OTC: Hillman’s Firing & Its Aftermath — On The Royals & Media

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  1. Anonymous says:

    About that contract requiring 610 carry the postgame, that contract is with the Royals, not MLB or something, right? Did 610 think about asking the club “hey, we want to cover the game but the firing is what is going to drive the discussion tody so can we have your permission to just go straight to Hillman’s presser? Because your flagship station shouldn’t look like it’s getting beaten by its biggest competitor.” That might have solved the problem, no?

    And, Greg, what’s with all the nice stuff to say about Trey Hillman now that he’s gone? I tend to agree with your current assessment about how he went out classy and seems like a decent dude, but you heaped tons of abuse on the guy during his tenure here. And not just baseball-related abuse, which would be understandable. How many times did you refer to him as “The Nippon Nun” in columns past?


    GH: Hillman stopped wearing his strong religious convictions on his sleeve last season. His mention of God during his final presser Thursday was the first time I recall his even mention his holy rollerness. For that reason, I haven’t “Nippon Nunned” him in some time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    In all seriousness, HOW MANY TIMES must a Royals have to hear “re-build” and “it’s a long process”?

    Just ’cause Dayton Moore says it’s gonna take “8-10 years” doesn’t mean squat. WHAT IN THE HELL HAS DAYTON MOORE AND DAVID GLASS DONE IN THE LAST 15 YEARS TO MAKE US THINK THE ROYALS CAN FIELD A WINNING CLUB?

    It’s a broken record. In 2018 we’ll be hearing the same thing.

    The Royals are as relevant to me nowadays as the T-Bones.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fake Leawood John
    Hearne cries whenever he breaks a nail and he is your boss.
    GMDM not only had to fire a dear friend, but also had to accept his first major failure as GM. Nothing wrong with getting choked up a bit. It’s a natural human emotion that is ok.

  4. Anonymous says:

    LOL @ all the Royal fans who continue to even bother with this shitbag team. Anyone who follows the Royals under this current owner is as big of a loser as the Royals are. Find a new team to root for, rubes. You’ll feel better. Or don’t. That way I can continue to point and laugh at you. So can David Glass.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is that 8 to 10 years from today or from when Moore started this job? Because if it is 8 to 10 years from today, he should be gone too for not making any progress.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Eric, LOL @ people who use “LOL @ ____” when they have the power 9if not the ability or vocabulary) to type out whole words without limits on characters too, you front running Yankee/Red Sox/Lakers/Patriots/Penguins/SEC in football/ACC in basketbal “fan.”

  7. Anonymous says:

    We don’t need an explanation about why 610 didn’t cover the firing of Hillman. It’s because they are a bunch of amateurs. Nick is simply covering his ass. Do you really believe that in the same situation that Petro or Keitzman would have allowed the suits to keep them off the air. No way in hell.

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    There’s another sports station in town? I’ve heard of 610 sports. Is this a college station that originates from University of Phoenix in Overland Park?

  10. Anonymous says:

    glass has “a specific way of how they want to
    shell out the money”…
    like not shell it out…or use it for old/
    worn out players noone wants.
    No wonder this team stinks. Moore doesn’t have
    a chance with the glass family. He might just
    pack it in now.
    On the radio he said “with a little luck”…
    well moore the midgets gonna need a lot more
    than just luck to keep his job after this
    Hillman should never have been hired in the first
    place. And where were all those nipanese players
    he was going to bring over the ocean to play
    in kc. Did they get lost? Did they drink too
    much sake? Maybe they’re still in the mountains
    in new guinea thinking the war is still on.
    What a waste of 2 years and 7 months.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ditto what Eric said.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Who really cares who we hire for a manager. Really, no manager worth their weight would come here anyway, cause in two yrs they will be gone. I wanna see everybody react if we have a Tony LaRussa lose 9 games a season, or Joe Torre. The manager is just a scapegoat and YOU know it.

  13. Anonymous says:

    *** should be 97 games a season ***

  14. Anonymous says:

    ROTFLMAO @ Eric for reading a blog about media coverage of a team he doesn’t even follow. Please tell us again how you’ve stopped following this team…. Idiot. Ditto Olathecat.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Firing Trey Hillman is taking a gnat off an elephants ass. Until the Glass family involvement with this team is down to zero-nada-zip they will suck. Coaching the Royals is like getting invited to Auschwitz. It’ll be a REAL GAS!

    We’ve got more losers in KC than Las Vegas.

    Dear God, just in case you need to do a test run for The Rapture David and Dan Glass are available. Amen

  16. Anonymous says:

    I remember the Atlanta Braves teams of the 80’s that averaged 65 wins a season and were on the tube every night. I remember thinking what poor sap watches that team on tv or goes to those games? They are either stupid or dumb for following such a loser of a franchise. Would I do that if they were the Kansas City Royals? Who could do that and why would they?
    I just woke up and thats me following the Royals.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Greg I just don’t think you get it. Often the RIGHT things to do can still be a painful thing. For you its very black and white. Not performing. Butt is gone. No tears. No emotional commitment. That is what the boss is for.

    Greg if your parents get to the age where you KNOW they are a hazard and danger to both themselves and others if you allow them to drive…..won’t it still be painful to take the keys from them? Have you never had to discipline your kids…but it was still tough on you?

    Again you come from the old school where weeping and weakness go together. Were you not moved by Marty’s tears at Derrick going into the HOF? Or was that a sign of what a piss poor coach he was?

    When the coach has to tell that long time and successful football player that he just no longer has it any more you don’t think that is sad? Emmitt Smith ending his career in Arizona was not a sad thing to you? NO tears should be shed because hey now they are a has been?

    It’s always a sad day when things don’t work out. It’s sad for you because you have to start all over and you failed. It’s sad for the employee because he/she has been rejected.

    You say its a ridiculous statement that the royals failure for the last 16 years is not Trey’s fault. Well let’s turn that around. Explain how it is his fault they have failed for 16 years. I’m sure this will define ridiculous when you start to try to explain when Trey was in college he jinxed the Royals blah blah blah.

    You are twisting Trey’s words around when you claim he told the players twice that they were no good. No, what he told them was there was no one on the team that could carry the team so they had to work as a team. “It’s got to be a legitimate team effort.”

    You are acting like K.K. making up stories.

    You must of forgotten the Karen Kornaki interview last fall in which Trey talked a great deal about his faith and religion. You blasted Karen for it so its hard to believe you now think Trey was not wearing his religion on his sleeve last season.

  18. Anonymous says:

    HOLY SHIT! Do we need to get Tom Hanks to post here? THERE’S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!

    Brian’s Song…weep your ass off for days. Rerun’s of Dale Sr winning and or dying at Daytona, get a case of Kleenex. Ron Jeremy getting inducted into the Porn Hall of Fame, get me a Sham Wow.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Oh yeah, Mister Jesus just did Trey Hillman a HUGE favor. He just got him out of baseball HELL and away from Beelzebub the Owner and his bong hitting son.

    Whatever is next on his agenda I’m sure he will be better off than the Royals.

  20. Anonymous says:

    smartman, not even during “Bang the Drum Slowly”?

  21. Anonymous says:

    who cares about crying? why is everyone taking Hillman’s side now that he got axed? he was a painfully bad in-game manager and for all the talk of developing young talent…there is none to be seen…EXCEPT for the guys they held back so other losers could play. Mitch Maier, Mike Aviles…not that these two are the answer either. The problem with this whole thing is KC is a town full of pussies. Greg makes a perfectly valid point of “if you’re going to cry when you fire the guy, then why are you firing him,” and the pussified Kansas Citians jump to defend Moore. HE GOT FIRED BECAUSE HE WAS A TERRIBLE MANAGER!!! Who in their right mind would throw Meche 130 pitches in ANY game this year, let alone one where he wasn’t even in line for a win? Bunting in the first inning? Having players bunting on their own accord? Letting veterans do whatever they want…on a shitty team…whenever they want to do it. Buddy Bell lost more games than Hillman, but was a ten times better manager. And enough of Hillman’s “scorned soldier” routine. I don’t need to see or hear his droopy demeanor around KC again. You suck. You’re fired. That means leave NOW!

  22. Anonymous says:

    Gavin: Bang The Drum Slowly is OK. Bang The Drummer Slowly, NO CRYING!

  23. Anonymous says:

    The Lou Gehrig story?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Buddy Bell lost more games but was a better manager. Say what? Whats next. The Chiefs lost more games but were a better team then the Saints? Cleveland had a better record so they are better then Boston…though Boston just beat their butt 4-2. Please have some sense if u r going to post.

  25. Anonymous says:

    You can cry at a baseball MOVIE. In the damn game from sand lot, Little League, high school, college, A, AA, AAA, semi pro, penal league AND beer belly and or lesbian softball to MLB…. NO CRYING!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    SM Says:
    “We don

  27. Anonymous says:


  28. Anonymous says:

    Does old man kissel (kietzman) have to toot his own horn on every post here? It’s getting old.

  29. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t noticed anyone arguing that Hillman didn’t deserve to be fired. Some may getting rid of Moore and Glass, too, but there’s a consensus that Hillman was in over his head — most of us suspected that would be the case when he was hired. His deficiencies as a manager do not detract from his virtues as a man, and it is especially classless to kick a man when he is down. I liked him fine, even if I didn’t think highly of his abilities — nor as lowly as some, like Petro, whose baseball knowledge is limited to “Moneyball.” (Flash, Soren: There’s other ways to score than three-run homers, and Oakland hasn’t even sniffed the Series since Beane became GM.)

    Those of us who have been positions of hiring and firing people recognize what Moore was experiencing. True, his emotional bond with Hillman may have hampered his objective judgement, which served neither Hillman nor the Royals well. However …
    There’s nothing harder to do as a boss than have to let go as unsatisfactory someone who has tried so hard to do the job and is a good person to have around the shop. It’s easy parting with an asshole, deadbeat or genuine cancer; releasing those who’ve done everything you’ve asked — just not well enough — is painful. I completely empathize with Moore … and Hillman. I don’t want one back and am not sure whether the other should stay, but I do appreciate their humanity.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Nick Lies?
    I was listening to the breaking news on Thursday so I’ll say up front that I don’t know this as fact..but I heard that Nick Wright was on the air at 96.5 The Buzz when Dayton Moore was addressing the media, not begging to go on the air at 610.

  31. Anonymous says:

    GREAT POST MoCRASH. We’re on the same page. Ok Greg now that we took you to school on that the bigger question is. What no WNBA preview????? 🙂

  32. Anonymous says:

    T. Hillman?
    I think my involvement every year in Faith and Family day at the K shows that my beliefs and testimony were on display. Keep believing.

  33. Anonymous says:

    agree good post mocrash. I think the important thing is, regardless of his crying, Moore didn’t hold off too long. This was a spot on firing, that’s why there’s no uproar. Now it’s on him bc he blew his first hiring. I bet the next guy is gone before this team gets anywhere as well. And Moore won’t make it either. This team is still years away from being competitive. I say trade Zach for 3 bigtime prospects if they can. Not for anything less, but if you can get multiple impact players, I think the team as a whole would be better off.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t think Wright’s explaination of the contract flew either. In fact, I sent him a twitter message to that effect Friday at 3 right after he said that on the air. He has since blocked me as a follower on twitter.
    Wright likes to throw mud on the air, on twitter and on message boards but when someone throws some back he runs and hides. I have 0 followers by the way, no one even saw my tweet except for Nick.
    I have had other back and forths with some of the guys (including Shan) but not Wright. It made me curious so I did a search of some of his old posts on twitter and when another guy criticized him Wright’s response was “and thats why you have 3 followers.” As if some regular joe should have as many followers as a guy with a radio show to market his twitter account.
    It all reaks of immaturity and insecurity. If Wright throws barbs but cant take them maybe a public job like radio host isn’t for him.
    By the way, Royals on 980 today. So NASCAR is enough to boot the Royals off 610 but the manager getting fired isn’t?

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