OTC: Bill Self Thinks B10 Talk Is BS

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Kansas has a gem in Self. That guy is not afraid to comment. The guy is comfortable in his own skin.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The best analysis on the B10 situation from a link I posted combined with my well-informed and better-than-Jojo’s analysis says this:
    Choice #
    1. Notre Dame by itself or part of a 3, 4 or 5 team addition. If Notre Dame says yes, they might very well say yes with the condition they be the only team added. Think about it, other than Missouri or the next team on the list, would any team add more than they take out of the pie that now has 14 or 16 pieces?
    2. Texas. If they could get Texas, preferably by itself, it would be almost as big a get as Notre Dame. It would open the entire state of TX to the B10 network, take the best school academically in the B12 and add tradition.
    3. Missouri: Open the state of Missouri and the other half of St. Louis up to the network; AAU affiliated school; perfect geographic fit and a built-in rivalry with Illinois. Will add money instead of cut into each member’s share. Just about a perfect fit. No sizzle like ND or Texas but few reasons not to add them.
    4. Rutgers: Add a coveted market…even though no one really watches Rutgers. Small stadium and poor basketball team. Makes sense academically and money-wise which makes them viable. AAU member.
    5. Nebraska: Brings little to the table in terms of markets. B10 would be able to add their championships. AAU member.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Nebraska is a big add to the Big 10. Huge tradition and alum support nationwide. Do not underestimate the power of Nebraska.. They are a lot like Notre Dame.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    Oh.. and the big loser in this deal is KU. Which is a shame. KU is basketball. This Big Ten move is all about football. KU could have Creighton in it’s conference soon……

  5. Anonymous says:

    What evidence is there that Texas, Oklahoma, or any of the South schools will go anywhere if MU and/or NU go to the Big 10? That kind of talk presumes that Nebraska and MU attracted Texas and OU to the Big 12 in the first place. I suppose you could argue that the frequent and consistent beatdowns MU and Nebraska receive at the hands of Texas and OU could be a reason to not want to change, but any team could fill that bill — well except Kansas State. Texas seems to have difficulty beating KState, and OU has yet to avenge their 2003 beatdown in the Big 12 Championship.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Slive, the Commish of the SEC has stated that if the B10 expands, the SEC will look to expand as well to “maintain the dominance” they have established in college football. Texas would be the crown jewel in their expansion.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dexter Morgan
    This is all going to be very amusing when none of it happens.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if Kansas and Kansas State, as KK contends, are “tied at the hip,” but I’m certain that Texas and Texas A&M are. The Aggies in the Lege, which ultimately controls the fate of the Texas public colleges, won’t let the two schools split. In Texas, football is politics.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Listen bill self…greg…stevo and the rest
    of you…
    this is not about athletics…its money.
    The big10 by adding those 4 teams adds the
    potential of 40 million tv households.
    For MU it opens the potential of a 185-200 million dollar grant/donation.
    It adds another 20 million in football
    revenue MINIMUM.
    point to consider; IN the kc market in
    2009 mu drew bigger tv ratings than ku
    during the ncaa tournament. For those who
    claim that kc is a ku town is absurd and
    with a good team mu can and will draw
    huge tv audiences…add that to the
    huge st. louis market and mu becomes a
    major tv viewer market school.
    It’s not athletics. Although people who really know believe that mu could do well in the
    big 10 in both football and basektball bringing a completely different open and high scoring
    team into the league.
    It’s about money. If you’re still stuck trying
    to figure out what mu would do in the big
    10 you’re off base. Public schools are losing
    tax revenues…they have no choice. They need
    more revenue streams. And the big 10 offers
    mu (and nu) an incredible amount of needed
    money to expand into the top tier of schools
    in the nation.
    Will mu fare well athletically in the big
    10/16? Its anyones guess. But the only signs
    that MU and its governor see are dollar signs.
    Nixon is right…MU has nowhere to go now.
    Tjhey’re stuck. This opportunity is a once in
    a lifetime chance to move up the ladder
    into a stronger/more profitable conference.
    Forget athletics right now…the mu administration is looking for money.
    And if i was bill self I’d be in lou perkins
    office demanding that he make some pre emptive
    moves now.
    And mr. self…learn to add…add the
    nebraska market (a mjor national scope
    school)…to the mu markets and you do get
    as large as if not larger market than chicago.
    11 million tv homes just in the 2 states.
    Bill self is worried to death. His school could
    be caught on the outside of a fractured
    broken down league.
    Notice that pinkel and andersonarent talking..
    they know the advantage of moving to the big
    MU alumni are thriled at the chance to move.
    We understand the huge influx of dollars for
    academics…the pending quarter billion dollars
    in dollars waiting in the wings…huge
    additional dollars for the budgets…and
    the ability to tie into the millions/billions of
    dollars that go to big 10 schools for
    scholastic/research develeopement ever year.
    We are hoping this comes about. Its time for
    MU to break out and get out of the big 12.
    We have nothing to gain by stayi9ng…
    this is huge for us!

  10. Anonymous says:

    jojo sed:
    The big10 by adding those 4 teams adds the
    potential of 40 million tv households.
    For MU it opens the potential of a 185-200 million dollar grant/donation.
    It adds another 20 million in football
    revenue MINIMUM

    donkeypunch sez:
    Please link these stats or are you just pulling mindless information out of the air like usual, numbnutz?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don’t believe JoJo’s numbers either D-Punch. Being a K-State guy this pains me to say, but what does Bill Self have to be scared of JoJo? MU and Nebraska leaving? How’s that going to hurt Self?

    The Big 10 is denying everything….


  12. Anonymous says:

    okay heres the numbers:
    missouri/nebraska: 10-11 million tv homes
    notre dame: countless because they have
    millions of fans across the nation…
    most popular school in country…millions of
    catholics everywhere associate with irish.
    so lets conservatively put their numbers
    at 15 miliion tv homescoast to coast…
    ON nbc they had games that did 10-15 ratings.
    rutgers: opens up east coast…ny/new jersey
    ….lets say easily 10-15 million tv homes…
    but the national figures arent even added here
    if they have an upsurge in audience acorss the
    nation….add in millions of alumni of all the
    schools that now add to the mix and you have
    millions ofpotentital subscribers…its
    mind blowing numbers according to the markets….and remember you probably have
    bigger numbers of viewership in markets like
    the numbers are huge!
    Revenues: mu by joining big 10 starts out with
    an extra 10 million above what they get now.
    Plans are to enlarge the stadium so add
    to that with teams like michigan/notre dame/
    illinois/etc…and remember…these big 10
    teams travel huge numbers of fans to games.
    Increased revenue from additional sponsorships
    Increase revenue from tv package…huge because
    they have their own network…
    I can see easily 20 million over what they
    get now…remember…they don’t get their
    rightfvul share now in the big 12 because toehr
    schools take it…
    so thats taken care of.
    200 million dollar grant…new business and
    tech grants are vwaiting for the move. MU wants
    to become the “wharton of the west”…and they
    have alumni in the wings with the cash.
    It can be done. There are also other areas
    that they can solicit funds with and by being
    associated iwth prestigious academmic
    instittutions the money is there.
    Its a massive influx of grants/donations/endowments/etc. that is mind
    boggling and the gov. and curators know this.
    As far as bill self…if mu and nu leaven
    …if texas and ou leave for sec…what is
    ku left with? literally nothing. and without
    the teams mentioned the league has no star
    attraction. KU basektball may be big in this
    area but outside of here noone cares.
    Bill self needs to make sure that lou is on
    the phone paying for information to protect
    ku and ksu. The big 12 has the potential to
    fall apart very very quickly once the mu and
    nu leave. I’m not saying self needs to be
    scared…he needs to be pro active.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bill Self-interest did a great job downplaying the Big 10 expansion. Too bad wishing doesn’t make it so.

  14. Anonymous says:

    jojo….since you are the “research expert” here, can you let us know what the Big 10 looks like in 15 years? The major metro areas that the Big 10 caters to are dying. Will Detroit be a Top 25 market still? Cleveland? The population is moving south and has been for years. This is the Big 10 saving its ass. And Notre Dame fans are dwindling. They (not unlike the Royals) have been a non factor for a decade. My kids are huge sports fans but they think of Floriday, Texas, Alabama, USC, etc. way before the thought of Notre Dame.

  15. Anonymous says:

    JOJO, I can spew stats too. Support your claim with appropriate documentation

  16. Anonymous says:

    THANKS GREG!!!! Now I have to return to therapy. A year ago i finally recovered from the trauma as a three year old of putting my dong on the toilet rim only to have the lid come crashing down on it. I’ve sit on the pot ever since. Now you’ve brought back all those painful and horrendous memories. Thanks…………:)

  17. Anonymous says:

    Wildcat Phil
    Just to reiterate the comment and praise from nick the other day, I want to let Greg know how much I look forward to reading his OTC. I don’t know what you’re making here on this website but I doubt it is enough. Thank you for the entertaining and informative content. I am one Wildcat fan who enjoys even the healthy barbs you toss our way and knowing K-State will always own Frank Solich.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I have a hard time thinking that Texas would want to trade in its football dominance in the Big XII to head to the SEC where they’d have to compete with Alabama, Florida and LSU, against whom they have not fared too well in the last several years. And if they want to keep at least competing for BCS championships, they’d have to win their league. And, not that this is driving their thnking, but they wouldn’t be the dominant program in men’s basketball (which would be Kentucky) and they wouldn’t dominate in women’s hoops (Tennessee) either. I think Texas’ collective ego would have a hard time accepting life in a conference where they wouldn’t be the domioant and preeminent force in at least one sport. Which is why I think they’re more likely to go to the Pac-10 than the SEC, assuming either of those possibilities are in play.

    And if it’s the Pac-10, that would seem to be a driving force toward either a Big XII/Pac-10 merger or, as has been publicly discussed, some sort of giant mega-contract for both leagues.

    And I agree with MoCrash about no way Texas goes anywhere without A&M being protected. We saw what happened during the formation of the Big XII with Baylor and that is a small private school with relatively little to offer in athletics. A&M has a huge following in Texas and it’s a bigger school than every school in the Big XII other than Texas, isn’t it?

    And I am still waiting for someone on the Board of Regents to conclusively state that KU and K-State are or are not “tied at the hip.” I know both Perkins and Currie have made public statements about wanting to stay together, and I believe them. But I also assume they’ll both do whatever is best for their respective schools. If that means making their own deals, I would love to know if that is even possible or would be blocked by the Board.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Rick sed:
    A year ago i finally recovered from the trauma as a three year old of putting my dong on the toilet rim only to have the lid come crashing down on it.

    Donkeypunch sez:
    How you ever met JOJO before? I think the two of you would get along well

  20. Anonymous says:

    Deloss Dodds
    You are very correct. We here in Austin are extremely afraid of K-State. I’d much rather trade in our national title game appearance last year in exchance to wipe away two fluke losses to The Fresh Prince three years ago.

    There’s a reason I’m not the athletic director at my alma mater and that I’m the current AD at the most-powerful athletic department in the country. And it ain’t because I like the indie music scene in Austin.

  21. Anonymous says:

    folks…sorry…but mu is probably gone.
    NU will go too.
    You could see texas and ou bolt to sec.
    KU left in cold.
    KSU left in cold.
    I hope both kansas schools are vprepared to
    handle this. It would be a travestyvto see
    them playing colorado state/wichita state/
    ottawa etc. in a special kansas league.
    I have predicted many correct things before…
    lou and self better be working the phones
    right now trying to get a piece of the action.
    The losses to ku and ksu would be difficult
    to overcome.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I realize having Sweet Lew as your AD doesn’t make your athletic department smell too sweet. However, if there was ever a time to have a guy like Lew in charge, it is now when everyone is looking to grab as much cash as possible. I know KU fans are worried about what happnes when the bomb drops. I just have a feeling Lew may have already built a bunker.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Greg, Shitel sold his soul to Nebraska years ago. He has no black and gold tail. He is red thru and thru. We don’t want him back.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Will someone who’s interested please read Jojo’s worthless drivel and give him the Herbie treatment. You’ve just been Herbied

  25. Anonymous says:

    why does he have a swollen member also?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Kietzman not asking ANYTHING to Bill Self pertaining to this “HUGE” story that KK started himself is DISGRACEFUL.

    This totally reveals what KK is ALL about in the sports radio business…..exactly that….it’s a BUSINESS, and if stirring things up and making things up gets him attention and ratings, then screw everything else.

    Example 4,545,899 why many sports talk fans’ skin crawls at the mention of KK’s name.

  27. Anonymous says:

    For the love of God: Mizzou fans, STOP saying you fit “academically” in the Big 10.

    The Big 10 is a bunch of large state schools (Purdue and Northwestern excepted). They’re fine institutions, but quit pretending they’re the Ivy League. Mizzou is a fine institution as well, but quit pretending it’s any better than Nebraska or Colorado.

    Also, quit pretending that there is anything more than a cursory academic consideration in any decision the Big 10 would make. This is about athletics (i.e. money).

  28. Anonymous says:

    Lew Perkins says in the KC Star that he’d very surprised if anything drastic happened in the next 24 months.

    And as a KU fan, my favorite Lew Perkins quote of the article, pertaining to what happens in a nightmare scenario of the Big 12 breaking up, is:

  29. Anonymous says:

    You’re right, Nick. This is what Lew Perkins does best. I have no idea how this will play out, but Lew is the guy we want to handle it. The jury is still out on whether Lew can hire a coach (I hope Turner Gill is the right guy, but we just don’t know. Bonnie Henrickson has had mixed results at best and I can’t think of anything especially good or bad in any of the other programs) and being nice isn’t necessarily a strong suit either.

    But in terms of making KU look good to the outside world and in terms of maximizing what KU has to offer, I don’t think there is anyone better. I’m not bringing this up to rankle Mizzou fans (although I don’t necessarily mind if it does), but getting KU into the Orange Bowl when even I admit that Mizzou has good reason to be pissed as hell about that was almost epic. The ability to successfully pull off that kind of maneuvering may be our best hope. Let’s hope that’s enough.

  30. Anonymous says:

    i’ll miss iowa state. the people who came
    to kc from iowa state really were nice people.
    Hpefully they end up in a league thats more
    their style like with drake/creighton etc.

  31. Anonymous says:

    If Mizzou stayed within 2 touchdowns of OU in the Big 12 championship game that year they would have gone to the Orange Bowl. Their poor 2nd half had more to do with their Cotton Bowl appearance than Lew Perkins.

  32. Anonymous says:

    exactly what I thought JOJO, you’re nothing but a worthless dbag who spews worthless info and cannot back up their claims with documentation.

    Seek life elsewhere, dbag

  33. Anonymous says:

    Being proud to have an AD like Perkins is shameful. No honor or integrity. Just do what you have to do and screw whoever is in the way. Are there going to be any more resignations from his staff this week?

  34. Anonymous says:

    Both KU and KSU are governed by the Kansas Board of Regents. This is different than other states such as Missouri. Missouri has the Curators that only oversee the UM system. Don’t know if KU/KSU are “tied at the hip” but it does make for a more contentious split if it comes to that.

    As for the Big 10. It is all about athletic dollars, but it is a potential boon in academics and research as well for any school that joins. The Big 10 is a much more unified force for academic dollars than the Big 12.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Now, Cliffy, there is honor and integrity in doing the job he is supposed to do. If he is implicated in this ticket scandal (and by “implicated” I mean “he was an active participant,” not “he should have known better” because EVERY team represented by a fan on this board has a coach or an administrator who should have known illegal stuff was going on. Mizzou, for example, had plenty of reasons to know that Quim Snyder was running his own version of Boy’s Town despite the fact that Coach Quim was no father Flanagan. Similarly, Mike Anderson probably had reason to know his son was a substance abuser and after it became clear that Mike Anderson, Jr. was a substance abuser, Coach Anderson let him stay on the team. So, Lew and the ticket situation need to be clear and more than “he should have known.”)

    But Perkins’ job is the protection and betterment of KU Athletics. His job isn’t to see that Missouri and K-State don’t get screwed over. You say he has no honor or integrity but his honor and integrity stem from living up to his word; his word being represented by his contract with KU. You may not like what happened with the Orange Bowl and, honestly, I don’t blame you. But, as I said before, his job isn’t to make you happy. Hell, I’m a KU fan and his job isn’t to make me happy all the time either.

    Lew Perkins may be vicious and cunning, but he has a very clear sense of place and duty. He is where he is because KU is paying him to advance KU sports. He doesn’t owe MU anything.

    I do think it’s interesting, though, that the people who seem to hate Perkins so much are the same people who can’t WAIT to break their own contract, the one they signed with the Big XII all those years ago. Just do what you have to do and screw whoever is in the way.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Greg, I think that many Tiger fans I know hate the move but know it will happen. Most of their worries are that Kansas City will all but be forgotten as a market if Missouri leaves for the Big 10. The media markets that dominate the Big 10 right now are Chicago, Indianapolis and Detroit. Every year the basketball tournament is in one of those cities. And even with Missouri in the mix they doubt that would change. If the Big 10 produced a conference championship game in football, many think Kansas City would be a long afterthought. I agree. I think the game would be in Chicago more times then not, then Lucas Oil Stadium, Ford Field, and maybe out of nostalgic reasons Lambau Field.


    GH: This is a point that is not getting enough discussion here in KC. Once MU and NU are members of the B10, how will they enjoy their new home? Will they become the Colorado of the B10 — mostly forgotten way out there on the far western front?

  37. Anonymous says:

    There’s no point arguing with Jojo, cliffy or the whole lot. In Greg’s last post I posted stuff and actually linked my information. What a concept, huh? Truth is it agrees somewhat with what they’re saying. There’s no getting around the fact that Missouri is a viable target for the B10 for a number of different reasons. that is exactly what I said before, then Jojo apparently disagrees with me before saying the same thing I was saying! Missouri is a good fit, along with Rutgers because of the markets they’ll add. They are also one of the 61 AAU schools which is likely a stipulation to get into the Big 10 (Kansas is one too, so KU fans don’t feel inferior bc of that. KSU is not). The truth is it’s a perfect confluence of events that is going to bring Mizzou to the Big 10, including the resurgence of their football program to meet what the B10 probably has as their minimum requirements, same in basketball…plus the fact the Big 12 has pissed on them and their fans, albeit with fair cause…Iowa State fans DO travel better than yours! So Cliffy yes I am bitter but I never said I wasn’t. I don’t want to see anything good happen to MU because I don’t like them and I don’t like your fans. At least I admit it. But I said congrats before and I’ll say it again.

  38. Anonymous says:

    take this big 12 and shove it.
    We ain’t hanginng here no more…
    we’re leavin for the big bucks…
    we’re gonna even up the score…

    take this big 12 and shove it…
    we’re sayin bye to you midwest dogs…
    we leavin for the big time….
    and leavin you with the hogs and the
    memphis/louisville/avila etc.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Rick M
    Now that no one’s reading anymore, I’d just like to back up Greg’s comment on the ‘she-scenery’ of Texas Tech, having gone there for two semesters. Don’t know about OSU.

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