OTC: John Henderson Talks To 610’s Nick Wright

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  1. Anonymous says:

    jojo’s disciples and fans…here’s my update.
    1. Chiefs draft may look rough but i”m
    starting to feel that these guys wanted that
    little guy from mississippi bad. Give that
    guy the ball and he can run. Super knat…
    the ex factor…small guys who changed the
    whole game aginst the chiefs….
    2. how about davies last night .. ..Wowe..
    no hitter for 6 innnings…i said it several
    weeks ago tht theeres something bout these
    royals that is starting to make me think they
    might be a good ballclub. Their hitting is
    going good…the starters are beginning to show
    some reall promise…but hillmns got to make some
    big decisions this week with getz coming back
    and the infield still in disarry…and with
    callaspo still not playing good second nbase…
    BIGGEST A$$ ON RADIO: Heard this guy before
    the game last night. Hebagged on the royls
    for hours. He made some comments that made me
    think this guys a d*khead. He kept pointying
    out that the royals havea great batting avg.
    but compared to THE ENTIRE MLB they arent
    doing well in obp/walks etc.
    Then I watch the tv and see tyhe royals re
    #1 in AMERICAN LEAGUE in hitting #2-#5 in
    keyu offensive stats. I could care less about the
    national league. My goal is to beat american
    league teams. Clinkscale couldn’t carry the show
    hmself and he’s a complete jerk in my opinion.
    w/o KK he’s a big Zero…AND WORST OF ALL HE’S
    ok…we have some bad teams but at least give
    credit where its due sometime…ande clinkscale
    (who i will now refer to as “clunkscale”)
    is rweally negative.
    4. Bill Maas: sounds good. Can he make it back
    to the top. Can he come back to the hottest
    sportscaster on tv. I think he can and
    hope thats his life is at peace.
    5. New kctv sports guy. Nice voice…could
    sing “old man river” with the best of them…
    still stiff on tv b ut he’ll learn the ropes
    in kc…hopefully his career will be long
    and his segments will be long.
    6. Tim Tebow: don’t doubt this guy who is
    a believer. In the nfl its 90% mental..
    this guy could be huge.
    7. Draft: at first i was down on the choices..
    but now that we have romeo and charlie I think
    its gonna be fun year at arrowhead.
    8. MU: gabbert appears to hanve an ego that
    makes chase daniels look humble. Gabbert..ya
    ain’t done nothing yet…so stop thinking you’re the next great qb..stop the b.s. and start
    playing up to your abilities.
    9. Lenny: havent heard much from lenny.
    But he’s cool. We got drunk on hurricanes in the french quarter…i helped him home one night…the guys essentially the best rep the
    kc chiefs have….question: Did he survive the mauling he took taking the super bowl trophy to the new orleans saints.
    10. linebacker: we’ve got a great linebacker coach and its good romeo kept him. He essntially put together the saints defense but a dirty deal got him kicked out of new orleans. Go gary…you’ll get your head coordinator spot back somewhere someday.
    11. Hall: When do you break out. We’ve got your back and would love a real sports blog with you and the other sports guys in town….lets do it.
    12. Gm and Chrysler nd Ford: Ford reports
    1.2 billion dollar profit. G

  2. Anonymous says:

    GM paying back loan…government selling
    bank stock and making a profit. Consumer
    confidence coming back strong…retil back..
    economy starting to come back but its
    got a ways to go. Banks are now tryi9ng to
    pay back bailout money but government doesnt
    want the same situation with fraud that got
    us into this mess in the first place.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m curious and maybe this is a job for Jojo to find out. Why does Kelly post on here but then doesn’t allow any comments?

    A true no holds barred discussion for the KCCONFIDENTIAL team. Hummm…maybe their are some things that folks want to get off their chest. Maybe Hall does want to be completely honest and candid. Maybe we can read between the lines. Maybe Greg just wants to talk movies with Jack. But a fascinating comment no matter what. Sounds like someone is holding back. Maybe its Glazer who is an unofficial staff.

    One of the most interesting thing is seeing what a person looks like after hearing them on the radio. In the dental chair yesterday and saw Mel Kiper Jr for the first time. He was nothing like what I pictured him.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Johnny Utah
    Herm says nothing. But we have hope. Tiki Barber and Jerome Bettis said nothing on NBC’s Football Night in America, and both were shown the door.

    Cliches may work in coaching, but not in broadcasting. You know, unless you’re Chris Berman.

  5. Anonymous says:

    you are the biggest idiot around.

    All you do is talk crap. You talk crap about KU fans. You say KU fans should not say good things about KU basketball, and be humble, YET, FKING YET!!! ALL YOU FKING DO IS rant and rave about mu football. You are guiltier of talking sht than any KU fan has ever been.

    KU won a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, while mu has NEVER won anything. KU fans have a right to say good things about KU basketball, but you have no right to say a word about that idiot program at mu. It is hilarious that you down talk to proud KU fans who are correct in what they say, while you are a worse offender when it come to talking shit.

    How about STFU until your piece of sht school does one thing besides be a continuing embarrassment to the state, from paige arena to cotton balls to the jailed football players talking to the coaches wife from jail. what a comdey.

    and before you talk about any ticket scandal, just admit you wish mu tickets had eneough demand to have a scandal.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Failure is the absence of perseverance!

    Forget Erin Andrews Suzy Kolber is way hotter and probably a much better shag. Joe Willie knew what he was doing and he had the courtesy to ask. NOTE TO ROETHLISBERGER.

    Kelly Urich makes KK look like Charles Bronson.

    My money is on Pete Carrol over Romeo, Charlie and Todd combined. The whole city, hell the whole Pac Northwest, and franchise is drinking Pete’s Wicked Ale.

    Herm Edwards makes Don Fortune look like Frank Deford.

    Royals will still be 90 game losers and the Chiefs no better than 8-8. Keep it real. For anybody over the age of 45, we have already seen our Cowtowns finest sports hours.

    If Nick Wright had a real mentor that knew the sports talk business he could rule this little corner of the world. HINT HINT GREG HALL.

    C’mon Greg, bail this popsicle stand. Start your own blog and do internet radio in evenings. Easy six figure gig. I’m willing to fund the startup and split the profits. We’ll call it Sports Night in America with Greg Hall. Jojo can be your sidekick. Uncle Dick can do the end of show Andy Rooney bit.

  7. Anonymous says:

    GH- Who are the ‘many’ picking Oakland to win the division? How much can I bet them Oakland won’t?

    And did Nick Wright really say the AFC isn’t so easy anymore because Oakland got Jason Campbell? Is that a joke? ESPN reported Campbell was going to have to compete with journeyman Bruce Gradkowski for the starting position. Great hustle by Wright on the Henderson interview, but the Campbell comment illustrates his lack of knowledge….

    I saw Henderson getting slapped in the face on one of the NFL Network’s version of Hard Knocks back in about 2004. Couldn’t believe it.

    AFC West is either the worst or second worst division in football, with or without the great Jason Campbell..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jerome was good at football night. Tiki is Terrible…….. (Said with Bill Walton impression)

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Independent Rage
    I could see some real fireworks between KK and Petro if they let their hair down. In contrast to Petro, I think SSJ would likely be a little more diplomatic with KK in a roundtable forum.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You know Petro hates KK…and knows way more about any sport than KK. But he’s still an ass too.

    Smartman, good points although I disagree on Andrews v. Kolber. Could you imagine those Erin Andrew chicken legs wrapped around your……

    And Greg, it’s not length that’s important, it’s width. Don’t you listen to those commercials they’ve been running like crazy with the girl who talks about the HBO show????

  11. Anonymous says:

    Even though I know he’s just going to be another Alfonso Boone, come on down JH!
    Just got 7th row behind the net tiks to see Greinke tonight! First game of the season for me. I guarantee a win…they play .900 ball when I’m there for some reason.

  12. Anonymous says:

    JOJO, I honestly don’t even know where to start with you, dbag. Do us all a favor and go play in traffic

    MR Olathe sed:
    Smartman, good points although I disagree on Andrews v. Kolber. Could you imagine those Erin Andrew chicken legs wrapped around your

  13. Anonymous says:

    Read it…can you read or are you dyslexic.
    I said nothing about ku…its over buddy…
    you had a great ride…great coach and team
    but its over.
    don’t blame me for your failures. I rooted
    for ku in the tourney. I rooted for k state
    in the tourney..
    this post said nothing about ku…except let
    me remind you of one thing..
    NOVEMBER 2010…ass kicking time for ku…
    i’ll bet on it and guaratnee it.

  14. Anonymous says:

    You know Petro hates KK…and knows way more about any sport than KK. But he’s still an ass too.

    Smartman, good points although I disagree on Andrews v. Kolber. Could you imagine those Erin Andrew chicken legs wrapped around your……

    And Greg, it’s not length that’s important, it’s width. Don’t you listen to those commercials they’ve been running like crazy with the girl who talks about the HBO show????

  15. Anonymous says:

    Greg Good Post..

    “Herm Edwards makes Don Fortune look like Frank Deford.” OK thats funny smartman

    jojo I’m going to start reading your posts in an Ed Whitacre drawl…..Can’t believe I’m responding to this on a blog about John Henderson… I know your loving this V recovery story and I really hope your right.
    Correct me if I’m wrong but the money GM paid back was actually existing TARP money loaned out by us @7% they did not pay it back from earnings…now they are going to turn around and ask for another loan @ 5% to expand their hybird operations. The other 40 billion to be paid off in IPO….all Govt. studies show we will get clipped on that deal.
    Greece is the canary in the coal mine…. 2 yr. debt priced @ 17% today. Euro is teetering. Rurho.

    Best TV in ages today up in DC….do yourself a favor and watch Claire Mac grilling the guys from Goldman today! CLASSIC!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Olathe. Suzy Kolber is built for comfort and Erin Andrews is built for speed. I prefer the S L O W R I D E.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I say the quicker you get through the line the quicker you get to ride again!

  18. Anonymous says:

    BSCHLOZ: obviously you read and watch too
    much of the fox news.
    Your facts arev wrong again.
    read your own words…loan being paid off.
    the banks…bailouts being paid back but
    gov. doesnt want them off the hook for what
    they did to us with their scams.
    So the gov. doesn’t let them pay off the
    money and they can keep their thumbs on them.
    And the bnks are going to be regulated.
    They take our money in depsoits and do what
    they want with it. If they make bad decisions
    or make decisions that make them billions and
    we collapse we get to bail them out.
    GM is coming bck…ford mde 2.1 billion profit..
    chrylser will be back but needs to make some
    decent product…so we saved 3 million jobs.
    and that saved the country billions of dollars..
    and remember bshloz (i feel likei’m an economic
    teacher) those were guaranteed loans by gov.
    Read some real books…read the white papers…
    the fed reports…see whts happening…even the
    world bank said our economy is growing rapdily
    Housing markets showing life again. People out
    shopping. But we need more.
    So guys like you fall for the tea baggers
    b.s. and will probably vote to go back to the
    good ole days that put us in this jam.
    If you’re as stupid as donkey punch..go on…
    because guys like you are becoming a minority.

  19. Anonymous says:

    “Housing markets showing life again. People out
    —– jojo 4/28/10

    Did you see Whitlock is now doing editorial page at STAR….good stuff.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Tracy Thomas
    jojo, do you have a real job?

  21. Anonymous says:

    TT:jojo, do you have a real job?

    I sure hope it has nothing to do with teaching our youth English, Grammar, Punctuation, Economics, Where to buy a car, or what team to root for.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Obviously he is running for city council

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