OTC: Royals Fire Hillman / Someone Tell 610 Sports

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    Greg come on…….you are aming something out of nothing in regards to Dayton crying. Haven’t we passed the stone age of men don’t cry. What Keitzman didn’t cry when he canned you? I think that’s why he kept refusing to come to the lobby and look u in the eye was because he was so chocked up. Ok the last part is tongue in cheek. First part…you are way off base.


    GH: I cry and have no problenm with any gender shedding tears. But I have never cried while I am firing an employee who deserves to be fired. If Moore was that choked up over canning Trey he should have kept him.

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    Yost’s managing came under fire late in 2007.[4] During the 2007 season, the Brewers held a 8-1/2 game division lead over the Cubs by June 23 but failed to hold on to the advantage, finishing 2 games behind the Cubs. Yost’s bullpen management, lineup strategies, and bench management were blamed. He also was thrown out of three games in the last week of the season, leading some reporters to question his ability to handle pressure.[5] General Manager Doug Melvin announced, however, that Yost would return for the 2008 season.

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    YEEEEHAAA….another great royals acquisition.
    10 teams had openings and noone hired this
    guy. what does that tell you?
    another losing coach.
    give me a winner..someone who can win games..
    not another guy who never won anything.
    OH BOY…can’t wait to see this guy.
    He’ll be guaranteed to be thrown out of 10
    games by all star break. I’ve got $1000 to

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    SKC Observer
    Oops. After the head of Trey Hillman, we might have a head or two roll at 610.

    Can Ned Yost get the stupid out of this baseball team? If he can, we might win a few games!

    I sure am glad Zack got a win today.

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    5:07 pm and 810 has a promo on air trumping the fact they scooped 610 on the Moore press conference. Clearly, someone is more worried about the competition than they care to admit.

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    DAYTON MOORE: “we decided to move in the last
    24 hours’…

    where’s this guy been. Hiding in a closet.
    Did he watch tv..listen to kk or clinkscale.
    Did this guy read a paper. After the worst record
    in baseball…the worst team in baseball literally for the last 3 years he decided in the
    last 24 hours to make a move.
    I wonder if his house was on fire if he’d
    wait 24 hours to call the fire department.
    Damn this guy is a freaking idiot. The city has
    a population of 1.3 million and this midget is
    the only person in the entire city not to see
    what a mess this team was.
    He needs to pack his bags too. Give him
    a blue vest and teach him how to say
    “welcome to walmart!”

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    I hate to say it, I really do, I may have to slit my wrists but….810 SCOOPS 610 ONCE AGAIN. Louisville Slugger straight up the poopchute, no lube. If the folks at 610 had any REAL honor they’d just fire everybody and start playing Christmas music now. When they can’t control the dialog exclusively on a matter like this it shows a real weak disconnect between the two organizations. Now they know how Elin Nordegren felt when she found out Tiger was playing 18 holes off the course.

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    MU move to big 10
    NU move to big 10
    hillman gone
    ned yost takes over royals? are you serious.

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    I don’t know if Moore’s crying was “unprofessional,” since there’s a lot to be said for loyalty, but I agree that it reflected something more profoundly disturbing: a GM who became too emotionally attached to his first managerial pick, so much that it may have clouded his objectivity in making cold, hard decisions about the franchise’s future. I give Moore credit for pulling the trigger, when he could have let the situation linger.

    While Hillman’s been fired for the Royals’ shortcomings under his guidance, whose head is going to roll at 610 for getting its ass kicked on the story? The flagship station of the franchise cannot get whipped on the biggest story of the season during a broadcast dedicated to Royals’ baseball; whatever its post-game format, it was essential 610 have its mikes live during Moore’s announcement and Hillman’s subsequent comments. In fact, it’s something they should have billboarded going into a post-game break prior to the presser, unless 610 is so far out of the loop that it didn’t know it was coming. Sheesh, I’ve been in the media biz 40 years and would be mortified if my main competition scooped a story like this right from under my nose. (I use “scoop” advisedly; this was a presser, not the result of reportorial digging. So far as I know, no media outlet had the story before the official announcement, so if I were KK or Petro I wouldn’t crow too much. 810 ain’t that plugged in, either.)

    So this is the company with which Nick Wright is going to war against KK? Good luck, kid.

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    K. Keitzman
    I called it at 9:54 this morning under the Beebe blog. You people will learn to listen to me and 610. We are the sports leaders here in Kansas City. Are you ready for another first hand scoop? Something I know from an insider. One I can’t name. Wrestling is pre determined. Yes sir. Isn’t that right Danny. I know this town and sports like the back of my hand. Kissel you can get up now. That was fine. Thank you.

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    K. Keitzman
    I made Nick wright cry like a baby. I made Kissel oink like a pig. That movie Deliverance is one of the best. No one has been a man like Burt Reynolds. Yes sir. Well maybe Jack Harry. Legend. 610. Scoop kings.

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    The Independent Rage
    Greg, Will you please stop your mealy-mouthin’ and just tell us what you really think about 610’s performance this afternoon?!

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    who cares if yost gets tossed! Trey Hillman won’t cuss so he is almost impossible to get tossed unless he stands out there and yells non-profanity so long it gets awkward. Good cuss these losers out. If Betancourt drops another flyball get in his face and make him hurt a little so he doesn’t do it again. get thrown out do something! For someone who is as crazy as you jojo i find it surprising you want a level-headed manager!

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    Just A Fan
    How exactly did 810 scoop 610, just curious, I was listening to the Royals Network Postgame.

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    It’s called a contract.
    I’m sure that 610 is contractually obligated to run the network post-game intact. They wouldn’t have been able to break the network programming. Unfortunate for them. The same scenario would play out if the rights were with 810. The only difference being that 810 would have soft-balled their coverage to protect the team. Like they already do with the Chiefs. I’ll give 610 credit where it’s due. Even with the rights to the team, they’re consistently objective and tough on the team in covering and commentating.

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    Old Man Kissel
    KK and the 810 bos did it again. They had the scoop while 610 was talking stats and then NBA.

    Hack Wright, Des Moines is calling, they want you to go there and talk about Iowa Barnstormer Arena Football.

    810 scoops 610 once again!

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    Old Man Kissel
    smartman Says:
    “If the folks at 610 had any REAL honor they

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    Two observations:

    1. jojo, for the love of God GET A FUCKING LIFE.

    2. 810 scoops 610 once again….and sadly Nick “Homeslice” Wright (I’d pay good money to be able to go upside his goofy-ass face with a 2×4, btw) will need to seek professional counseling after the ass-raping Kietzman dropped on him today.

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    Old Man Kissel
    Glow1 Says:
    “5:07 pm and 810 has a promo on air trumping the fact they scooped 610 on the Moore press conference. Clearly, someone is more worried about the competition than they care to admit.”

    Good for the 810 crew. They earned it. They out scooped 610 this week. The Big 10 scoop made national headlines and they were the first news outlet saying Hillman was fired.

    610 on the other hand was talking NBA and doing third inning stats.

    As I stated in another post. 610 should of closed shop when Whitlock quit.

    810 scoops 610 once again.

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    Rainbow Man
    .240 hitters are sad to see skipper Hillman go. I bet they are.

  23. Anonymous says:

    When it comes to breaking news about the Royals, who cares who scoops who? As a native Kansas Citian, it pains me to say this, but the Royals have been irrelevant for the most part ever since the departure of Hal McRae as manager. Another manager comes and goes, so what? 810 scoops 610, who cares? News about the Royals just does not matter anymore.

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    It’s called a contract: “I

  25. Anonymous says:

    I thought the same as Greg concerning Hillman’s sobbing until I saw MoCrash’s take … “a GM who became too emotionally attached to his first managerial pick, so much that it may have clouded his objectivity in making cold, hard decisions about the franchise

  26. Anonymous says:

    Oops, I meant “Moore’s sobbing” of course.

    So, who’s to blame at 610? Was Wright not in-studio when the news broke? Does 610 not typically cover the post-game news conference?

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    How many times at 810 does a story break or a really important interview run long (past the top of the hour)? Happens sometimes. 810 has contracts with their advertisers, however they make a decision to stay with a presser/interview to give the fans what they need. Kudos to this way of thinking.

    Now if 810 can actually fix their damn internet webstream I may actually be happy. That piece of junk hasn’t worked right in three weeks.

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    Collective Noses
    KK was really rubbing it in during the 5:00 drive how they were the only station to broadcast the presser (when he was talking to Leabo). It was salt in the wound and I’m sure the folks at 610 are red faced today. I did chuckle as KK was trying to egg Leabo into the game but he wouldn’t take the bait.

    I agree with previous comments that your take on Dayton’s emotional outburst is way over the top. How easy it must be to sit in the warm confines of your home and cast stones. Why must we accept change without emotion especially when it’s documented that the manager and GM are good friends. I refuse to believe that Dayton’s emotions are a legitimate indicator as to whether or not ‘he’s in his over his head’. Ludicrous really. Disappointing mostly. Don’t take pot shots when people are down it lessons your credibility and comes off mean spirited. It’s becoming more prominent in your columns as of late.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t the real story here that the Royals network post-game show missed the biggest Royals stories of the year that was happening there at the stadium?

    Shouldn’t the team that’s producing that lazy garbage be held accountable for not breaking the news that the manager has been fired? It’s easy to blame 610 for missing the story, but wouldn’t you think the Royals Network owes an obligation to its listeners too?

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    i didn’t see this mentioned in the comments, but if i missed it, sorry for the redundancy. given moore’s reaction and his recent strong public support for hillman, is it possible this decision was made over his protests? and if that is the case, how stable is moore’s position?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Greg you and I are real different on this issue. A few points.
    *When I have to fire someone almost always it is my fault. I made a mistake in the background check not looking deep enough. I made a mistake in the interview process. I was just looking for someone instead of looking for the right someone. When i reflect I can almost always trace the problem back to me.
    *On some level it is almost always emotional when I terminate the person. They may DESERVE to be fired but that doesn’t change the fact that they have bills to pay or kids to feed. Sorry i can’t be like Hearne and rejoice in seeing a company or person fail. Even if it is due to their own incompetency. Humans are still involved. I would also say it is terribly sad when someone fails due to there own demons such as drug abuse. I’ve had to fire quality employees because they couldn’t come to work sober or decided the work place was the place they could consume their addiction. Sad Sad Sad seeming someone that has no self discipline and is unable to live up to their potential.
    *If Moore was going to cry about it then he should of kept him. One, their is a question how much this is Moore’s choice. Two, you HAVE TO separate the personal and professional in decision making. That doesn’t mean you can’t feel bad about the decision you have to make. Three, I think if you lack compassion and regret about firing someone that says something negative about you.


    GH: Rick, you are correct — we could not differ more on the atmosphere involving with terminating an employee. In my experience as the manager doing the firing (you may have heard I have also had one or two experiences on the other side of the table) it is almost always the employee’s fault. It has nothing to do with emotion, compassion or friendship. It has everything to do with can I make my department and my company better/stronger with or w/o this employee.

    We give our employees everything they need to excel and produce great work. Those who fail in that goal are retrained, counseled and told to do better. When they do not improve, we remove them and hire someone who we expect to be great. Mediocre has no place in a company looking to pay the bills.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Dayton Moore said on 610 that this is an 8-10 process.

    We’ve had abosulute shit to root for the past 15 years, now Royals fans must watch “player’s coach” Ned Yost coddle and nurture our “talented” young minor leaguers a few MORE years before we can start hoping for a contender?!!!


  34. Anonymous says:

    I meant to say “8-10 YEAR process”.

  35. Anonymous says:

    The thing that Dayton said that most concerned me was that Yost and Trey were a lot alike. had the same energy level. WHAT??? So you will want to fall asleep with him talking also? We need someone with more energy not the same.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Greg remind me to send you a copy of Rudy, It’s a Wonderful Life, Scrooge, Chariots of Fire, Grinch who stole Christmas (Cartoon version), a video of the special needs kid who was given a chance to play in the final basketball game in the season and then shot the lights out. We’ll see if we can find a way to make your heart grow.

    If I hired someone. And then I have to can that same person. I played a part. I hold some level of responsibility. If the Chiefs draft someone and they suck…which has often been the case….they hold a degree of responsibility.

    I would hope that firing someone ALWAYS has something to do with emotion. If not then check your robot ass in at the door.

    Mediocre does have a place in the world. How else do you explain the success of Keanu Reeves, newscasters hired just for their looks, or today’s Yahoo article about how Lebron quit on his team and played mediocre basketball?

    Greg is Mcdonalds a success due to their high quality food? Or do they sell mediocre food cheap and have playgrounds that the kids want to drag their parents to?

    How long have the Chiefs been mediocre and it was only once they stopped selling seats that they took action.

    And while I like him…..was Nick Wright really the best hire 610 do? Or was he just what they settled on with their salary structure?

    So Greg since you have been on both sides of the coin. Are you saying every time you were fired you deserved it. Or were you the exception to “Your” rule that its usually the employees fault?


    GH: I have been canned twice as a member of the media; once as a sports talk host and once as a sports columnist. Both times my employer was unhappy with me for reasons other than the quality of my work — but both determined their product would be better w/o my input/distractions. So they made the decision to fire me which is what every employer should do with an employee they no longer want on the payroll. No one cried. I didn’t file a lawsuit. But I didn’t stop working…or writing.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Can’t say
    Mediocre succeeds. That explains the rise of Sarah Palin who all the insiders insist is a light weight. Not a lot of depth there. The Blind Side wow what a movie with depth…….really made you think…..NOT. And Greg didn’t you like the Hangover? That was like a updated Three Stooges comedy. You think that was about excellence and creating great work???? Mediocrity is what appeals to the masses. It explains K.K.’s success. Get with it Greg.

  38. Anonymous says:

    So I think I can also make a case that Trey was terminated for something other then his quality of work. I heard often yesterday how great he was.

    I find something incredible ironic about you blasting the GM about crying when you write for a web site in which at least one of the primary motivations of the owner is his pain and anger over being terminated by his previous employer the KC Star.

    As far as your “I didn’t cry” stance. I think you are being a little hypocritical. No you didn’t cry. Not even sure if you were hurt by being canned. And no you didn’t file a lawsuit. But you absolutely used outlets available to you to share your side of the story. It was clear (and I would concur) that you were treated unfairly. So please don’t attempt to make it out like you went quietly in the night and said nothing.

    You shared your insight and what I believe was the truth. Even if it was from your perspective.

    Dayton did the same. A truth that he felt bad about. A truth that hurt. A truth he felt responsible for.

    It’s funny. You media people complain about all the rehearsed and canned answers you get. How Carl and others would never give you nothing. Scott and Todd are not forthcoming enough. But then when you get real feelings and honesty from someone…..you bitch about that also.

    I’d bust my butt any day of the week for a Dayton that gave a damn about me over someone that was unable or unwilling to care for me.

    My take.

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