OTC: KK Turns Beebe Interview Into A-Bomb

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I missed a few minutes of the Beebe interview and after I heard Kietzman going on about all the things Beebe allegedly said I started asking myself if the interview actually started at 4:30 instead of 5:00 because there was no way Beebe could have said all those things in such a short time frame as what I’d missed. There’s no question that Kietzman has been drinking his own Kool-Aid.

    I did, however, find Beebe’s comments about seeing who “is on the plane” to be interesting. My guess is that MU and NU will both be delighted to tell Beebe to fuck off if he demands an answer from them before they’re ready to give one. What is the Big XII gonna do? Kick MU and Nebraska out of the league? No, I’m afraid that Beebe has to sit still while these two teams figure their shit out.

    As for all the blather about how many other teams would love to join this conference, I have no doubt it’s true. But I’m not sure I am in love with the idea of TCU joining up as a full member and I’ll believe that Arkansas, Memphis and Louisville are joining us when I actually see it happening. This might be Kietzman’s biggest pile of made-up shit ever.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Dan Beebe might as well order the 5 piece Samsonite Douchebaggage set. He’s the commissioner of the BIG XII in much the same way Paulie Walnuts ran the “family” on The Sopranos. I’m sure he’s already been made the offer he can’t refuse. He may very well be a solution without a problem by 2012. Unless your name is Ray Benson it’s not good to be Asleep at the Wheel in Texas.

    I’m beginning to think KK may be the abandoned love child of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. His ability to alter reality is similar to theirs and ranks right up theirs. I would not be surprised to learn that he’s a Scientologist.

    Jack Harry makes Billy Carter look like Winston Churchill. He’s long gone and heavily dosing on the KK Kool-Aid.

    I keep having this awful nightmare that Jack, Danny and Frank are snowballing KK’s jizz into a huge lugey that they feed back to KK to make him stronger. And then Soren enters the dream with these huge ben-wa-roethlisberger balls……

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not to go all political, but I would not be surprised, in fact I would expect that KK is a loyal Rush type, and post-2000 GOP man. And being in radio and media, he follows the trend of who he listens to, thus fabrication is only a slight, and if yo repeat it enough, or truly believe it, well then it must be true.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The problem I have with the interview is that it took KK five full minutes to ask Beebe any question related to his exclusive report earlier this week. If I’m confident in my source, that’s the first thing I am asking Beebe.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Prick Wright knew Beebe was coming on KK’s show. How did he respond? by talking NBA all freakin’ afternoon.

    Sad day for the listeners as we all lost. Luckily/Unluckily the first wave of storms was rolling through NKC @ 5:00 so my concentration was actually on the road dealing with idiot Missery drivers instead of listening to the KK or NBA talk

  6. Anonymous says:

    wtf is kk talking about…
    Memphis? ever been there…hardly a major
    college…great for basektball payoffs and
    murders and crime…but hardly fits into
    the big 12.
    arkansas? suweee….the dumbest state in the
    nation. Ever been there…beautiful girls…
    not in the class of texas schools.
    Lousivile…omg….now this is a travesty.
    city college big on basketball but i don’t
    think they are even in the class of iowa
    What does the big 12 get….nothing….the
    scraps of the heap. 3 schools that have a
    criminal record as long as bill selfs arm.
    NCAA violations? recruiting hacks? comeon
    if bill self hears kk say this he’d probably
    sh*t a brick.
    Also…to all those who defied kk on this
    story you are losers including you hall.
    KK had the story of the year in the midwest.

    I heard the interview and this bebe guy mentioned
    rugby. He proably took too many blows to the
    head during the games cause this guy ain’t
    thinking right.
    And ku and ksu fans “galvanized” for what?
    This is an economic decision for mu and nu.
    It’s not personal. It’s business. It’s money.
    So I look forward to a “lovefest” between
    frank “soprano” martin and bill”nice guy”
    Come on people…mu and nu want out…its
    worth millions of extra dollars…lou the
    conman can’t figure out what to do.
    And I’m sure there are many many shcools
    screaming to get into the big 12…heres
    a list…
    1. cleveland chiropractic college
    2. avila
    3. umkc
    3. College of the plains
    4. DeVry
    5. Colorado Technical institute
    6. Vatterot college
    with these teams added I’m sure ku will win
    something in football finally…maybe win the
    north division.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t hear it, but if he said Arkansas, Memphis and Louisville will make the Big XII stronger than it’s ever been he needs to pulled off the air and locked up somewhere.

    I talked to a friend of mine from Oklahoma and asked him if there’s a lot of talk about MU and NU defecting to the Big 10…he said there’s talk on sports radio about it, but nobody in the South really gives a sh-t about MU, NU or the North in general really. I thought that was interesting, it’s such a huge ‘story’ (or non-story) here in the North and they could give sh-t less in the South.

  8. Anonymous says:

    How did this bebe bobble head get to be the
    head of big 12? He’s acomplete buffoon.
    Maybe he sees his empire crumbling but this
    guy is just a complete nutjob.
    He’s gotta be on something…because his
    answers were so far off base from what
    KK asked that I wondered if maybe he needed
    a hearing aid.

  9. Anonymous says:

    DONKEY PUNCH…hope you made it home safely
    to your trailer in raytown. Did the double
    wide get any hail damage? Probably cleaned
    up your front yard and moved all the old
    cars and appliances down the street to the
    next trailer court.

  10. Anonymous says:

    So, while KK had everybody’s attention yesterday, what was Nick talking about on 610?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Noone in the south give a sh*t about the
    big 12 north.
    And noone outside of kansas city area gives
    a sh*t about ku basektball.
    And noone outside kansas and missouri cares
    about the “border war”.
    and noone outside of 610 cares about
    the lineup of goofy no talent announcers.
    And noone cares about the royals.
    And noone cares about the world cup.
    And noone cares about the t bones.
    so we live in our own little world of
    sports arguing among ourselves about our own
    little teams while the rest of the world
    gets bored with what losers we have in this
    wow…is anybody listening?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    810 scoops 610 once again!

    KK made headlines while Hack Wright talks NBA.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Collective Noses
    I listened to this entire interview. It was the worst piece of self-indulgant douchbaggery that I’ve heard in a long time. The whole piece was a fraud and KK’s continual sucking of Beebe’s nut sack was sickening. My favorite part was when KK told Beebe he was his biggest fan. Really KK?? When have you ever said anything positive about the Big 12 leadership. Only after wiping nut sack dribble from his chin did he all of a sudden become ‘his biggest fan’. It was horrible and Greg’s right, KK’s interpretation of what was said was grossly inaccurate at best.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Anybody else have major issues with 810s server? Their internet radio link has been garbage for upward of 3 weeks now

    Oh and JOJO, nice try on the Raytown blast.

  15. Anonymous says:

    dp, the fact that no one in the south gives a shit about this supposed story is one of things that lends a bit of credence to it. When the Big 8 decided to take in the remnants of the SW conference we were told it was an expanded Big 8. What we got was a remade SouthWest. I remember Dr. Tom continually voting no, saying don’t do it. I would not be surprised to see Nebraska look elsewhere, if a spot is available. You’ll have to ask JoJo about Mizzou.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Omaha…mu is looking elsewhere. And from the
    interview bobo the clown commissioner made
    references to mu and how he had a lot of ties
    to mu.
    Well then bobo…why did you treat mu and
    the school like sh*t?
    We’re looking elsewhere because bobo the
    commissioner is a buthead.
    And guys…don’t take this personally…its
    a business decision to leave the midwest
    mentality of the kansas/iowa/ok/ schools
    behind. We have to move on. We need a change
    and we can use the extra 40 million bucks.
    Dr. Tom and Forsee and Nixon are on it.
    So don’t take it like your best friend
    is leaving…we’re moving to greener pastures
    where we can join a pretigious/highly rated
    conference and make a lot of extra cash.
    Its about money…itsnot that we don’
    t enjoy the ass whoppingsw we put on ku in
    football in 2010…its about money.
    Also…heard that theku-mu games in football
    would be in jeopardy which makes me cry because
    theres gonna be a lot of kick ass of ku by
    mu for the next 5 years while uncle tom turner
    tries to adjust to the big time.
    It’s okay….
    as for hall…and the rest of you deniers and
    haters…give kk credit for one of the biiggest
    stories so far this year in the midwest.
    It’s huge and KK deserves all thecredit.
    As for hall…he’ll try to chop down kk but
    truth is hall is still writing for hearne
    and kk is on the national scene now with big
    time exposure.
    Everone needs to take the time to acknowledge
    that kk is the real thing…top notch
    sports talk guy now a major national player.
    As much as you haters dislike this guy he did
    pull off a huge huge story nationally that
    is far beyond anything any other sports
    guy in this town has done in 30 years.
    great job kk….

  17. Anonymous says:

    I was in Dallas for two days this week and NOBODY cares about about the North schools much less MU and KU. Whatever happens the Texas and Oklahoma schools will be just fine. They have plenty of money and Dan Beebe will do whatever they tell him to do.

  18. Anonymous says:

    JoJO….KK didn’t really break any new news did he? Didn’t we already know that the Big 10 had MU on their list and a good possibility that they had NE on their list too? That’s no scoop.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Collective Noses Says:

    “I listened to this entire interview. It was the worst piece of self-indulgant douchbaggery that I

  20. Anonymous says:

    Collective Noses
    Old Man Kissel Says:

    “But you listened didn

  21. Anonymous says:

    Lets see a choice between the NBA playoffs which is actually happening. Or listening to a non story about what may happen someday. DUH. Give me the NBA with stories about Lebron and his elbow, the Celtics making one last charge, conflict on the Lakers can they repeat?, and this isn’t your mother’s Suns which was all offense and no defense.

    If you have a choice between meeting Santa Clause or Megan Fox you would choose? Same choice here. The real stories or the fake stories. Only an Old Man who has no sense like Kissell would choose the KK B.S. fake story.

    “Today on 610. MARS considering eliminating a color from M&M’s. Is it yellow? Maybe red is in trouble? My anonymous sources reveal which color is in trouble. Kevin Keitzman and his exclusive reports from 4-6 on 610.”

  22. Anonymous says:

    K. Keitzman
    “Danny I’m telling you right now.” “You can take this to the bank.” “Trey Hillman will lose his job some day.” “Folks, we break news here.” “I’ve talked to my sources.” “I can say with a hundred per sent assurance.” “Within the next month….you are looking at rain in this region.” “That’s it.” “Why we are the number one station powered by fans.”

  23. Anonymous says:

    I’m no fan of Kietzman. The guy literally makes me crazy when I listen to him too long.

    But there’s a reason he’s #1 and Nick Wright has ZERO chance of even coming close.

    If there’s a big story or big rumors on the local scene, Between the Lines is where I tune in. KK is SUPER ANNOYING the way he exaggerates and spins stories and then pats he and his station on the back. But despite that, he’s almost ALWAYS got his finger on the pulse of the average KC sports fan. He gets it.

    I was STUNNED when I’d occassionally flip over to Nick Wright and he’d be debating if Lebron is worthy to be put on Jordan or Magic’s level…..and this was in the 5:00 hour.

    I thought the KK interview of Beebe was GREAT because we could hear that Beebe sounded a little pissed off. KU and K-State and Big 12 fans like to hear that. We haven’t heard that ever from Beebe. It DID seem like he wasn’t happy that the Delaney and/or a close Delaney associate was making pitches to Big 12 members. Sounds to me Beebe wants to make the Big 12 better than it’s ever been.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Beebe just doesn’t sound very smart. He is a lap dog. Doesn’t surprise me though that he impresses a Kansan like nick.

  25. Anonymous says:

    I was also pleased to hear Beebe sound a little pissed off yesterday. The problem is that he has been a Texas lapdog for so long that he thought as long as the Longhorns were happy, everyone was happy and nothing bad could ever happen. The time to be dealing with this is not now or next month, the time was six months ago when the Big Ten said it was going to expand in the first place. Shit, even jojo was talking about Mizzou to the Big 10 so it can’t have been news to Beebe. Why wasn’t he trying to shore up Mizzou and Nebraska at that time? Why wasn’t HE the one trying to expand and make the Big XII an element of the changing face of college sports generally and college football specifically? He said yesterday on Kietzman’s program that he had considered his legacy to the Big XII but he sure doesn’t look like he was thinking of the future in any way.

    I’ve heard the criticism that Beebe has been too reactive and not at all proactive in this whole thing, but I think that’s only half right. Near as I can tell (which, I will admit, stems from not being a part of any of this), he hasn’t been all that reactive until the last week or so. His whole strategy appears to have been to do nothing. I’m not saying Mizzou and, to a lesser extent, Nebraska, don’t have legitimate grievances, but maybe the time to address those grievances was a long time ago? It might not have solved everything related to an unequal distribution of revenue, but why couldn’t the league force its bowl partners to agree to select bowl teams based on their ranking in terms of how they finished? Would Mizzou feel less put upon at that point? I dunno, but Beebe has been a cheerleader for an unfair conference for his entire tenure and this is the natural result of his actions.

    I’m kinda pissed at Kietzman for the tongue bath he gave Beebe yesterday when he should have been asking “what steps did the league take late last year when it became apparent that Mizzou was at least going to be considered a target for Big Ten expansion?” Not that Beebe would have answered honestly, but at least it would show what the league has or hasn’t done to try and hold this coalition together

  26. Anonymous says:

    K.K. has his pulse on the sports fan???? U got to be kidding. K.K. is number one for one simple reason. The same reason Don was for so many years. Their wasn’t a better alternate.

    Can Nick provide that? I don’t know. But yes if I was a programmer I could see many areas where i could provide things that weren’t currently being offered. Including coverage of national sports, local sports, NBA, girl sports etc. You could either make a new way or find a niche.

    I personally would rather here about Lebron compared to Koby then another story about how the Royals suck. Yes they suck. I got it. I would rather here about the NBA then MU may move. Yeah right….. K.K. reports are fantasys often.

    In regards to Nick. Bottom line is this. He went from nights to mornings to afternoons. He must be doing something right.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    The jokes just keep flying out of the 810 studio from Keitzman. GH, I emailed my buddy at Union Broadcasting about the interview this morning and the comments afterward. His response back: “what a joke. can’t wait for this to blow up on him.”

  28. Anonymous says:

    Rick sed:
    In regards to Nick. Bottom line is this. He went from nights to mornings to afternoons. He must be doing something right.

    Donkeypunch sez:
    Yeah, everybody in front of him was fired so he slid into their spots

  29. Anonymous says:

    The big 12 has always treated nu and mu like
    sh*t. Its not just the disparity of money..its
    been a number of things including get this…
    But bobo the commissioner did nothing. Obviously
    MU felt as if the bobo should have been the
    keeper of thier bcs bowl bid…but ku fans are
    proud that their soon to be former ad lou
    slimmy guy purkins bought his way into the
    orange bowl. Okay thats over…but bobo never
    did a thing to help the situation.
    Dr. Tom has hated this guy from day one.
    He’s slighted nu when their program was down
    for a few years then never gave the huskers the
    respect every school should have been given.
    When the money flooded to the south…mu and
    nu complained but nothing happened.
    when kc lost those tournament championships
    it was va slap to not only mu…but also
    Bobo has kissed texas ass long enough.
    I imagine if he walks in with a fair compensation plan that pays all the schools
    equally he might keep his job.
    Bobo is an idiot. We saw it on kk’s show
    Now mu and nu have the chance to hit the
    lottery with extra millions.
    They’re headed for the door.
    And i hate to bring it up but mu has made
    numersous complaints to the big 12 about
    officiating/recruiting/etc./ that werevnever
    even taken up by the big 12.
    But forget all that for now.
    MU is being offered big money andprestige to
    move. When forsee/nixon and alden walk into
    the room with bobo they should say this..
    tREAT people like sh*t and you lose in the end.
    treat people like humans and address their
    concernsand you can be successful.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Rick Says:

    “K.K. has his pulse on the sports fan???? U got to be kidding. K.K. is number one for one simple reason. The same reason Don was for so many years. Their wasn

  31. Anonymous says:

    Dan Dan
    Shocking that Greg Hall writes a negative story about KK. Let’s talk more about College Radio 610 KCSP. Does this Shan Sherriff have someone permanently holding his nose while he talks? I like how he pretends that he’s lived here for a long time too..610 is minor league just admit Greg and no they aren’t going to hire you.

  32. Anonymous says:

    **Rumor a guy just told me- Hillman out as manager…Ned Yost to be named next manager**

  33. Anonymous says:

    Old Man Kissel
    Dan Dan Says:
    “Shocking that Greg Hall writes a negative story about KK. Let

  34. Anonymous says:

    KC Fan
    Whatever happens, Kansas City is DEAD as a College Sports Hub. I believe Missouri and Nebraska are leaving for the Big Ten and this city has seen it’s last sports championship. Yes, it’s over, book it. Kansas City continues its long descent into irrelevance.

    I’m a KU fan, but KU better start looking out for its interests, or its getting LEFT BEHIND also. KU, K-State and Iowa State are in for rough times in college athletics.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Donkey Punch. Johnson president. Yeah the guy before him got his brains blown out so he slid into his spot. Classy….

  36. Anonymous says:

    Kissel. Maas and Whitlock would of kicked his butt but their was to much infighting. otherwise back to what i said. Not a better alternative.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    This is why KK is #1. I had given up on him. I thought he was getting lazy. The dude is passionate. Sometimes I think he would do that job for free.
    I tried listening to Wright…He just wastes air time. He has no point, and is ill prepared.
    The problem Wright has is that Kietzman’s listeners have jobs and disposable incomes that advertisers love.
    Wright’s caller’s sound like they haven’t been to work in four years.

  38. Anonymous says:

    I stopped listening to KK make up things two years ago, and I’ve not had one single day I’ve felt I was missing a thing…

  39. Anonymous says:

    Beebes defense of the unequal distribution is that is the agreement that was signed….15 years ago. KK could have followed up with the fact that people/companies tear up contracts and rewrite them ALL THE TIME!

  40. Anonymous says:

    I listen to Wright and i have a job so your theory is wrong…..ah. What? OH….. Scratch that.

  41. Anonymous says:

    As far as KK’s reporting goes, it’s easy to throw crap at the walls and see what sticks when you’re part owner at the radio station you broadcast from.
    Go ahead and call him on stuff he completely whiffs and get hung up on. Unfortunately, both sports radio station are crap and that is why I listen to Bill Simmons podcast in the car.
    It’s still funny to read your work Greg, and see people defend KK and his antics.

    Kevin used to be a reporter, now he’s just in the entertainment industry. Although with a cooking show, the racin’ boys, his golf game, etc.. That’s some boring ass entertainment.

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