Tony: Other Local News Now That Waldo White Women Are Feeling Safe

I think we learned a lot this week, or at least we were reminded that the only thing that matters in Kansas City is the safety of white women — Which isn’t a bad thing, just the way of the world in this cowtown. In much the same way that there’s no politico who will ever REALLY do anything about this town’s old and busted infrastructure and all of the potholes on local streets.

Still, there some other topics that dominated the headlines that are worth reviewing or at least lamenting until the next racially divisive struggle is upon us.

Check it:

The other stories this week:

1. Hey, there’s still a lot of murder and mayhem in this town other than the hype devoted to a sensational case: “Human Remains Found in Barrel in Kansas City, Kansas

2. The Royals Keep Losing – It’s not exactly news and there are countless stories I could link on the subject. However, the fact that the season is pretty much over at the beginning of May speaks to the overall fortunes of Kansas City’s faux Major Leave Baseball team.

3. An Egyptian Exhibit Comes To The Nelson – I know, I know, it’s not huge news but just another reminder that the only bit of class coming to this small Midwestern burg comes from somewhere else.

4. The Kansas City Area And Most Of The Midwest Is Full Of Freaks – This headline is one of many examples: “Mo. mom gets 15 years for selling daughter for sex” Whoever gave this part of the nation the false reputation for “family values” really wasn’t paying attention. Kansas City and all of the Midwest can be just as freaky and gross as any other place in the country.

5. Star Layoffs – Still hilarious. Almost as funny as the idea that the public will miss out on news that’s widely available on TV, Radio and online from other media institutions that have yet to be rendered obsolete thanks to their own hubris.

Tony Botello

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4 Responses to Tony: Other Local News Now That Waldo White Women Are Feeling Safe

  1. Anonymous says:

    Harry Balczak
    Why do you have to talk down Kansas City in every post you make. A rapist is caught and all you have to say is a racist statement about white women? You claim there is no class in KC except what is brought in from outside. Why the fuck do you live here if you hate it so much? Just move to a real shithole like Cincinnati or Birmingham AL and you will think KC is a paridise. Just move far far away and shut the fuck up!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I will pay for the relocation costs.

    The reason the media never reports on black/black brown/brown black/brown brown/black rape is because it’s not rape. It’s either a mating ritual where the dominant partner is being determined or planning for another welfare baby, both of which are supported and encouraged by the libs.

    KC is not a shithole for it’s own sake. It’s the idiots that have run the joint into the shitter over the past 25 years; Berkeley, Cleaver, Barnes, Funk and don’t forget Art Brisbane.

    We are not beyond repair we just need the right repairmen/women.

    Don’t foget to bathe and put on a clean LaRaza shirt today. Si se puede!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah if there’s another town around that needs a fat, self-destructing alcoholic blogger, we’ve got one.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Rainbow Man
    An article on Jose Guillen’s “Burning Passion” graced the lead of the Star sports page today.

    The Royals fans are becoming Cubs fans. Extremely loyal and tolerant of losing.
    I am amazed at our fan loyalty. You would think that a guy like Mark Cuban would offer Glass double the team worth to get fans like this.

    Hey Jose, when you make a few million dollars a year at a job, we expect you to be passionate about it.

    Hey Star… oh forget it. You don’t listen to readers anyway.

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