Tony: Waldo Needs To Apologize For Racial Profiling

Local media are missing the point in their tizzy over Wednesday’s arrest in the Waldo Rapist Case. All of Kansas City wanted to help put an end to the brutal rapes that occurred in Waldo AND BROOKSIDE but the panic among these white enclaves was nearly just as objectionable.

Real talk: The Racial Profiling and downright disparity that was displayed in this case deserves to be addressed, now that the KCPD is obviously making good progress. Meanwhile, it should be noted that as of now they’re talking to an innocent man. In any event, during this crisis folks in the Waldo area showed their true colors. An innocent dude was picked up on a gun charge simply because some crazy white guy started stalking him. Once again we were reminded that this town only cares about crimes against white people. And businesses in the area probably took a bit of a hit since the panic inspired so many people to stay home during what was obviously still an economic downturn. In other words, it was a classic Kansas City perfect storm: Everybody lost. The only good news to come out of this is that maybe we have learned a bit about reactions to violence and how racial disparity in Kansas City is ever present.

Tony Botello

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4 Responses to Tony: Waldo Needs To Apologize For Racial Profiling

  1. Anonymous says:

    Tony with that logic the African American community should apologize for the Waldo rapist.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The “Waldo Community” isn’t a monolithic entity capable of a mass transgression, or a mass apology for that matter, you race baiting fuck. It’s not as if we have a mayor who can apologize on behalf of the neighborhood or something either. And no, panic and some cases of mistaken identity are not “nearly as objectionable” as serial rape. Sorry Tony. Not even if it is white people doing the panicking.

    Can you blame Waldo and Brookside for freaking out? We’re nice quiet neighborhoods that are only troubled when a bunch of hoodrats come across Holmes and Troost and stir up shit. You know the drill; shootouts at 63rd and wornall, burglary, robbery at gun point. Guess what those people looked like Tony? I’ll give you a hint; they weren’t Asian. I know you hate to admit it Tony, but whitey mostly keeps to himself and doesn’t cause a lot of problems for anybody in general, save the occasional bar brawl or DUI.

    This blog really needs to shit can-your race trolling ass. I know a lot of readers who have left entirely to boycott you and I’m on the verge as well. You’re a coward who never has the courage to respond so I know this is falling on deaf ears. Go back to posting shit nobody cares about and pictures of skanks on your own ‘blog’.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I couldn’t have said it better myself (in reference to Tony above. This blog is an absolute joke. Perhaps citizens should not call in tips for fear of being labeled a racist.
    People like you make the problems worse, not better.
    Here’s a thought, how about joining the cause to stop crimes such as this? Naw, then what would you write about? Pure garbage

  4. Anonymous says:

    WOW…just picked up on a gun and was followed by white people….lets just forget he was just released to a half way house for a 15 year bid in prison….for none other than RAPE….but you tony are just another mex american who wants the black sympathy vote…get the fuck out of here with that bull shit. all you talk about is the white man does this or that but you dont look at the crimes commited by people. just their skin color. do you even admit its wrong when there are black on black crimes..shootings, stabbings ect? but that seems to be the only people you care about, so white people have to care about their own people. cuz the man is a problem considering the MAN is a black man…..which a lot of people (white or not) voted for. I cant wait till your fat dumbass gets raped so you can start a blog bashing white people for doing it to you. blame is easy to blindly place….but taking responsibility for your actions is what seperates the boys from the men….we can tell your still a boy at heart. and as for the women of waldo deserve to be raped….i wish you and him would break into the wrong house and get your asses blown off. your both scum.

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