Hearne: Cinemark / Plaza Not the Only Youth Violence Victims

How quickly we forget…

The recent uproar over teen and young adult violence by blacks on the Plaza received the Mother of All Media Coverage, but it’s hardly a first. Pretty much everyone remembers the late night weekend struggles in Westport and at urban kid difficulties at four area movieplexes that the area has wrestled with off and the past 10 or so years.

AMC’s Ward Parkway Theater, for example, has struggled with kid crowds off and on for years.

How well, Ward Parkway neighbor Jeff Glazer knows…

“My home was vandalized a little over a year ago,” Glazer says. “The black kids congregated there at Ward Parkway after the movies – about 500 to 600 deep – and our neighborhood association complained and they put in a police officer there afterwards. Now that they put an officer there, they don’t let them congregate there anymore. They eliminated the problem – I give them credit.”

The reason the kids concentrated on Glazer’s block – directly east across the street from the mall?

“The catch is there’s a bus stop for the kids to get back to the inner city on the corner of like Wornall and 85th Street,” Glazer says. “So my block is a shortcut to there.”

The late night, post-movie kids scene went on for years.

“It’s scary, around 11:30 p.m. or midnight there were groups of kids walking by,” Glazer says. “One time my fiance came out to see why the dog was barking and five or six kids were swinging on our basketball goal. And she said, ‘Hey guys, don’t do that’ and one kid pulled his shirt up over his face and came up to the door and started mimicking her and mocking her with threatening gestures.’ “

That was just the tip of Glazer’s bad-kids-on-the block misadventures…

“I came home one night from work and they just pelted my house with rocks,” Glazer says. “They busted out five, maybe six of my windows – and knocked over my basketball goal.”

Why Glazer’s house?

“Probably because I let my dog out in the front yard and he barks when they walk by,” he says. “And I come home a lot late and they see me there and they’re like, ‘What are you looking at?’ You know, that thug mentality.

“My next door neighbor was mugged a few years ago. She’s a widow in her mid 70s and she packs a 38 now. She got beat up pretty bad for no reason.”

Didn’t help Glazer much.

Turns out that was merely the tip of Glazer’s bad kids on the block misadventures…

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15 Responses to Hearne: Cinemark / Plaza Not the Only Youth Violence Victims

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’d pick up a copy of Gran Torino, a Kimber.45, a 1000 rounds of ammo and a gallon of Wild Turkey. No one should have to put up with this kind of crap. The cops, the city and black community leaders give these kids too much leeway. AMC let’s these jagoffs buy one ticket and move in and out of all the theaters all night long. For some reason they won’t post a person at each theater/screen entrance to make sure each patron has a ticket for the show. I guess that would be racist. The mall cops and real cops stand around playing pocket hockey instead of trying to enforce some modicum of behavior.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Black Barbie
    You are a hater Smartman

  3. Anonymous says:

    KCMO staffer
    Oh good another Glazer heard from. Hey Hearne, print a photo of his l9 year old girlfriend, or is she older, like 23?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear all this. Its a bad situation out there with this thug mentality, I agree. With you having a family it must be really scary. Maybe you should move.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I live out that way and I have seen the same things. I rarely go to Ward Parkway at night because of this crap. Up there it still goes on by the movie house.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Yeah Smartman, AMC doesn’t care about profits so you can buy 1 ticket and get a dozen of you friends in for free. I’m sorry u didn’t know this, it’s plainly posted on AMC’s website!

    God your a moron!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Ok, I have to back up a bit, I thought Smartman said 1 ticket and anybody could get in. Sorry.

    But no they can’t afford to put a person at every entrance to every movie, it would be cost prohibitive. And honestly, how many movies do u really think these “thugs” are interested in? Considering they see the newest movies weekly, they probably have little interest in seeing Date Nite, The Back-up Plan or Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I know my son does not!

  8. Anonymous says:

    WTF? Its real simple. Move away from the
    trash. If there’s problems and you don’t want
    any more of it move out south where they
    don’t congregate.
    If you don’t want to hassle with the young
    black kids move away. Theres plenty ofr housing
    in northern johnson county where they don’t
    hang out.
    It’s coming folks…the minorities are moving
    into your nieghborhoods and they’re bringing
    their lifestyle with them.
    They are coming folks…keep moving south to
    keep one step aheaed of them
    and why does trouble alway follow these guys?
    Come out to the suburbs and enjoy the wasps
    and religious whites who live out here…
    its great…its crime free…we don’t even
    worry about our basektball goals getyting
    torn down or our windows broken.
    With all the b.s. hearne hs put up on here
    you’d think this vwas a white supremacist
    site…harping on the black problem.
    If we see an african american we call the police. If we see a hispanic we kinow someones getting their roof worked on.
    Come on hearne and you guys with all the problems…if you want to get away from that
    just buy someowhere else…theres plenty of home availble in south joco to buy…nd you won’t
    have any problems out there….

  9. Anonymous says:

    Black Barbie, you are a HEATER! Hell yes I’m a hater. I hate lots of stuff, starting with hot beer and wet toilet paper. I’d go on from there but I don’t wanna break jojo’s word count record on this blog. I don’t care what color these little pricks are there is no reason for them to act the way they do and not get their little skulls bashed in. I’m not afraid of being called a racist. I love racing, NASCAR, IRL, CART, Formula One. This whole fucking mess goes back to not requiring people to be responsible for their actions or the actions of their minor children to some degree. Everybody has an excuse. Slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, blah, blah, blah. That shit’s over in my book. We got Undercover Brother in the White House and like it or not he won fair and square. So all this whitey keepin’ us down shit is just that. If Barack Obama can rise up from the fucked up childhood he had with an absentee father, coal haulin’ mother and communist granparents to become the most powerful mofo on the planet then there is a distinct possibility that you and I can hook up sometime. You may be familiar with my work. I played the role of Adolph Clitler in the Movie Ass Chamber, Lubin’ Every Minute.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Johnny P
    I live in Lees Summit where we don’t have nigger problems

  11. Anonymous says:

    Johnny, shame on you. The only “N Word” we use on this site is NOVEMBER, when all of us pasty ass white folks along with our guns and Mr. Jesus are gonna take the country back over. We are planning on a merger of Jim Beam and Old Crow whiskey, gonna call it Jim Crow so everybody can have a taste.

  12. Anonymous says:

    smartman…got $1000? Get yopu and 5 of your
    buddies weekly paycheck and we’ll mke a bet
    on november election.
    You and your phony tea baggers ain’t geting
    nothing but your ass kicked.
    The dems hold on to the senate and the house..
    obama landslide victory in 2012 leads to
    biggest majority for dems in history.
    This lw in arizona is going to bring out the
    latina vote like vnever before…remember..
    they control calfiornia…nevada…arizona…
    florida…and they are angry at this bill which
    means they will vote democratic.
    Lets put your money where your mouth is and
    see how big a bull sh*tter you and the rest of
    your right wingnuts are.
    The american’s have caught on to you and your
    tribe and it ain’t gonna work.
    By november the economy is on track…the
    auto companies have paid all their loans back
    and cranking out more cars…the banks have
    been choked and they paid back the money they
    owe and the government makes 20 billion profit…
    and jobs start coming back.
    take that jack daniels bottle and stick it.
    You and your low life wingnuts are on the wrong
    side of history….
    Lets get some money and make the bet. Or are
    you like the resto f the big mouths on here who
    are full of bull.

  13. Anonymous says:

    craig glazer
    Jo Jo might be right.

  14. Anonymous says:

    “By november the economy is on track

  15. Anonymous says:

    b schloz…sorry …wrong again…read the
    terms of the loan….they are going to have
    a public offering of stock to pay off the
    u.s…..5 years in advance…and we
    saved 3 million jobs…gm and chry. opening
    up new plants…adding shifts…downline of
    manufacturing for industry is smoking…
    and it was a loan…not a bailout…watch for
    the truth insteaad of ,listeinig to nazi
    like hannity and beck.
    0% financing…toyota had to in order to move
    inventory…and even at tht they are stillmaking
    money….financing means they don’t discount the
    cars…its called a markdown…so essentially the
    consumer get 0% so payments are right but they
    still are upside down like always.
    $8500 for first time buyers…when you look
    at the housing market before this incentive
    and you look at it now its incredible.
    New home starts are cranking…inventory of
    foreclosed homes is being reduced…and number
    of homes 90 plus days past due is starting
    to decline.
    Right wing rednecks like you don’t get it.
    stop watching fox news and read some real
    fair and balanced numbers.
    Also…obama starts cashing in warrants from
    banks…the government will actually make a
    profit on the bank bailout that averted
    a depression. co9uld be 8 billion in profit..
    did bush/reagan/nixon/ever make a profit in
    anything these crooks do.
    You seem like a businessman…had they not done
    all this we would ll be on the street with
    soup cups.
    Lumber is becoming scarce…inventories are
    scarce at retailers who cut back buying during
    the last year….
    ev en vegas is feeeling the comback…
    bschloz…you seem brighter than the average
    wingnut i see …start reading…stop listening
    to beck…he cries too much

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