OTC: Chiefs’ 2010 Schedule Too Easy To Be Kosher

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11 Responses to OTC: Chiefs’ 2010 Schedule Too Easy To Be Kosher

  1. Anonymous says:

    Money is an attributing factor, but more than likely the late start is because the 1st game is on the East coast.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Come on now, GH, The schedule is easy, but there’s no conspiracy theory here. Every year the Chiefs play 6 games against the AFC West, an NFC division, an AFC division and the two teams from the AFC divisions they don’t play who finished in the same spot as them.

    6 against the AFC West, 4 against the shat NFC West (Az, SF, StL, Sea), 4 against the AFC South (Jax, Ten, Ind, Hou) and the last place teams from the North (Cle) and the East (Bills).

    The 2010 opponents are known the day the 2009 season ends. Yesterday just announced date, place and time…There are only two games that are unknown for next season, those two are the ones based on your finish in the standings. We got 4th place CLE and BUF, while 2nd place Denver got BAL and NYJ for 2010.

    2011 we’ll play 6 against the AFC West, AFC East, NFC North and the two teams from the AFC North and South that finish in second like we will…

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  4. Anonymous says:

    I disagree with Nick. There will be millions watching this game. There are FOOTBALL fans out there that just can’t get enough FOOTBALL I watch every game on tv and mondays like the Cardinals vs 49ers last year. Plus many fantasy games will be decided that night with Jamal Chafles, Phillip Rivers, Antonio Gates, and Vincent Jackson

  5. Anonymous says:

    Shiny side out, Greg.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know if I would call that an “interview” KK had with Clark Hunt. It was more like Hunt saying, “Do you have any questions for my answers?” Most of the time it was obvious Hunt had talking points in from of him and he could not quite cover up the fact he was reading.

    KK is a shameless hypocrite. He used to criticize the media for eating up everything the Chiefs would spew under Carl Peterson.

    Thanks for the scheduling lesson, dp. I’m sure Greg appreciates the education too.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Uncle Dick
    I like the conspiracy theory. Never know, the NFL could have fixed those games last year just so we could get this schedule. New Orleans wins it all with a coach that looks like Lee Harvey Oswald? Don’t rent a convertable in Dallas, Roger.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Kevin K
    Greg – come on, I love you and all, but a back office deal to give the Chiefs an easy schedule? It does not work that way and even if it did, who knows which team will be a surprise next year (good or bad). Although I do hope the Chiefs are one of them. Anyway, do not drop down to a KK level – lets keep it real. Please!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Watching the Chiefs and Chargers will be like watching your grandparents fuck.

    I still have them no better than 8-8. The schedule is tougher than it seems.

    Clark Hunt is still no more than lucky sperm. Money can hide business mistakes but not stupidity. Jerry Jones takes shits that are smarter than Clark Hunt.

    KK is the Ellen Degeneres of sports talk and his chubby little 5-chinned buddy Petro is Perez Hilton.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I can agree with you on this one Smartman. Clark Hunt is some seriously lucky sperm. How awesome would be to be that guy?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Stevo, would you really want to go through life with people breaking your balls for hanging onto daddy’s wallet? If I came from FU money I’d sure as hell want to make my own way in the world before I went back to ride shotgun or take over the business. The mistake that most wealthy people make is thinking they have some sort of advanced DNA and that their kids are cut from the same cloth. I have done work for a lot of high net worth folks. With few exceptions their kids are useless and have to have mom and pop pay their way. Mom and pop are so full of themselves that instead of letting the kids fail and get some front line experience in the worlds daily battles they prop them up. As bad as the gap is between Lamar and Clark Hunt it’s 10 times wider between David and Dan Glass.

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