Hearne: AMC Fork & Screen stomps Studio Movie Grill

Location, location, location…

In the wide world of high-end dining during first run movies, AMC’s Fork & Screen cleans the new Studio Movie Grill at Zona Rosa’s clock.

Not even close…

AMC beats SMG hands down in all the major categories, save possibly one.

The screens are far larger at Fork & Screen, the seats way more comfy. Food is first (not third) rate at AMC and unlike SMG grants diners plenty of room to feast and stretch out. You can still buy candy at Fork & Screen and the execution (table service) is far less chaotic. And – most importantly – the rows of seating are elevated enough at AMC that you don’t get stuck trying to X-ray vision your movie through the head of the diner in front of you.

All that said, Studio Movie Grill still holds a couple of trump cards over KC-based AMC.

The first being that all eight of SMG’s auditoriums are equipped with Digital 3-D projection. The all-important second being there is no Fork & Screen action at SMG’s direct competitor, AMC’s nearby BarryWoods 24.

The $64 million question: Will AMC fight back with Fork & Screen at BarryWoods?

“I hear we’re in the process of getting (Fork & Screen),” says a member of BarryWoods guest services. “But I’m not sure where that’s at right now.”

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4 Responses to Hearne: AMC Fork & Screen stomps Studio Movie Grill

  1. Anonymous says:

    You nailed SMG several weeks ago on the seating situation. Digital 3D, Dolby Pro Logic 7.1 THX really doesn’t matter if you can’t see the screen. How in the hell somebody didn’t realize the seating was f’d up is beyond me. Wonder if they’ll let it ride or spend a small fortune correcting it. If Barrywoods get FS it’s THE END for SMG.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The entire concept of Fork & Screen and SMG is absolutely ridiculous to start with. I will never pay for either one of them. It is absolutely as stupid as “fine dining” at the ballpark.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fork and Screen is the best thing to happen to movie theaters. We will never see another movie in a regular theater again. We are sold. We’ve been to over 20 movies at AMC’s Fork & Screen and had a wonderful experience every time.

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