OTC: Is Ned Yost The Skipper w/ The Most?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Dayton Moore is not Niccolo Machiavelli. David Glass is not Sun Tzu. Dan Glass is not The Prince. Ned Yost is more Gomer Pyle than George Patton. Billy Butler might as well be Billy the Butler. To quote Dennis Green, “They are who we think they are.”. The Royals put a new valve stem on one tire with this shake up. NOTHING else has changed.

    Moore will probably get whacked at the end of the season. So we’ll start next year with a new GM and Manager and the the whole 5-7-10 year plan all over again.

    Phil Collins? Great drummer, musician and producer. Wrote the most juvenile lyrics of all time. Makes Kelly Urich look like Hunter Thompson.


    GH: I saw Hunter on one of ESPN the other day. I think he was interviewing Ricky Williams or somebody in ‘Nawlins. He was definitely a better writer than TV interviewer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Greg, AGREED! Hunter had no business being anyplace except behind a typewriter. He was a brilliant journalist for the biggest part of his career and had the good sense to blow his brains out when he knew he wasn’t relevant anymore.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Unless the Royals effect a significant turnaround, I don’t see Yost as the long-term answer. He’s probably the best the Royals could hire at the moment, and he did well in developing young talent in Milwaukee — which hopefully he can do here (I think Yost was probably in the right job before Hillman was canned) — but “Nervous Ned” probably doesn’t hold up too well during the heat of a pennant race.

    Which presents this conundrum for Glass and Moore: if the Royals play more competitively the rest of the season, how do they drop Yost if they don’t view him as a championship-caliber manager?

    I think Moore made the decision on the strongest possible suggestion of the Glasses, rather than on his own initiative; Hillman probably could have been kept if Moore had put his job on the line for him, but loyalty and affection have their limits. In so doing, Moore took ownership of that decision, which would explain his conflicting statements. It’s perhaps a little disingenuous for Moore to say it was “his” decision to fire Hillman, but it WAS his decision to not stand firm to keep Hillman. There may be some guilt seeping through this, too, with Moore thinking he’d thrown Hillman under the bus — although Hillman had been walking roadkill for close to a month.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I disagree that KC fans don’t care about winning. Compare the attendance numbers during the Royals’ prime (well above the league average) with current numbers (well below). Yes, many of us will still make it out the stadium once or twice this year and have a good time, win or lose. But more people would go more often if the team were any good.


    GH: I agree that the attendance numbers would skyrocket if the Royals ever returned to their winning ways. But that was a generation ago and quickly slipping into two gens removed. It is tough for a town to take that much losing and still smolder for greatness.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Frankly, Greg, I really couldn’t care less if the guy is friendly to you guys or not. Not in the least. If he can find a way to win baseball games, I’ll choose him over the local media in a heartbeat…


    GH: My wish for him to be more media friendly has nothing to do with making the media’s job easier. I am interested in his willingness to open up to a beleagured and dying fan base by talking to the media in a friendly or at least eager manner. Think Roy Williams and Bill Self. I find it much easier to root for a team when I like the coach than when I do not. If Yost is an arrogant ass with the media, he better win…a lot.

  6. Anonymous says:

    HALL WRONG AGAIN…look how when the chiefs
    after horrible years caught fire when they
    brought in marty and carl…
    this town needs a winner. We’ve got plenty
    of low life losers…like tony and you who are
    always bashing stuff.
    I predicted in april that evnetually the
    team would get hot. Mayvbe its right now..
    maybe its their time. The royals haven’t had
    what I refer to as “luck” butwhich you never
    talk about.
    They’ve brought in players who had good years
    ‘and once with the royals they implode.
    (crisp/jacobs etc.). No breaks or luck for the
    royals. No breakouts last year but we’re getting
    a few this year.
    Pod/aviles/bettancourt (coming on strong now)…
    this kid woods…these are the breaks they
    have not gotten with their players.
    Maybe this is it. Maybe this is the breakout…
    but you’ve never owned your own business
    so you wouldnt underxstand this.
    A company/team needs opportunities in which to
    cash in. the royals havent cashed in on
    opportunites or they had bad luck/no skills
    in accessing those opportunities.
    Whether it was moore or gblass…you need only
    look at the stats to see that glass is spending
    reasonable money on this team. To spend more
    would be like the hearne bringing in the top
    writers for his site. He can’t afford that so
    he goes with low salary writers. He carves out
    a couple hundred readers…subsidizes his
    site with hisvown money…and builds a base of
    advertisers he caters to with special interest
    It’s economics. In todays world we’ve seen what
    wild investment and high risk rolls can do
    to a company. So I’m taking the bet that
    maybe with some luck and breaks like we’ve seen
    the year might end up pretty good for this
    It’s all we have. And again…there’s nothing
    like going out to the ball park and watching
    baseball…except maybe this season will
    be different.
    There is hope.

  7. Anonymous says:

    also hall…name 3 managers who failed at
    their previous teams but went on to win
    world series with a new team.
    Yost may havebeen fired…and he may just be
    a stop gap for this team…but maybe this is
    more the situation he needs to be a great
    I know the previous brewers owner…and he
    was one tough guy to work for. His duaghter
    was even tougher.
    Maybe this is ned yosts perfect place to be.
    we’ll see..hopefully he succeeds and we
    get a team that makes this town proud again.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jojo I don’t know if you mean there hasn’t been or that there has…but here’s three anyway
    CHARLIE MANUEL, fired by Indians, won w/ Phillies
    JACK McKEON, fired by Kansas City, Oakland, San Diego, won w/ Marlins
    JOE TORRE, fired by Mets, Braves and Cardinals, won w/ Yankees

  9. Anonymous says:

    I was feeling pretty good about my love for Phil Collins listening to SSJ yesterday morning. Until Duke Frye called in. I can’t believe I think like Duke Frye.

  10. Anonymous says:

    stevo…thanks…shows that just because a
    manager is fired that they can’t win the big
    one in the right situation.
    Yost is 3-1…which is damn good start…
    but the guy to watch is eddie rodriguez who
    has really gbot the team jumping.
    Watch the managers in the dugout…they are
    working with the players…getting into the
    game..hillman just stood there without doing
    anything to motivate his players.
    question is…why did moore take a chance with
    hillman and why did he stay with this guy
    so long.
    hopefully the wins continue…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Bob Loblaw
    Re: Attendance. Attendance would sky rocket if we start winning again. One needs to look no further than 2003 (wait … I guess that was a long time ago now). But, when they were off to a hot start that lasted until the All Star break, attendance numbers were huge and continued into September, even while the season was waining fast. 2004, arguably the worst season ever, started off with a huge spike in ticket sales based on 2003 optimism. Even last year (aided by the “new ballpark syndrome”, to a large degree) saw big attendance when the Royals started 18-11, and continued well into the sumemr (I think it still would’ve been high even without the renovations). Jeez, it’s like if they go on a 7-3 “tear” everyone suddenly flocks to the ballpark. It’s strange, but try as they might to squash it, Kansas City is still a huge baseball town that is dying for a winning team, even if it’s a lighting in a bottle type season that 2003 was.

    Re: Phil Collins. Obviously, old Genesis stuff was great. Early solo stuff was good, not great. And as all classic rock geezers tend to do, he drifted into adult contemporary crappery once he entered his 50s.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Duke Fry liking Phil Collins?

    I can TOTALLY see that.

    Some of Genesis is solid…Mama, Home By the Sea, Taking It All Too Hard, ABACAB, Follow You Follow Me, Turn It On.

    But songs like Invisible Touch, That’s All and Throwing It All Away start revealing the moslty crappy pop that Collins would later release solo.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Phill Collins segment was very entertaining…..especiall because St. John was the one talking. He is always very entertaining when he brings up stuff like that.


    GH: When I worked with SSJ at 1510, he was Google before there was Google. His brain contains an amazing collection of pop-culture facts that he can spew out as if he were reading them. No one I have met knows more about actors, musicians, music, movies and minor-league or little known sports figures than SSJ. His ability to recall names, scenes, movies, songs, bands, etc. is truly Rainman like.

  14. Anonymous says:

    GH: You know who sounds like he was at the presser on bring your kid to work day?

    LOL! Nice Hall!

  15. Anonymous says:

    David Glass could add another 30 million to the payroll and, (MAYBE), put a WINNER on the field. Place would be packed, hard ticket to get. BUT would he put any more money in his pocket? He’s got the perfect situation. Low investment, low risk, GREAT RETURN. As long as he thinks like a businessman instead of an ownder with FU money hellbent on winning a World Series what you see is what you get.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I chatted recently with a an ex-royal whom played under Trey Hillman. He didn’t have one positive thing to say about Trey. He was not well respected in the clubhouse and often mocked behind his back. Which is why I find it humorous when Dayton Moore refers to him as a great leader of men. He came across as a complete joke to me in his interviews and constant flip flopping on decisions. Hillman is more suited for minor leagues where he can get away with his minor league antics and teaching of the fundamentals.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    A few thoughts:
    -ESPN’s Bill Simmons says that Dayton Moore was given “carte blanche to retool the team”? Certainly he’s been given more than Allard Baird, but “carte blanche”? Don’t think so.
    -The Border Patrol is a very funny, entertaining show, oftentimes when they are not even talking about sports. Those guys really have a good thing going.
    -As a person whom I recall has recorded his own studio musical albums, Hillman should have broke into song at that final presser. Yippe-Kay-Yay Cow Patty!

  18. Anonymous says:

    Wait until K.K. finds out Duke Frye was on the radio……

  19. Anonymous says:

    GH: You know who sounds like he was at the presser on bring your kid to work day?

    Too funny. Anyone else get the sense everyone at 610 is trying too hard to make up for missing the press conference. Besides Wrights comments, I don’t know how often I’ve heard the words “exclusive” and “first” on 610 in the past few days (even when Dayton Moore was on every station…sometimes twice.) It reminds of me of when Trey Hillman didnt bunt with Billy Butler one night and turned around and bunted the next. You can’t make up for a missed opportunity.

  20. Anonymous says:

    And another thing..as for the former players lack of respect for Hillman….how often do you think the Royals players wanted to go Hanley Ramirez on him and mention he never played the game.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Bob Loblaw is the all-time greatest lawyer name in the history of television.

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