Hearne: KC Strip Week Three – Slow, Steady, Thongy

Memo to the skittish and the skeptical: the KC Strip party trolleys are still alive and kicking after three, mostly cool, wet weekends – oh and they’re here to stay….

So says organizer Wild Bill George.

“We are very pleased with the numbers and the growth,” George says. “Monthly passes keep selling and more locations are signing up. Summer will exceed our expectations.”

As for the digits to date, eh. The Strippers first weekend was a freebie for riders.

They also had the esteemed pleasure of getting trapped off base during the infamous Plaza rioting that first Saturday night. So it will go down as a memorable one.

In addition to the fact that more than 600 people hopped aboard that first Friday and just shy of 1,000 on riot night.

Weeks two and three were cool and/or rainy, plus the $15 per night surcharge kicked in for ridership has been less, George says. “Nearly 200 on Friday,” he says. “And 227 Saturday.”

As for skeptics who wonder how long the Strip will keep on tripping, “Tell Tony we doubled from last Friday and have sold over 125 passes,” George says. “(With) over 1,200 unique hits on the Confession Cams this week. We will hit our targets as soon as the college kids return.”

Speaking of the Confession Cams, the trolley mounted recording devices that allow riders to shoot their best shot, regardless of the subject matter and/or consequences…

Any R or X-rated action to date?

“Some good ones,” George says. “We have put a lot of them up on the Web site.”

Boldest of the bold (they’re keeping it clean for the most part): “Good thong shot on one,” George says.

While the numbers are far from stunning – either way – organizers hope to hit critical mass as the weather warms and the party masses return to the streets.

“It’s like the urban crowd,” says Strip teaser

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  1. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Nigro is right, the weather and time of year are not quite right for huge outdoor crowds yet. Too much weekend rain and chill so far. We will have to re visit this issue in late June to see how its doing. Again I applaud both Bill’s for efforts to fix mid town. Its more than almost anyone else is trying to do at this time, but lip service.

    P.S. hot photo, good start on the girl riders.

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