29. Anonymous says:

    He nailed it alright. I need some butt cream.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Bob Loblaw! How do you know whether he was right or wrong? The Big 10 wouldn’t have extended initial offers in secret if they wanted it to get out. Did people think they were going to confirm it or something? Here’s what happened. Kietzmann had his sources…but…I highly doubt even he thought it was a 100% absolute sure thing. Unless Alden told him himself. He was hedging his bet on sketchy evidence. The real announcement will be months down the line and if he’s wrong, only losers who follow KC blogs like us will care.

  31. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    I don’t like Kietzman. He comes across as a self-absorbed pompous blowhard — the sort of dude you would never want to know in real life. That being said, I find it hard to believe (as Nick Wright has accused) that Kietzman simply made up his story with absolutely no sources. I think he likely did have a source or two, although obviously it now appears that they were very bad sources (reflecting poorly on Kietzman’s judgment in running with them). If I’m correct, then Kietzman should come out and defend himself that way: Repeat that he did have sources, but that it now appears they were simply very wrong. You’d be surprised the impact that a little truth and humble pie from Kietzman might have on many listeners who can’t stand the guy.

  32. Anonymous says:

    With KK, I always go back to the scene from Howard Stern’s movie Private Parts. All you have to do is replace Stern with KK.

    Researcher: The average radio listener listens for eighteen minutes. The average Howard Stern fan listens for – are you ready for this? – an hour and twenty minutes.

    Pig Vomit: How can that be?

    Researcher: Answer most commonly given? “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

    Pig Vomit: Okay, fine. But what about the people who hate Stern?

    Researcher: Good point. The average Stern hater listens for two and a half hours a day.

    Pig Vomit: But… if they hate him, why do they listen?

    Researcher: Most common answer? “I want to see what he’ll say next.”

    Many KK haters what to see what he’ll say next. As Old Man Kissel says That’s why he’s No. 1 in this town.

  33. Anonymous says:

    According to this article, the reason the Big Ten wants Mizzou so badly has nothing to do with TV sets. (Cue jojo head explosion)


  34. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    Rage-Listening to drunks while you are trying to selling advertising above the men’s urinals does not count as “sources”. Anymore then the urine he got on his pants can be claimed as hazardous duty pay.

    John-You’re kidding right. Stern and K.K. Stern has hot naked chicks. K.K. has Danny and Frank Boal.

    And for the record. Rarely do I listen to K.K. more then 2 minutes per week. The last extended time I listened to him was when he and Scott Pollard went at it.

    So their blows your theory.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Not bragging but didn’t I tell you all this was a non story months ago?

  36. Anonymous says:

    The sky is falling the sky is falling the sky is falling

  37. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissell
    810 scoops 610 again

  38. Anonymous says:

    That’s a stupid article by an ignorant “journalist” from Oklahoma…and I’m a KU fan. I hate Mizzou but I’m not stupid enough to believe some slam-job by a Oklahoma writer worried about his own team’s future. I’m the last one to agree with Jojo’s “greatness” assertions about MU football but at the same time I know they’re not BAD…or a whipping boy. I DO think that the switch to the Big 10 could kill their Texas recruiting but if you put MU in there right now and let’s say they keep their recruiting line in Texas open…they would be more than competitive. I don’t understand why everyone wants to defer to the Big 10 as a great football conference anymore. They got their teams sure…but do you really believe anyone in there except for OSU has a chance to win it all every year? And they’ve only won once and completely shit their pants in their other tries. Michigan is down, Penn State is above average but a lesser threat nationally. Wisconsin is perpetually overrated to start the year and blows it again and again. Who else is there? Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota? There middle pack is decent but nothing great and has no chance at a NC. Plus, what a lot of Big 10 expansion nuts are forgetting is this…big game Tressel is going to have to win a conference championship to get into the NC now. NO TEAM HAS HAD EASIER ROADS TO THE NC GAME THAN OSU. That’s over and the Big 10 will certainly cost itself a shot at the big one by adding that game. Okay I’m a bit lost from my original point…but think about this: if the Big 12 didn’t have a conference championship game and Oklahoma didn’t expose Mizzou in 2007-08, MU WOULD HAVE BEEN PLAYING OHIO STATE in the NC!!! Does this guy in Tulsa even know that happened less than three years ago? I mean they were one game away from playing a Big 10 opponent in the NC and he’s going to call them the pick to join because they will be a pushover. Hell even a Jayhawk ain’t buying that bullshit!!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    Nothing is going to come of this, Big XII will be intact for at least the next 5 years. How dumb does Jojo feel right now? Jojo, you didn’t spend those billions of research $$$ MU was going to get for going to the Big 11? Call us when you beat a Big XII South team or make a Final 4. All Columbia is is a place to piss on the way to St. Louis….

  40. Anonymous says:

    UT wouldn’t go to the Big 10 for athletics, it would be academics only. For schools that have their own TV deal outside the league, it doesn’t mean a huge increase in revenue. UT is starting their own TV network. KU is getting 17 million next year for KU’s local TV, coaches shows, internet rights, etc. The biggest deal is the CIC research dollars. That’s the biggest reason a school should jump. There wouldn’t be enough money for KU or UT to give up local TV revenue to go to the Big 10 because you would have to give that revenue stream to the BTN.

  41. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, Ptolemy is correct: Who seeks breaking sports news from 810 or 610 when other, instant sources are available. This is sad because a good broadcast news operation can be as fast as any blog, and more reliable, when the proper resources are applied. Like TV “news” channels, the commitment is to personalities — hopefully those who can spike ratings — than anything having to do with resources. For Kietzman’s $250k (if that is the correct figure), a local station could hire five good reporters/talkers and turn them loose on the Chiefs, Royals, Jayhawks, Mizzou (gee, that would come in handy now) and any other organization of interest — and maybe even have a little high school coverage (beats anything going on at night if the Royals aren’t playing). If everybody is a pundit, who is checking on the facts.

    Bob Loblaw’s point is valid: Just because the powers that be deny a report which they wouldn’t want prematurely released doesn’t make that report invalid. It should likewise be noted that some of the beat reporters were skeptical of KK’s allegation.

    Only Kietzman — and maybe Chad Boeger — knows how well-sourced he was, except that he’s had a major story blow up in his face. It happens to all us; I’ve been challenged, thoughly rarely, on stories I’ve had right — but remained in limbo for awhile, twisting in the wind, for the game to play out. Here’s the deal, though, at least when engaged in a serious journalistic enterprise: If you blow the story, it’s your ass.

    I’ve always maintained that talk-oriented stations must have solid reporters, because reporters report and yakkers yak. Some can do both, but what Goliath is there who can do both well simultaneously — plus have a role in station programming and management?

  42. Anonymous says:

    can’t say Says:
    “And for the record. Rarely do I listen to K.K. more then 2 minutes per week. The last extended time I listened to him was when he and Scott Pollard went at it.”

    I call BS. Because almost every KK issue that has come up you and your ilk have come on and said how much he sucks. Haters always listen more then fans.

    Two min? More like two hours.

    So their blows your theory.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Who cares if he makes 250K. He went out on a limb when he helped start the station didn’t he? The guy is arrogant and pretty cut-throat but he gets the ratings and sells the ads…that’s what matters in his business. Why shouldn’t he reap the rewards? Plus, its ridiculous to say you could hire 5 good reporters for his $ blah, blah, blah…he started the damn station that would hire the reporters!

  44. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    John just because you say it doesn’t make it true. You sure you aren’t K.K.?

  45. Anonymous says:

    John please share with us specific dates and times when can’t say and or his ilk quoted Kevin?

  46. Anonymous says:

    can’t say Says:
    “John just because you say it doesn

  47. Anonymous says:

    I wasn’t necessarily recommending that approach for 810, but meant to use KK as an example. I give him full credit for his accomplishments, and I haven’t been one to jump on him for his Big 10 story. I don’t consider him credible journalistically, and he’s got a couple of annoying tendencies, but he, Boeger and Green have taken a moribund signal and made a dynamic station; a big part of 610’s problem is matching WHB for overall quality of programming. As I noted, Kietzman has had a big hand in it all, but the double-edged sword to that is that something has to give — and that’s been the reportorial end. When he breaks the story, rather than one of WHB’s reporting staff, I consider it suspect until confirmed.

    Now, KK is an established identity with a winning record, and a station should pay for that. But there’s a trade-off. It would make more sense for 610 to follow my suggestion; it’s hosts are young, low-rent talent which could be better suited for — a faster-paced, news-driven sports talk format (Hot Sports 610!) — with investment in multiple talent.

    The longer both Shan Shariff or Nick Wright talk uninterrupted, without significant contributions from others, the worse off they are. Punch the preset back and forth and the contrast in gravitas between their adenoidal posturing and the more mature — if no more perceptive — voices at 810 is staggering. It’s not a question of whether Shariff or Wright are bright, or even right, it’s that they lack audial heft and there’s no counterweight for balance. If 610 is going to effectively compete with 810, its overall talent budget is going to have to be comparable — and investing substiantially in single yakkers when so much more can be done to distinguish itself could be wasteful.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    KK is still right. Did you think Delany was going to say.. “Okay, you guys are on to me… We want NU and MU in The Big Ten.” If I was the Big 12 I would be quaking. The Big 12 is about to get hammered with departures. Delany had to say something, and he managed to spew BS about climates and demographics. He basically said… We are going to compete with the growing areas by having a Juggernaut conference.

  49. Anonymous says:

    Greg I know you love to bash KK, but you should check into the fact that MU has declined information requests by the star. Which is odd, being that it is a public university. I believe the reason was “contract under negotiation” Which leads one to believe…………….turn off your boy Nick and do some fact checking!


    GH: Sean, I kinda see myself as an equal opportunity basher. KK’s report was that MU, NU, ND and Rutgers have been invited to join the Big 10. They have not. What else do you want me to check?

  50. Anonymous says:

    to all my readers/disciples/fans…
    it seems you read all my posts which i appreciate. but not one of your spoonheads has
    any intelligent info to refute what i said.
    I have said that if mU moves its a fantastic
    move for the university. Economically/financially/athletically and
    academically. Its a huge step for MU and if
    it happens it will raise the prestige of the
    university ten fold. Its simple…not a point
    of argument..e veryone can agree that this
    would be a huge step to becomeing a better
    overall institution.
    I said also here that kk’s goal is to entertain
    and attract listeners. Its simple. Increase
    the audience…increase the ad reveneus and make
    lots of money. Simple..no argument.
    but now all of you who listen…and follow
    this guy are quoting him verbatim and getting
    all fired up over his comments…mentioning his
    name..increaseing his audience…thats what he
    wants…and he acoomplished that.
    All sports reporting is based on “unnamed
    sources”…private conversations…off the
    record comments so his is nothing new.
    So kk love it. He’s the talk of the sports
    world in this town…every tv station is
    qouting him…his name is out there like never
    before and having talkedwith the management
    people at whb things are going big time.
    This is what the media/radio biz is about…
    getting listeners…making money.
    So thanks for continuing to qoute me almost as
    much as you qoute kk. I’m loving seeing all
    ytou people getso excited about what I say.
    Thanks…keep reading my comments and thanks
    for the mentions…take care…

  51. Anonymous says:

    can’t say
    John I listen to 1510 Mike and Mike on the way to work. Working when K.K. is on. Business radio on music. Which would be the exact opposite of the dribble that K>K> gives out. But thanks for asking K>K>….ahhh I mean John. Please continue to delude yourself into believing K.K. is another Stern and EVERYONE is listening to him.

  52. Anonymous says:

    HUMOR is the major thing lacking in local sports talk, in my opinion.

    St. John’s probably is the most consistently listen-able local show because it at least tries humor every so often.

    Chris and Cowboy were refreshing because they tried humor.

    Bill Maas works because he can be humorous.

    Jim Rome is an acquired taste, but his show can be really entertaining and funny.

    The old KY102 Morning Show with Max, Tanna, Moffit and TJ Price in the late 80’s and 90’s was hysterical.

    Maybe the 2 most successful and popular political hosts of all time, Rush and Savage, can both be very funny…especially Rush back in the late 80’s and early 90’s.

    Where’s the humor in local sports talk????

  53. Anonymous says:

    NO PLEASE GOD. I don’t want humor. I don’t want sarcasm. Yes a little wit is good. But please no guys that want to be stand ups. If you want humor let the callers be humorous. I still laugh at the Crazy Ray calls. It was hilarious because he wasn’t trying to be funny. The Jim Rome call with the cow in the background….FUNNY. Chris and Cowboy-NOT FUNNY. St. John thinks he’s funny. Maas can be funny.

  54. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Nick… Because sports aren’t funny man. They are freaking life or freaking death. Where are you coming from nick? Humor? There is nothing funny about K-State football nick. People have bets on this stuff nick. Come on..

  55. Anonymous says:

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