Tony: One More Week Of Kansas City Fail

I’m really starting to hate Kansas City.

This week featured a great many recycled dumb ideas and repeated futile gestures. During the last Mayoral election perennial candidate Stan Glazer proposed a Ferris Wheel akin to The London Eye on the river front to attract more tourists and revenue for this cowtown. In retrospect I don’t think it would be that bad an idea but not for tourism; just to remind locals that we always try the same failing strategies over and over in this town — And I think that’s the new age definition of insanity.

Still, it’s important to take a look at the week in local failure if only so we can be accurate in our repeated mistakes:

1. The Royals Rearranged Deck Chairs This Week: The Trey Hillman Firing was only a significant milestone for folks who don’t understand that this small media market and horrible ownership dooms this town to consistently mediocre teams. It’s really a horrible thought and I understand why so many don’t want to believe the obvious; that our financial situation predetermines destiny. This same principal applies to so many indebted suburbanites and impoverished urban dwellers. And maybe that’s why so many people don’t want to admit its veracity.

2. Schools First Is Just Plain Stupid – The Mayor doesn’t have any power, authority or credibility on The School District but he’s desperate to make some kind of progress. Already School Board President Airick L. West has made real change in this political sphere and the Mayor’s attempt to piggy back on progress is not only cynical but also doomed to failure. In the end, Funkhouser hasn’t had a bit of luck with ANY of his political aspirations and his foray into KCMSD issues seems just as foolhardy.

3. Clay Chastain Was Back In Town – I think he went back to Virginia this week but he won’t stay there . . . The persistence of this transit advocate has to be admired despite the fact that Kansas City keeps saying no.

4. Surveillance is the name of the day – The KCPD has moved beyond DUI Checkpoints. The daylight drivers license checks have netted some impressive arrest numbers but remind us that during periods of civil unrest it is ritual for societies to unwisely give up their liberties.

5. More Bureaucracy At City Hall Is Nothing New – The Development of the Capital Projects Office takes away power from Acting City Manager Troy Schulte and it’s ultimately the result of ongoing political vendettas among Council People with no leadership from the Mayor. This mess is now routine down at the Hall and it only gets dirtier as the election moves near.

So, while we will see variations of these headlines in the coming months, it’s worth it to realize that life in Kansas City is nothing more or less than disappointment on an infinite loop.

Tony Botello

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13 Responses to Tony: One More Week Of Kansas City Fail

  1. Anonymous says:

    You forgot to mention the lovely weather we are having. I hate this town too. First chance I get I am moving to Miami.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And Kansas City is really starting to hate you too!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rob Lane
    Tony like the Stan Glazer reference. He would have been many times better than any of the last five mayors who doomed this city. In fact, his son, Craig was going to run before he got in trouble for snortin coke, hey our current president did that too, so did Bush. I think Craig would have been the best mayor ever. His ideas were correct, too bad.

  4. Anonymous says:

    KCMO staffer
    Tony while I question both Glazers, Stan and Craig’s moral convictions, I have no doubt that either would have been much better than our last two mayors. Barnes and Funkhowser, had no presence to speak of, no real power. I think Stan or Craig would have gotten much more done. I hear them on KMBZ and KCMO, both have presence and chrisma, something needed now. I had the feeling they would have made it happen on shir desire and attitude.

  5. Anonymous says:

    While I agree that the Royals’ management is inept, the idea that “our financial situation predetermines destiny” displays incredible ignorance over the reality of the MLB economy.

    The Royals aren’t bad because they can’t afford to be good, since the MLB revenue split almost completely assures that all franchises make money — and the Royals are well in the black. In fact, they’re payroll is larger than many teams. It’s how KC has spent its money, which has been not nearly so wisely as the Twins and Rays, similar small market clubs, which has been the problem. That is not “predetermination.”

    Tony, stay away from sports. You know nothing about it and it makes you appear to be a slap-dab idiot.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, “their” payroll.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Whether you see the Glazer’s as charasmatic leaders or arrogant self serving blowhards the concensus inside political circles is that they would not have been able to effectively work with the city council and other civic leaders to more their agenda forward. To be a leader you have to have people that want to follow.

  8. Anonymous says:

    KY Fan
    I would have followed them, the Glazers. Then our city would have finally been kinda cool.

  9. Anonymous says:

    MERMAID: miami, according to republicans, is
    now a third world country.
    TONY: Was down at the power and light friday
    night and it was probably the best night
    I’ve seen. We went to a private party at hte
    drum room, then went to the Jones, talked with
    people who went to see Steve Harvey at the
    Midland, hung out and had a drink, enjoyed the
    nice cool weather, the crowds were great,
    and it was really a fantastic night.
    Don’t understand all this negativity you
    continue to bring.
    This city has and will always struggle with
    it’s identity. Its just alarge town…not a
    city. But that’s fine. I’ve seen the other
    cities in the country and they all face the
    same problems we have.
    Cities are broke…the bankers took care of that.
    Kansas City took a chance on several projects
    and they may not have worked out to this point
    as they were inteneded.
    However, I see lots of positives in kansas city.
    Its a great town…beautiful…no traffic
    problems…nice/honest people (most of them)…
    entertainment that fits almost any kind of
    taste…the plaza…suburbs that are as
    nice as any in the country…a new thriving
    downtwon (I think we need to look at the finacial picture in 5-7 years to really know
    if this was a success or not)…low cost of
    lving…low p[riced housing….a work base
    that isn’t held hostage to economic ups and
    downs…a great airport…opportunities…
    but to say that this town is on the slide I
    totally disagree.
    Its on the slide because you’re on the slide.
    You write this banter about all that’s wrong..
    but it is a tremendous city to calol home.
    Been to the Nerman Contemporary Art Museum..
    the zoo…been to kemper art….seen the
    incredible expansion of ku med and the bioscience
    industry in this town….you haven’t and thats
    why you are so concerned with spewing out
    hateful and nasty blogs.
    Of course we have our problems…crime…
    mruder…rape etc…but I’m guessing you could
    find 95% of that occurs within a 10 square mile
    So thnking that some bar owners/lawyers/
    etc. could run this town better is absurd
    and stupid.
    It takes brains/negotiating/people skills/
    economics/and ability to get things done.
    I live in the suburbs…hardly get out becuase
    of other committments…but I saw some real
    impressive things going on in this town.
    If mermaid doesn’t like this town…hit the
    road…if you thought we have problems wait til
    you hit florida and miami…now thats a mess!

  10. Anonymous says:

    jojo, How could you be in the P&L? In a recent post you said you never went further north in KC than the Plaza, because of the crime. What’s up with that?

  11. Anonymous says:

    had a private party…usually don’t venture too
    far north…heard about all the rumors and
    news about the power and light…was donwn
    there on friday…hadnt been there in a while..
    but I’ve got to tell you…it was buzzing.
    The bad news and all the crap about dress
    codes had kept me away…but it was alive
    and kicking.
    I hope it works out financially. Probably wo’t
    be a regular…but it was a great night and
    hopefully it is a huge financial success….

  12. Anonymous says:

    david miller
    I love and miss KC and always will. It’s a great city. Come to St. Louis sometime and we’ll walk around the ballpark village wchich was supposed to be our KCPandL district. Hmm, nothing there but a softball filed no one is allowed to play on. Schools? Gotcha there, too. Crime, ahem. So while St. Louis sits and waits, at least you guys are doing SOMETHING. If I could ever find my way back, I would, but alas, you go where the work is…

  13. Anonymous says:

    I’m just going to visit and do a little lookie loo at some houses check out the scenery and see where I might set up camp. Then figure out how to afford to actually do anything down there. Maybe get a couple roomates and start out low and work up from there. Just want to live where on the weekends it’s off to the beach!I will do it for a few years and see how it works if I don’t like it I can still come home to Old Kc!

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