Hearne on the Street: Jeff Beck tops Clapton, Jimmy Page – at Starlight Tonight!

It was the concert that never happened…

Seven short years ago then Grand Emporium main man Roger Naber booked re-formed British rock group The Yardbirds for summer show at the then-thriving midtown blues club.

I interviewed original Yardbirds drummer Jim McCarty by phone in London in advance of the show here, with plans to run the interview a little closer to the concert date. Which, as I recall, went promptly south owing to the fact that Naber had forgotten he’d promised to (still unconfirmed) date to another legendary British bluesman, John Mayall.

The interview never ran, but I still remember getting the money quote from McCarty at interview’s end.

Which of the Yardbirds three legendary lead guitarists did McCarty regard more highly, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck or Jimmy Page?

His answer: Jeff Beck, who as it happens is headlining Starlight Theater tonight!

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2 Responses to Hearne on the Street: Jeff Beck tops Clapton, Jimmy Page – at Starlight Tonight!

  1. Anonymous says:

    John Altevogt
    That’s very true. Unfortunately, Beck had the worst A&R man of the 3, but clearly he was the best guitarist.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rick M
    I think it was more than lousy A&R. From what I read Beck was (is?) a holy terror to deal with. Several years ago a tour with Rod Stewart went bust because they couldn’t get along. Still, I agree that Beck represented the Yardbirds at their creative peak. Wish I could’ve made the Starlight show.

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