Tony: Pro-Hockey Hates Kansas City

For the most part the Kansas City sports scene is amazingly pathetic and other than the people who are getting paid to follow it, I always wonder why anybody would waste their time.

Sadly, sports in this cowtown crosses over into to the political world because our teams are mostly run by vampires who must feed off of Jackson County to sustain themselves since JoCo and other suburban fans have their entertainment subsidized by a largely brokeass district. This sorry situation is the result of local politicos who constantly walk around with their hands out and for the most part elected officials who don’t have to make a phone call before casting their vote.

And all of this leads us to hockey in Kansas City Proper or the lack thereof.

For the record, Kansas City is a horrible market for hockey but that’s not the only reason the Canadian past time has never generated much excitement in River City.

First, let’s talk about demand. This headline accurately reflects the perception of this burg as a hockey town: “Queens For the New York Islanders? It Beats Kansas City.”

And then there’s the fact that Las Vegas stand far ahead of KC in terms of cities competing for the NHL and they’re really not that excited about the prospects of the sport for their town.

What’s required for this city to lure a franchise is to seriously grab ankle for a franchise in the hopes that it would generate revenue. As we’ve seen with the Power & Light District, that theory doesn’t really work. In the midst of The Great Recession it would nearly be unconscionable to ask voters to to forgo even more revenue for the hope of some future reward. That’s the great thing about hard times, it makes EVERYONE just a bit more skeptical. So, there’s the possibility that we’ll see another play for hockey at the Sprint Center but for the most part it’s nothing more than empty talk that is unlikely to convince voters who remember so many empty promises of a so-called “Renaissance” that never really happened.

Tony Botello
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4 Responses to Tony: Pro-Hockey Hates Kansas City

  1. Anonymous says:

    Collective Noses
    Neither article you’ve linked supports your point. Starting at the bottom, the tone of the LV article is that they are constantly mentioned as possible professional franchise destination yet it rarely materializes:

    “But Las Vegans know better than to get excited. Locals have heard talk before of teams considering Las Vegas”

    The first article is written by a free-lance writer and avid Islanders fan who doesn’t want to see his team relocated. The only tie-in is that Kansas City (as is Branson) are mentioned as possible destinations. The writer’s bio:

    “Michael Gasparino is a freelance sports writer and editor as well as a longtime Mets, Jets and Islanders fan who wears number 27 on his over-30 hockey and slow-pitch softball teams in honor of John Tonelli.”

    I think a more compelling story for you to consider is that inevitably a professional franchise will land at the Sprint Center. Which will be better supported (if at all), basketball or hockey?

    Given we’re in a dreaded period where both professional teams currently residing in KC are horrific, would adding a third team provide a nice distraction or an additional burden in terms of wanting to support the team. I personally don’t know that KC will support a third professional franchise (which may be your real point to this piece)

    Lastly, trying to lash out at local politicians because ‘pro-hockey hates KC’ is a bit of a stretch…don’t ya think?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah neither article shows why either of those towns would be a better fit than kc!

    Tony, leave the sports writing to the professionals. Heck if I were you, I’d leave all the writing to the professionals!

  3. Anonymous says:

    With the new strip club laws their will be a lot of dick-scratchinary money in the market. Ice hockey might just be the cold shower we need.

    With all the Mexicans in the metro it seems to me that bullfighting is a natural for the Sprint Center. That should be good for 30 dates a year.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Brutal. Neither of those stories tell us anything. Want a story that does, go to the link below as Winnipeg has what Kansas City doesn’t — both an area AND and owner. Yet, the NHL still whispers about KC.

    or just go here.

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